New Year, Some News, Old Probs

Hello and welcome to 2018. This was going to be only a test post, but it just so happens that I saw a news snippet that I can incorporate in today’s post. The Armitage Army on Instagram found this little bit: 


Ok, so, first of all: This?

Classy, Richard, classy. It dates you a little bit, my dear (1984… *coughs* I remember it well. Not least because the video was almost sensational at the time, with music videos just beginning to move from mere recording of a band playing the song, to scripted content. In this case also highly topical, as everybody was discussing George Orwell’s 1984 at the time…). But I agree, the lyrics are not only susceptible to people shouting along, but the strong beat keeps everyone clapping along, too.

As for doing something with his voice that is unusual… he could start out by saying that he loves me *haha*. I have two suggestions: One of my oldest wishes is to have Richard record for a sat nav system. I would love to have his voice direct me to my destination – and preferably with a few little surprises thrown in. Like a cheery greeting when I switch on the sat nav (“Hello luv, where are we going today?”), a growling scolding tone when I have missed a turn that was suggested (“You were meant to turn right here! Turn back!”), or a throaty, suggestive “We  have come to your destination. It was a pleasure guiding you…”) Even without surprises, I bet that sat nav system would be a bestseller!

The other option would be a sound compilation, along the lines of those sound bits that are used when mixing the sound for a movie – except these would be the human sounds. I.e. a cough, a giggle, some hearty laughter. a sigh, a snort, a kiss…? Now, *that* would be unusual – at least in terms of committing that to a commercially available digital file. Otherwise I guess Richard is quite used to employing his voice in that manner…

However, I suppose he meant something different. A project where he gets to use his voice, yet not just normal singing or narrating or voice acting. What could that be? Do you have any ideas?

🎶🎤 🎶

And now to the actual reason of this blog post. It has come to my attention again that the e-mail notifications of this blog seem to be faulty. One of my readers has told me that she is both a subscriber to the blog as such, and has also subscribed to e-mail notifications. Yet she has not received the latter for months. Do you have similar issues with WordPress? If so, let me know. I can try to manually unsubscribe and then resubscribe you to see if that makes a difference. I have no idea whether it will work – this post is the actual test. But we can try.

Other than that: Wishing you all a happy new year! 

47 thoughts on “New Year, Some News, Old Probs

  1. Happy New Year Guylty! I certainly get your notifications 🙂

    Wow, do you know I had never seen the video for Radio Gaga? In the 80s I was being very serious and only really listening to classical music… though we did use the song in a gym class I went to. Brilliant video!

    And as for having RA’s voice for my satnav… what a glorious idea… swoon… ❤️

    A new project? Mongolian throat singing? No, that would be a waste. I’d like a series of motivational recordings to get me to do things… starting quite gently “come on, you know you want to…” and then getting bossier and bossier as I procrastinate… Actually, no. That would be counter productive. I would wait until the very end so I could hear him snarling at me to “do it or else” with that really menacing tone Guy used to use 😂


    • *chuckles* I love that idea, though, Helen… Sounds as if it could be quite entertaining – even if counterproductive because we’d just be drooling over the ear-candy.
      Actually – wouldn’t that be fun, if RA revisited his former roles in an audio format? Come to think of it – it could make a great quiz: RA reading text in the voices of his characters. I am sure he would be able to “act” all of them, just with his voice.
      Radio Gaga is really a cool video. I very clearly remember seeing it in the 1980s, particularly loving the hommage to Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”.

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  2. “I’m ready to sing again somewhere?”!!!!!! Dare we hope? I wonder if his time in Berlin has inspired him to try Opera…or maybe he could play the Phantom on the West End. Now, there’s a meaty, intimidating role for any singer to undertake! Whatever he chooses, we’ll be there to back him up.

    Happy New Year, everyone!


  3. Happy New Year S!
    I only buy one magazine a month but it looks like I’ll be chasing up Who magazine tomorrow!
    As for Richard’s voice, a movie with a good character driven plot with singing and music along the way. I still hold out hope for Mid-Life Crisis, but anything along those lines would be fine, as long as Richard sings and plays guitar. 😉
    And yes, I’ve been getting your post notifications.


