Day X of 12 Days of Christmas

The festivities are over – and the 12 Days of Christmas raffles, too. Apologies for not posting yesterday as planned – we left early for our traditional family Christmas walk-cum-picnic, and so I was not back on the laptop until late. I raffled the big surprise parcel this morning, and we now have the winner of the big massive prize. It is…

Kathy Jones

We also have a second winner for the mystery prize generously offered by our fellow fan Eugeal. And the winner of it is…


Congratulations everyone! I am delighted that the big prize went to the “unluckiest person in RA raffledom” (quote) who has also said: “I think I must hold the record for most raffles entered with no wins (over the years). However, hope springs eternal and we are all winners, really. We share lovely RA stuff through your fabulous blog. So I am somewhat content to be a loser. Kinda, sorta.” – Looks as if luck comes to those who wait 😉. And to new members of our community, too – please send me your address, Julia, so I can forward it to Eugeal who is sending the mystery prize to you directly.


I hope you have all had a lovely couple of days with good food, a warm house, a warm heart and lots of family and friends to spend time with. We have had a beautiful three Christmas days, very harmonious and without sadness. And with the weather dry, we even took part in the annual family Christmas walk that culminated in a picnic. Yes, in Ireland winter picnics are possible – at least in *my* Irish family 😂 In fact the older cousins are all planning to go camping next week *eeek*.


For the next couple of days, more rest and relaxation are planned – possibly interrupted by a little bit of winter sales shopping and copious tea drinking in various pleasant establishments in Dublin. There were monetary Christmas gifts that need to be spent! My mother is leaving on Friday morning – which means I hope to be back online soon for the traditional end-of-year tying up of loose ends. Until then, I thank you for your participation in the 12 Days of Christmas raffles – and hope you have a few more lovely days at home.

Lots of love!




28 thoughts on “Day X of 12 Days of Christmas

  1. Tja, dann bin ich wohl jetzt als größter Pechvogel unangefochten an der Spitze. Ist doch auch was … 😀

    Nochmal Danke für deine Mühe, Guylty, und allen Gewinnerinnen viel Spatz mit dem Schatz. Oder so. 😉


  2. Happy holiday.I am so envious you are picnicking and I am digging out 3 feet of snow, with wind chills below 0.I too,shall drink copious amounts of tea to defrost !!!!! Lol..


  3. Well, I can’t say I have been patient, since I whine often about being a perpetual raffle loser. But thank you, I am thrilled to win anything you produce, Guylty. I can’t wait to see what my surprise is. So glad you had a lovely Christmas. We did too. And I have a mystery prize coming in the mail. My Christmas is not over yet! Congratulations to Julia, fellow winner. Happy New Year wishes to everyone. I feel like I just won the lottery. The big one!

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    • I tend to think those are the best Christmas presents – the delayed ones that only arrive long after Christmas. Drawing it out a little bit. Whether it really is the big lottery, remains to be seen. But in any case, a big package will be packed!


  4. Congratulations Julia and Kathy Jones!!!
    I received my prize yesterday and I just have to say, I adore it!
    And I’m sending you an email, Guylty!

    A Very Happy, Healthy New Year, everyone!


  5. Congrats to our Kathy aka Ode Lady ❤ and Julia!

    Thank you for doing this time of year fun and keep up the excellent work! ❤
    Happy 2018 to you, your family and all here in the fandom!

    p.s. my prize is still somewhere in between or held at our Custom or Post office. I hope it will arrive before New Year so I can put it on the tree 😀


  6. Congratulations Kathy Jones and Julia! I hope winning the last prize is the cherry on top of your holidays.
    Thank you so much Guylty for 12 days of fun


  7. So nice to have previously unlucky and new winners! Congratulations to both Kathy and Julia! And thanks, Guylty, for all the fun… I’m still going back to the Advent calendar to enjoy the pictures again!


  8. Congrats to Kathy and Julia. Thanks, S for being so lovely and generous with your time and talent. You made the 12 days of Christmas so joyful! And thanks as well to those who supported you with prizes and/or postage. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2018 🎉❤️


    • Thank you for the lovely words, Donna – it is always a pleasure to organise little projects like this. It’s great fun for me, too, and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of the donors or with all you lovely lot taking part. Happy new year to you, too!


  9. So pleased for Kathy, and congratulations to Julia too.

    Thanks again, Guylty, 🎖 it’s been fun looking on and seeing who won which one of the lovely prizes.


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