Day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas

I am breaking up your Sunday with an announcement – the winner of yesterday’s set of RAPS cards is…


And to continue the fun, here is today’s 12 Days of Christmas raffle.

Today is the third Sunday in advent. That means that I now have three candles burning. And to continue the theme, I thought I should throw three items into today’s raffle so that three lucky winners get a package. It has just occurred to me that we are close enough to Christmas now that my packages will probably not make it in time for the big day. Bad planning on my part, but hopefully you’ll still have fun with the items even if they show up after the festivities…

Today’s raffle prizes are hidden in my Christmassy arrangement that sits at the top of our stairs. A variation on the RA baubles that I made two years ago, I put Mr A into your sphere… There are three of these baubles, so three winners will receive one each. Each of them contains my favourite Berlin picture plus another one. Here they are closer up, in a gallery set.


To enter the raffle for the three baubles, leave a comment on this post. The raffle is open for the next 24 hours and finishes at 1pm GMT tomorrow, December 18, 2017. The raffle is open to all, and the items will be sent anywhere in the world, at no P&P costs for you thanks to a generous contribution to the postage fund by our fellow fan CraMERRY. Winner to be announced in Day 6 post of the 12 Days of Christmas 2017, tomorrow. 


Have a lovely Sunday now!


41 thoughts on “Day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas

  1. Berlin ❤ ❤ *my knees are weak, heart racing like crazy* XD

    Congrats, Saraobsessed!

    p.s. not a comment 😉
    p.p.s. another crafting idea for next year. XD


    • I love present-giving almost more than I love receiving them 😊. And I like giving something back for all the participation in auctions and fundraisers over the year. The interaction in and with the fandom is something that I really enjoy, so this just gives me another opportunity to have fun…


  2. Was denn, keine Schokolade für mich?! *schmollend meine eigenen Vorräte plünder*

    Tja, dann versuche ich mein Glück eben aufs Neue. Da ich aber mit Weihnachten absolut nix anfangen kann und auch sonst nirgendwo und zu keiner Zeit Kugeln aufhängen möchte – auch nicht mit Richardbild drin -, soll das gute Stück im Gewinnfall an Zeesmuse gehen. Sie braucht *eindeutig* noch mehr Weihnachtsdeko … soll aber bitte aufpassen, dass die Katzen sie nicht als Spielzeug verwenden 😀


      • Ich habe jetzt dreimal zu einer Antwort angesetzt und dreimal gelöscht.

        Beschränken wir uns auf: Nein, kein Fan.

        Ich freue mich nur auf die bezahlte Freizeit – und darauf, einen Anlass zu haben, Leuten was zu schenken, denen ich gerne was schenken möchte.


        • Das ist eigentlich auch ein guter Ansatz. Ich kann sowieso verstehen, dass es auch Leute gibt, die Weihnachten schwierig finden – entweder, weil sie arbeiten müssen, oder weil Weihnachten immer auch mit familiärem Stress verbunden ist.


    • That’s the first time I have done a red berry arrangement. Usually I would have holly or pine, but this year I didn’t get round to buying pine. So this had to do. The silver cones are actually fairy lights but they are handy because they sparkle silver when they are switched off during the day, too.


  3. Well done Saraobsessed 😀 Love the red berries, Guylty. And the baubles, of course. I still have my wonderful North Pole bauble in my shop, where it is on show all year 😊


  4. Congrats to Saraobsessed! These ornaments are dreamy and I love your arrangement too. The red pitcher really makes the red berries pop. Very pretty!


  5. Congratulations, saraobsessed! And here´s my comment: The baubles are lovely and so is your arrangement, a great place for them 👍😊 apart from my future Christmas tree 😉!


  6. *giggles* Great comment Miss Andrea, but you know that Richard would prefer to hang out on my tree this season. Merry Christmas Guylty and Andrea!


  7. Gorgeous baubles! (*squirrels away another idea for the next Aussie meet up* :)) Also, thank you for the link love in the weekend’s roundup. I was looking for something else to use when those frames appeared, just begging to be giffed. 😀


  8. How do you think of (and have time for!) so many crafty ideas? The baubles are very cute… and I think I would leave the RA pictures in place, but just not put them on the main Christmas tree! Congrats to the winners to date!


    • The ideas are flowing plenty – the time is a different issue. Particularly before Christmas. And I have to admit that I was close to breaking point last week…
      Hehe, yeah, and I’m not sure whether I would get away with one of those baubles on our Christmas tree, too…

      Liked by 1 person

  9. This may be too late, I have lost track of time lol
    Went to a lovely Carol service yesterday last week lots were cancelled, a bit of snow and we all panic!


    • Not too late at all – the finish times have been pushed back because of my fry-up on Saturday LOL. That delayed me. But I have just realised that I actually prefer this time slot to the early morning one.


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