    • I rarely buy magazines these days, too. It’s nice to see that he makes it in print, though.
      Oh yes, Mid-Life Crisis, the movie. I really would’ve loved to see RA as the aged front-man of a former 1980s band… And I really do think that he needs to add some more light-hearted content to his work. He’s been far too serious in the last while, between violent knights, worried fathers, psychological doctors and world-saver spies, there hasn’t been much to laugh about… And whatever he says about the inherent evilness of his bone structure (RUBBISH!), I suspect it would also be good for his *soul* to have a more light-hearted project on his list…


  4. Happy New Year!
    I’d buy that RA sat nav immediately. I don’t own a car… or a driver’s licence. Wondering what the people in a tram train would say to sexy sat nav growl-scolding the entire time 😉

    I remember being so stunnend when I heard RA sing in the Hobbit movie. Ever since I wished time and again someone would let him sing more. (Albeit no musical. Can’t imagine him in one but don’t know why exactly.)

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    • Yeah, I don’t really drive our car very often, either. I suspect I might, though, if I had *that* voice to guide me…
      Yes, the Misty Mountain song was stunning. I have always wondered whether there were more and other songs that they actually recorded – which didn’t make it into the film. Just because there was so much singing in the book itself…
      In any case, the voice and musicality of the man really add to the whole mystique and attraction of him. I wonder whether he really realises that…


  5. Happy New Year!
    Wanted to let you know that I always get the notifications and always read your posts, even if I don’t always comment.
    Not sure what musical I’d like to see him tackle, but would love to hear him sing more. And the sat nav would be great (are you listening, Google?). And if he offered to record voicemail messages (“hullo. You’ve reached Martha’s voicemail..”), I’d buy that in a heartbeat!


  6. Oh that Nav system idea is a winner. I think it would exponentially increase road traffic, however. I personally would be out driving myself in circles and eagerly anticipating stern corrections….

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  7. Happy new year. I have never missed a notification, I think. Love the idea of him giving me directions in the car. I’d probably get lost on purpose so he could correct me. Very intriguing, a project where he sings or uses his voice differently. He does that so much with the audio books (not the singing) maybe he would like to be seen and not just heard. I’m for that.
    I thought at the time he could have sung a rock number in the Love play, singing along with the tv, or while dancing around the flat. Maybe next time.


      • First is a six part Australian series called “Romper Stomper”, a sequel to the 1992 movie of the same name which starred Russell Crowe in his first lead role(if I understood correctly). Never watched it, too violent for my tastes judging by what I read and heard at the time.
        I bought the magazine this morning – Who’s list is a mix of movies, TV and music. Richard came to their attention via Berlin Station on TV and on demand streaming.


  8. Whoa, I have a whole new respect for the man. Queen? Awesome!

    If anyone is interested in seeing Freddy Mercury’s perform Radio GaGa it starts right after Bohemian Rhapsody or about 2:34 in this YouTube vid:

    🎵 How cool would it be to see Mr. A doing that (or really any) song in a karaoke bar? Normally I avoid that sort of thing, (karaoke) but I would watch Mr. A sing live. I have always loved Queen and Freddy Mercury’s is a rare voice to impersonate. I’ve never seen anyone accomplish that. It was said Mercury had a four octave vocal range. Maybe that is a question Zeesmuse could enlighten us on?

    I could certainly forgive Mr. A not reaching the same highs (soprano or tenor) as Mercury, but if he just sang to his own strengths like Paul Rogers did when touring with Queen. . . I’ve no doubt we would all enjoy the experience.

    It recalls to mind the photo of Mr. A in a karaoke bar a girl had for a book she compiled; My Celebrity Boyfriend. 😊

    As to a Nav voice, hells yeah, I would buy that. I drive all the time, even when I do not need to drive, I will drive. NYC, UK, Europe, wherever. I love driving and having that voice would be great. I have been listening to his Robin Hood, Lords of the North, etc audio since 2011 anyway.

