Day 6 of 12 Days of Christmas

Half way mark! Yes, we are half way through the Christmas raffles – and only seven days away from the big day itself. There is no chance in hell that yesterday’s baubles will make it to their recipients in time – especially not those on the other side of the planet. But nevertheless I can at least announce the winners and send the packages on the way… The three baubles go to *drumroll*

Andrea Königsmann, Violet and Mezz

Congratulations, hurrah hurrah hurrah! I know that I have Violet’s and Mezz’s addresses, but Andrea, not sure about yours. You can DM it to me on Twitter.


Before I get to today’s raffle, a full disclosure: I am the luckiest winner of all! Over the past weeks I have received several packages containing useful, thoughtful and pretty Christmas gifts from some lovely fandom friends. Hariclea’s gifts are as yet unopened (because they are serving as Christmas decorations – to be seen in the image in today’s raffle), Suzy sent me a care package, CraMERRY’s envelope arrived on Friday, and just now I received two packages from Helen in England and Monica in the US. I’m quite overwhelmed, especially because in light of my recent ungrateful lack of communication, I do not deserve gifts at all… Thank you all! And: I *will* get back via e-mail soon! Promised!


And now today’s raffle.

I have an old stalwart for you. Which is kind of fitting because they debuted pretty exactly a year ago: A chaRActer fabric wash bag. I initially made them because I had fabric left over from a little project I had done in the autumn. And then the sewing bug majorly bit. And I sewed lots of stuff, even though my 15-year-old sewing machine was beginning to play up. Or maybe I am getting old, and fiddling with thread and needles is just too much for my patience? This latest bag is the swan song of my old sewing machine, though. Because I was recently given a brand new Singer sewing machine for my birthday by a friend. The embarrassing thing: I haven’t yet used my shiny, swizzy, fully-automatic, mega-digital new machine because (wait for it) I am worried I won’t be able to deal with the new tech 😂. My friend doesn’t read here (I hope). But I think that the time has come now to move on… Anyway, here’s what’s on offer today:

Aforementioned wrapped parcels are not part of the deal, nor the lanterns – just deco 😉

This is the black chaRActer fabric – for lovers of Red Dragon, Kenneth, Daniel ‘Peaches’ Miller, and Chop 😉. Approx. 23 x 15 cm in size. Will come filled with some yummy Thornton’s chocolate 🤤.


To enter the raffle for the pouch, leave a comment on this post. The raffle is open for the next 23 hours and finishes at 1pm GMT tomorrow, December 19, 2017. The raffle is open to all, and the items will be sent anywhere in the world, at no P&P costs for you. Winner to be announced in Day 7 post of the 12 Days of Christmas 2017, tomorrow. 


Big thank you again for the amazing gifts – it literally is Christmas Day already for me!



39 thoughts on “Day 6 of 12 Days of Christmas

  1. Congratulation to the winners! 🙂
    I posted a Xmas card for you today, but I’m afraid that it will arrive after Christmas (I always plan to send cards early, but I end up sending them at the last moment. ^_^;)


    • I might give the new machine a try this evening. (That’s if I have managed to get the Christmas baking done until then…)
      Straight hems are easy: The secret is to actually fold the hem over and iron it in place – that will make it easier to use the hem as a guide when sewing 😉


  2. Congrats you three!!! And Guylty, you are loved. So there.

    Also, I’m commenting from my NEW DESK in my NEW classroom! I’m off to get something to eat and then I”ll be back. This is going to take a while.

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  3. Congratulation to the winners!
    I love your fabrics. Until now I could avoid all kind of sewing machines, because sewing is not my preferred activity


    • It took a good while for me too until I really started enjoying sewing. My machine was unused for years. But in fact sewing by machine is not as difficult as people make out!


  4. Congrats to the winners 😊 I have no patience when it comes to sewing so sadly I didn’t order any of this fabric when it came out. Would love to win one of your bags ❤️

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  5. What?! I did a double take. Thank you for being awesome. One of my goals for next year is to buy one of your bags with that exact dark fabric. I hope Zee wins this one, because she’s a music teacher, brilliant writer and Southern girl.


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