Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas

Yesterday’s winner for the little black pouch has been drawn. I’m delighted to send the prize to…



Thank you to all who took part. And please send me your address, Debra – guylty(at)photographer(dot)net – and the pouch can go into the post asap!


And now for Day 7…

The new year is coming up quickly… and what do we need at the beginning of a new year?

A calendar, indeed. Since I have been pushing my own photos quite a bit already, I decided to use other photos for this one-off collection of handsomeness. And since Mr A seems to get younger every year, I have chosen one picture per year… (sorry, 2015 and 2016 are missing – no shoots to choose from). Here’s what you are getting:

Which one is your favourite?


To enter the raffle for the calendar, leave a comment on this post. The raffle is open for the next 23 hours and finishes at 12pm GMT tomorrow, December 20, 2017. The raffle is open to all, and the items will be sent anywhere in the world, at no P&P costs for you. Winner to be announced in Day 8 post of the 12 Days of Christmas 2017, tomorrow. 


Lastly, and just for posterity: The first Ocean’s 8 trailer is out. Hooray – there is much more RA in that trailer than I had hoped. Now, there’s something to look forward to in 2018!


76 thoughts on “Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas

      • Initially, we had,a band teacher, so I expect they were for him. As we no longer have a band and no plans to have a band, they are sitting outside my room, waiting to be requisitioned elsewhere. I have 18 and that’s enough.

        We DO have a stage – a lovely stage – and I have a proper piano there, as well as 2 uprights in my classroom. Dunno where the 3rd one came from.

        There are 2 storage rooms up on stage. I have to wait until the gym teacher arrives before I can acquisition them. I have 45 chairs – I’m like- HELLO???? and I have costuming and such. I sure could use one of those rooms.


        • I would assume that the music teacher – who is involved in putting on shows – should have a room on stage for props and instruments and general storage. Hope you can get all the stuff in there. And whoa, they really splashed out on all the equipment…

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          • I am so filthy – ink from things. I SHOULD go home and change, but I fear if I do, I won’t want to leave. So shopping in a dirty tee is it.

            At least it’s a RED t-shirt! LOL!

            We are planning on getting him something handheld and electronic… an electronic cross word puzzle. I hope.


          • Let’s try this again. This computer puts things in strange places…

            I HOPE and PRAY the 2 storage rooms will be available for me to use. I have costumes and other things, so yeah. But I STILL need to ask the gym teacher. He has two large storage closets on the floor. Such fun!!!

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    • Isn’t it great to have that film to look forward to? Ok, not a leading role, but nonetheless… and it is getting plenty of publicity, which may be good for his career…


  1. What a day…Oceans 8 trailer dropped today and our man is very visible and we get a chance to win a calendar so I can look at him every day. Congratulations, Debra.


  2. Maybe it’s my automatic desire to see him, but I think that trailer needs more Richard in it. We can hear James Corden speak but it not him? C’mon, people! His voice would sell millions of tickets. Geez. *sigh*

    Anyway, congratulations to Debra and to whoever wins that scrumpcious calendar. Yum! 😀


    • Ah, well – but it’s a film that is quite clearly intended as a “female” version of “Ocean’s whatever”, so from that perspective it is quite alright that they are not giving that much time to the male actors. Good point on the voice, though! That would definitely attract attention. But who knows, maybe they’ll have more in the second trailer?

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  3. I cannot decide on which photo but I think I go for the handsomeness of 2005, then 2009, 2011, 20….. The calendar is necessary for my decision😙


    • Although I generally like his 2009 headshot, editing it for the purpose of this calendar brought it home to me how photoshopped it is… What a pity, the little laughter lines on his eyes only enhance his handsomeness… He looked great in every year 😍


  4. You chose well. This calendar has some personal swoon worthy favorites. Striking to see how ageless he is over the years. This and the trailer…a great way to start the day. Thanks 😊🎄


  5. Oooh… how lovely! That is quite the selection you have chosen (*fans self*)- I predict the calendar will get a lot of use! PS did you receive my email? No worries as I’ve obtained what I was after, but just checking =)


  6. I think I must hold the record for most raffles entered with no wins (over the years). However, hope springs eternal and we are all winners, really. We share lovely RA stuff through your fabulous blog. So I am somewhat content to be a loser. Kinda, sorta.


  7. I made a Guylendar too! Have you seen it on tumblr?
    P.S. not a comment, my husband wouldn’t allow more than one Armitage related calendar in our house:D


  8. Congratulations to the winner. Gorgeous pictures. I love them all, but especially 2011, 2014 and 2017. 🙂

    Richard’s first moment in that trailer.. wow. Definitely more than one or two scenes in the movie. Can’t wait to see O8


  9. O.M.G!!! I truly can’t believe I won! I’ve never won anything in any raffle or sweepstake I’ve ever entered!!! So there is hope out there for you Kathy Jones! 😉 I’ll send you my info ASAP, Guylty. And THANK YOU so much!

    This is a really beautiful calendar and you’ve chosen some of my all-time favorite photos. Who am I kidding? They’re ALL my favorites! I especially adore 04, 07, 09 and 17. And I agree with the previous comments. O8 will be great!


  10. There is another chance to see Ricky Deeming on Alibi on Tuesday 2nd January 2018 at 6pm it’s rare to see the pilot episode of the George Gently series.


  11. Thank god for tumblr for helping me find this page!
    I got butterflies as I looked at all of these photos…. that smile in 2012, or those eyes in 2013, or the WHOLE FACE in 2017? Ah I cannot chose! I shall now spend the next few days looking at all of your past posts and catching up!


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