Instead of Round-up

Sorry, my dearest and nearest. Today’s weekly round-up has been cancelled. I am travelling today – to London again. This time it is purely for pleasure. I am spending quality time with my son, exploring some sights and museums, shopping, enjoying each other’s company. As usual, time was scarce the day before departure, so the round-up had to give. Instead of the round-up here is a little fan service for your entertainment – the RAdvent CalendRA up until now. Click the images to enlarge – and laugh.

Special feature: Day 9

The RAdvents CalendRA can be found HERE.

Back Monday night! Have a lovely weekend!

Guylty ❤️

PS: Watch out for my Tuesday post. The 12 days of Christmas are coming!!!


10 thoughts on “Instead of Round-up

  1. Thanks for keeping us in mind also in your time off. I think the illumination for Christmas in London must be beautiful. Enjoy the weekend with your son and have fun.


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