Another 12 Days of Christmas 2017

Sometimes things don’t go to plan… This was meant to go up this morning. Just like I was meant to be back home early evening yesterday night. If it hadn’t been for some surprising weather conditions over in London where I had a wonderful weekend with my son, yet a very cold one, too, that disrupted the air traffic. We didn’t get in until midnight yesterday, and I am under the weather today. But if I want to celebrate 12 days of Christmas her on the blog, I need to get on with it… So forgive me for taking a short-cut today by just reiterating the plan from last year.

For the next twelve days of Christmas, I am planning to post a raffle per day – open to all Armitage fans. As the title of the raffle suggests, there will be 12 separate raffles, which you enter by simply leaving a comment on the individual post. Each raffle will be running for 1 day, and a winner will be randomly picked as soon as the raffle ends. I intend to post each raffle at 8am in the morning, but you will have 23 hours to react, if you are interested in the respective item that I am giving away. The first raffle will be posted some time tomorrow, 13 December 2017. I intend to post early in the mornings (GMT) – except tomorrow because I am still catching up…

Before I get to it, let me just say that I am raffling Armitage-related items, of course – but don’t expect too much, nothing valuable, just some fan items which may be fun, silly, pretty, even practical. The raffles are more about the *fun* rather than about a precious *prize*. And most of all, the Twelve Days of Christmas raffles are a thank you to all of my known and unknown fandom friends and fellow fans. Instructions will be posted on each raffle post. Looking forward to kicking it off tomorrow!

Santa Christmas AGM in Covent Garden, 2017






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