2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #43

Good morning 🎶. Have you checked the RAdvent CalendRA already? Note: For your convenience I have included a quick link to the RAdvent CalendRA site in my sidebar. It’s right there at the side – if you are reading this post on my blog and not in the reader. Just click on the picture and you’ll be taken to the site.

And now for your round-up needs:

  1. Easing ourselves in with babybarrie’s top ten favourite photos of RA… oh yeah, baby
  2. Here’s a detail that totally passed me by in episode 1 of BS2. Good thing that aninomori is more attentive
  3. Drldeboer’s recap of BS 2×08, with plenty of pictures
  4. More top ten pics of RA, courtesy of raadiction… sigh
  5. Here are the Miller twins, again, this time caught by deepestfirefun
  6. Maybetomorrowgirl comments on Richard’s German in BS 2×08. I agree
  7. Ok, throwback to the stone ages, but here’s a bit of tongue action courtesy of Percy Courtenay, giffed by riepu10
  8. Warning – once you have clicked on this, you can never unsee it. Funny, though. Very! Promise! By smoops-and-smoops
  9. Remember my special mention in my recent review of BS 2×08? Looks like queenoferebor1204 had a similar fetish as me
  10. For the fulfillment of fangirl needs I bring you ofgreengables’ gifs of a particular scene from BS 2×08
  11. LOL – how accurate is this “incorrect quote” for Mr Thornton? Posted by obscurelittlebird
  12. I believe pinknoonicorn has got her spelling wrong. That is “Guy flesh”, not “guy flesh”!!!
  13. Mostarrdently has compiled all the scenes in NS where Thornton and Margaret touch! *sigh again*

Abandoning the round-up here because I am much keener on another little game. Started by the ladies on tumblr, I’d love to know what *your* current top ten pictures of Richard Armitage are? Post them on your blog, on your twitter, or link them in the comments. Here are mine:

Have a sweet weekend, everyone, and don’t forget to light the first candle for Advent!

Guylty 🕯


12 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #43

  1. Oh i knew i’ve come to he right place to see something nice before bedtime. And what a lovely idea with that advent calendar! i’ve never had one, they were never available when we grew up, no sweets or anything like that was and i didn’t realise until this week when at work everyone was talking about theirs how wide spread the tradition was. Right it seems shopping crazy out there, had to go to shops for groceries and pharmacy and it was positive scary. But i’ve been cooking and washing half the afternoon and this warmed up the flat and butternut squash curry doesn’t smell too bad. I feel i’ve done a work out just peeing and chopping that 🙂 So i definitely deserve some Mr A. Meant to arrange a little bit of an advent kranz of sorts but things got in the way so just managed to light a candle, even if not what i had planned. Thought is what counts i hope.
    Wanted to celebrate 1 year of LLL , in fact was somewhat looking forward to it, maybe i will manage to do that before heading home for Xmas…
    Love 3 calendar doors so far, looking forward to the next ones.
    And i really like the photo challenge which had been going round, not sure how it started but it is lovely as i like the photo combos people choose 🙂 It’s also nice to see some i haven’t seen in a while. Had to move everything to an external drive when pc when bust a couple months back and can’t put them back on the revamped version so i don’t have the collection as handy as i used to, but getting a really festive kick out of seeing everyone’s choices and will be looking forward to more. It’s a great reminder of how long the love has been around as well. Good feelings and it’s nice to have them around the festive season, brings a bit of peace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It sounds as if your weekend was almost as hectic as the week, Hari. Never mind all that cooking stuff (I think it’s much overrated, anyway), but have you had any time to sit down and just do nothing? No gifts to wrap, no soup to cook, no blog to read. Just sitting? I actually did some of that today – after I had finished all my Christmas decorating, I continued listening to my audio book. It had really gripped me. No, unfortunately not Mr A. I have come to understand that it is actually the choice of material that is to blame when it comes to my inability to listen to *complete* audiobook narrated by RA. No, this was David Tennant, ‘My sister lives on the mantlepiece’ – and I just love listening to his voice. He is so good at narrating – this one is done from the POV of a ten-year-old, and while Tennant surely can’t change his voice to the dulcet soprano of a pre-teen boy, he is great at speaking so child-like, that you can easily the little boy in your mind’s eye.
      Anyway, back to this – yes, the photo challenge is really nice. Funnily enough, I missed it on Tumblr. But I couldn’t resist doing it here, and I find it interesting to see what my current favourites are. They change – of course – as new material emerges. But there are always a couple of old favourites that will never change… I hadn’t thought of what you said – but you are right: It’s interesting to realise how long the love has been around. Some of what is now ‘old’ I remember coming out… and it’s actually a nice, good feeling.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nah , no sitting time and now i almost started putting Xmas stuff up just to escape the translation duty and finishing up a report that i had to leave 90% when i ran Friday out of the office to meet the friend. But i promised both would be done by tomorrow so no ducking. Except i am here instead of in Word, gah. It’s easy to distract myself with RA 🙂 Will try to dig our some photos but a lot would coincide with yours, love the Lucas -period. And yes David is a great reader and there is loads of stuff out there, read a gothic novel in audible a little while back Clarissa, where he plays a vampire hunter, a German one with a hilarious accent, fake but still fun listening too and you just can’t take that kind of material very seriously although it is read i earnest and there is some interesting text. Haven;t heard the one you mention, must load some onto my phone as finished everything i had for the moment and longer bus journeys ahead this week.


  2. The googlies…just…wow. I have a sudden urge to photoshop all of my photos!

    As for a top ten…that is gonna be tough! Challenge Accepted!


  3. Great roundup. I loved your choice of photos the best. I miss that longer hair. My imagination goes into overdrive, fingers running through those soft locks. No hair products allowed. Probably an unrealistic fantasy, his hair was likely moussed to death. (Not now, obviously)


    • Now that you mention it – yes, there are strangely a lot of pictures from the era with the longer hair in this collection… Weird, where did that come from? I always maintained that he almost looked too pretty back then.
      The other thing I notice in my collection is, that I have chosen almost exclusively only pictures where he doesn’t have a beard… That was not a conscious decision when I put the gallery together. But yeah, I definitely prefer him with stubble rather than full-length beard (even if it was moussed to death…)


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