2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #44

Finally, a round-up again. Let’s just jump right in!

  1. First of all: can those puppy eyes lie? I mean, that kind of plea could melt the heart of a glacier. That’s just what I am thinking when I see the gif uploaded by comicnerdy-blog
  2. Oh wow, there is some serious RPF fluff here by a new writer called cigarettes-leatherjackets. This is innovative: readers choose numbers from a list which turn out to be quotes that the writer has to include in her short story. It’s done well, I enjoyed it
  3. OMG – is that Thorin drying his hair??? A gif by Mezzmerizedbyrichard which I don’t think I have ever seen before. So funny
  4. And Mezzy has also done the “10 favourite photos of…” challenge. I was too lazy to scroll all the way back to number 1, but here is her number 9. Sigh… that was a look to melt pants (rather than glaciers)
  5. LOL. Thorins-magnificent-ass reuses a gif by existingcharactersdiehorribly and adds a mini story to it. Funny!
  6. Oooh, and this looks reads promising! A fan fic putting Guy and Raymond de Merville in context with each other. By lyledebeast
  7. Some Daniel Miller gifs by riepu10 – that’s a skeptical gaze if ever there was one…
  8. And even though this is a throwback to season 1, a smoking hot Daniel Miller on a bed is a mandatory reblog. Gifs by richrichrichs2. PS – that belt buckle in the last gif makes me giggle 
  9. Fan service from totallyradioactive15: A RA calendar for 2018. Printed!
  10. Best of Daniel in BS 2×09? Giffed by ofgreengables
  11. Hold on a second? Is that *our* abiwim who is writing a Raymond fan fic here? This is episode 2, but I also saw ep 3 posted. Might be worth while searching for the first instalment!
  12. Ok, Major NSFW warning, also: RPF, so don’t read if you don’t like, but boyooooo – queenoferebor1204 has cooked up quite a tale here… *shower*
  13. Here are abiwim’s top 10 RA photos
  14. Yup, moonlightfantasia, indeed
  15. Oh my goodness, how did I miss this hottie? Sinnaminie’s latest Armi-Plushie
  16. What a Guy wants by nfcomics: LOL – that’s a win-win solution

Ok, I *know* there is much more out there – mainly because I haven’t done the round-up for two weeks – but I just want to get this out there today. Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to light the third candle 🕯🕯 🕯

Guylty ❤️

PS: Day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas coming later today! It’s still time to comment on Day 4 and win a set of my cards…


10 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #44

  1. You already featured part one a couple of round ups back…the very NSFW bit. 😈

    I gotta get on finishing this. C’mon lazy butt, get going!


    • Ooopsie – I occasionally lose track of the various links. But hey, you can’t have enough of a good thing, so I am glad I have mentioned it again.
      So yes, please do go on writing it. And tag me in future posts if you remember it – just so I don’t miss it for the round-up 😊


  2. Guy’s thoughts on Raymond had me smiling but sad too, Guy is such a damaged soul.
    It was no surprise that this character generated so much fan fiction I even had a go myself not for publication but my family had to suffer some, few of RA’s role has had that effect on me since.


    • I know. As a Guy girl, I sometimes also wonder why that character had such staying power. Especially since the show itself was not necessarily that good. It certainly always helped that Guy was easily the most attractive character in the show, but I guess it was also his hopeless infatuation with Marian, that made fans fall for him… The idea of rescuing Guy from despair, was so appealing…


  3. I normally do not read fanfic at Tumblr. It’s too easy to get lost and buried and forgotten. But I DID read the first chapter of the Raymond/Guy fic and it has me hooked! I hope I either remember to look for it and she posts at A03!

    Wonderful round up as usual! Thanks for continuing to do this!


      • I tend to stay away from real person. There is the RA Frustration site, but the owner is more MIA than not. I think I’m going to offer to co-own with her, if she’ll have me. Doesn’t mean there will be daily updates, but it will be something. I’ve read everything there and for me, it’s a Godsend!


  4. So many intriguing choices. Mine has to be Thorin with the hairdryer. I thought they had “people” on set for that kind of thing. Love his flowing locks, windblown or dryer blown.


    • Thorin and the hairdryer – a new OTP has been born. But yeah, he is truly magnificent with his long hair… (I usually don’t like long hair on men… but well, Thorin is a dwarf, so that’s different…)


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