Day 1 of 12 Days of Christmas

It’s the time of year for letters and cards. Even *I*, self-confessed hater of fan mail, have sent a Christmas card to Mr A. I suppose my previous three communications via mail have worn my resistance down. It felt like a gesture of politeness, simply sending a message of thanks to someone who has delighted me with his work this year, and inspired many generous charity donations again. Moreover, with RA already announcing his plans for spending Christmas in his native England, this time of year seems the perfect opportunity to write to him and request an autograph if you so wish, because there is a high chance that he is going to pick up the heap of fan mail that is bound to have accumulated at his London-based agents’ over the last while.


And that is where today’s prize comes handy. Or rather today’s two prizes, because I am raffling 2 sets of Royal Mail stamps – to the value of £2 each (the exact postage you need to enclose to a request for an autograph). So if you have always wanted to request an autograph but wondered how to procure the return mail postage as required, here is your chance to get the problem sorted.

Fan service: This is the address you should send your fan mail to:

Richard Armitage
c/o United Agents
12-26 Lexington Street
United Kingdom

According to reliable information via RAnet, you have better chances of receiving a signed photo back if you enclose

  • A large stamped addressed envelope (C4 size = 229mm x 324mm = 9 inches x 12.8 inches).
  • If you live in the UK a “Large” stamp is required.
  • For those outside the UK, please send the postage equivalent of £2 sterling.

A big thank you to Hariclea who once again procured the stamps for me at the post office.


So, there are two chances to win today. To be in the raffle simply leave a comment on this post. The raffle is open until at 7am GMT tomorrow, December 14, 2017. The raffle items will be sent anywhere in the world, no P&P costs either. The two winners to be announced in Day 2 post, tomorrow.


49 thoughts on “Day 1 of 12 Days of Christmas

  1. I’ve been searching for UK stamps for months 😀 Maybe this is the good chance to find them 😀 But well, if I don’t win I’m still going to send him a Xmas card even if I can’t ask for an autograph, just for thanking him for being such an inspiration 🙂


  2. Really need to write that letter to get the autograph. No more excuses! *sigh* Just it’s been so long I have requested anything from anyone. Last time, and only, was when I wrote a letter to Senna foundation after his death in 94′ and requested a brochure, to have something of ‘his. They kindly responded and sent me what I had asked for. I was 15 years old then. And to write something like that 20+ years after… Ugh… I am out of practice, and shy XD.

    p.s. Don’t put me in the raffle, I have my stamps from Veloce.


    • I know exactly how you feel, Andrea – the whole idea of writing to someone who a) doesn’t know me and b) is probably overwhelmed by mail anyway, generally puts me off writing any fan mail. I also always have my doubts whether celebs actually receive and read the fan mail that is addressed to them. I am sort of assuming that they haven’t got the time to read mail from strangers. But well, considering that my requests for autographs were answered twice already, it looks as if I am wrong on that count.
      In any case, don’t be shy, but write that letter. You can make it as personal or reserved as is comfortable for you. Seeing that you already have the stamps, now is the perfect time to request an autograph!


  3. The stamps are a wonderful idea, thank you for making it easier for someone to request an autograph, and thank you Hariclea! Putting an end to international reply paid coupons has made it harder for those outside the UK to provide the postage required for their return envelope. I’ve been really slack, I haven’t sent Richard a Christmas card this year as I usually do.


    • Yup – the international postage coupons were great. Without those it is very difficult for non-UK based fans to get their hands on the postage.
      Hey, it’s still time to send a Christmas card to RA – 12 days to go…


  4. Dear Guylty,
    this is the sign: time has come! I have postponed my decision so many times and avoided thinking about it…Few weeks ago, I made up my mind and chose my fav pics (one ©guylty in Leeds 2015…), but I was still waiting. No more excuses for me, I have to write my letter and send the pics to Mr Armitage! Even if, I’d not be lucky enough to win the raffle, your instruction are so detailed and useful. They speak for themselves and ring to the back of my head and my heart…thanks!
    P.S.: Now, I’ll have to find the right words…any further raffles to help this poor little Italian “girl”?? 🙂


    • Hello hello, Rita – glad you found your way over here! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you so that you can finally send off an autograph request to RA. I can assure you that it is actually not as difficult as I am making it out.
      And yes, there will be further raffles – although I am not sure whether they will bring what you might have in mind 😉


  5. *prust* Und da haben wir dir wirklich geglaubt, dass du mit deinem Sohn in London warst, um Zeit mit ihm zu verbringen …! (Ja, ja, und jetzt behaupten, dass Hari die Marken besorgt hat, schon klar. 😀 )

    PS: Da ich ganz sicher bin, dass ich nicht wegen eines Autogramms schreiben werde, schenke ich – solltest du meinen Namen ziehen – den Gewinn Eugeal. Wer seit Monaten nach UK-Stamps sucht, muss unterstützt werden! 🙂
    Sollte das kleine Teufelchen Zufall so boshaft sein, Eugeal *und* mich mit einem Gewinn zu beglücken, suche ich einen der anderen Interessenten aus. *g*


    • 😂 Du hast mich durchschaut. Es stimmt. Ich hatte neulich festgestellt, dass ich keine Briefmarken mehr habe und dringend welche in London kaufen musste. Sohnemann hat sich da lästigerweise einfach an meine Hacken geheftet, dabei hatte ich mich auf das Shoppingerlebnis bei der britischen Post schon so gefreut. Naja, es hat dann doch noch geklappt.
      Und klasse Idee re. Gewinnweitergabe. Ist gebongt und notiert!


  6. Huhu, jetzt gibt es schätzungsweise kein Zurück mehr… 😉😊. Klasse Idee, danke! Dasselbe gilt übrigens für den Adventkalender… 😊


  7. He has said that he keeps his correspondence from well wishers in the family so I take that to mean his mum sorts it out LOL
    No-one should hesitate to write.


    • I wonder whether he should actually keep his fan mail *away from* his mum… *hehe* But I agree – no one should feel discouraged to write. By and large it is quite a compliment to receive written messages…


  8. Hi Guylty! I do love the idea of sending our love in cards and letters to Richard Armitage for the holidays–as well as donating to a charity in his honor. However, I cringe at thinking that he might spend his precious few weeks with family over the holidays by doggedly signing things to be returned to the many fans who requested them. So I have never made such a request. But then again, if he were to receive fewer requests for his autograph, then he might think that his celebrity status is slipping. Never! Ha!

    And he seems to take his celebrity status in stride–and all that comes with it–with good natured retellings of some of his fan interactions. And he always graciously says how supportive and kind his fan base is. Truly, I think that actors aspiring to reach celebrity status could certainly benefit from RA’s example of graciousness. Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->

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    • Ah, I am sure Richard knows how to get his work-life balance right and won’t spend all his precious family time reading work-related stuff. I suspect he may have some helpers with his fan mail, anyway – people who may sort through the mail and separate the autograph requests from the Christmas cards and from more personal letters.

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