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    • I was thinking of exactly that photo from “My Celebrity Boyfriend”, too, Mimi… A sight to behold – would love to see RA put on a stage show 😂
      As for driving – I don’t drive much (because I have no need to – I work from home and I live in the city centre, so no need to go anywhere), but I actually enjoy driving when the opportunity comes around. I don’t have a sat nav at all – if necessary, we use Google Maps. But well, IF there was such a thing as RA voicing a sat nav, I would be the first to buy it.

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  9. Thank you for listing the Radio Ga Ga link. I had forgotten that song but I’d pay good money to hear Mr. A sing it in his normal range, although Freddie’s voice is so incredible I’d hate to be disappointed. Hope your New Year was memorable. God bless you and your family in the coming year.


    • Thank you, Tommie – my new year’s eve was quiet und slightly underwhelming, to tell you the truth, but I think the new year has started on a positive note for me, and I am quite pleased that so far, a couple of resolutions are still fully intact. Hope you have had a good start too x


  10. I forgot. I get e-mail notifications for your blog but I signed up for Zeesmuse’ site a long time ago, got a confirmation email, but have never received a notification. I don’t know what I did differently.


    • I doubt you did anything differently – the subscription and notification functions seem to be bugged. I have had to resubscribe to other websites, too, and there is no rhyme or reason as to why and when a subscription becomes faulty…
      Thanks for letting me know.


  11. I don’t check my Gratiana email hardly. Long ago, the Twitter notifications drowned everything else out. So I just float to my favorite blogs, including yours. Or I see your link to your blog post on twitter–as I did here!

    P.S. Loved your Richard Armitage reading suggestions! Especially, “where are we going today, Luv?” Sighhh!


    • I still have some of those ringtones from Spooks and Strike Back on my i-pod, funny to hear them after a long break.
      Perhaps he could present the Baftas now Stephen Fry has given up!

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      • Ringtones! Nice! I have a couple of Irish themed ones somewhere, where he says “begorrah” and “shopping t-h-rolley” 😂.
        Richard as presenter – interesting idea! Although I would actually prefer it if he used his voice to present a regular radio show. Ha – “Richard’s records”… what’s gonna be on his playlist???

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      • Maybe! Though emcee duties are usually given to comedians, or those known for their mirthfulness. And RA seems to have stayed away from comedy, but for his Vicar of Dibley role as Harry Kennedy and the role of Kenneth in Love3. But never say never! He would certainly keep the ceremony dignified.


  12. I am getting your email notifications as far as I know. I have very limited time these days and don’t always read everything.
    Got to love the music videos from the 80’s, so new and when MTV played music videos.


  13. RE: your notices, it looks like I sometimes get them by email but that has not happened the last two days that I’ve noticed. I do however get them on my iPad and iPhone. Which is probably better cause I tend to see them from the pop up screen notice. Don’t know if that helps at all. 😀


  14. I’m definitely getting the email notifications. Now, if they could be announced by Richard Armitage’s voice, that would be great! I’ve set SIRI on my phone to a man with an English accent, but unfortunately he really doesn’t measure up! Maybe Richard could do a biography movie of a singer. Tom Hiddledton did a good job as Hank Williams (although it wasn’t the best movie). Can’t think of who he could do though, since the Freddie Mercury one is already being filmed.


  15. Falls sie je auf die Idee kommen sollten die Lebensgeschichte von Freddy Mercury zu verfilmen würde mir sofort jemand einfallen der ihn wiklich gut berkörpern könnte 🙂
    Gewisse Ähnlichkeiten sind durchaus vorhanden….


    • Hm, den Vorschlag hatte ich schon mal gehört. Komisch, mir fällt da die Ähnlichkeit gar nicht so auf (außer das RA dunkel gefärbte Haare hat). Dann muss er sich allerdings auch noch einen Überbiss einlegen 😬


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