2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #1

Another year. New header.

  1. Hannibatchsmuse got a RA pressie this year. Nice!!!
  2. Cutie pie is one of my favourite terms of endearment and usually reserved for my kids. However, I also like the cutie pie suggested by smoops-and-smoops
  3. In case you are interested in a meet-up should Richard return to the stage in London this year. Posted by fizzy-custard
  4. Fizzy-custard is also planning another fic, I think – of Sir Guy? – and asking for suggestions
  5. Kind of fits my new round-up header: Armitage in sunglasses. A picture set compiled by thorincuddlez
  6. It’s still time for new year’s resolutions – although not Waht A Guy Wants… by nfcomics
  7. Hehe, riepu10 put Richard into a fancy hat for new year’s eve…
  8. New year’s wishes from mezzmerizedbyrichard
  9. OMG – and my favourite – a new year’s picture by moodyhedgie… to die for cute
  10. None of these gifs posted by armitagehell are new, but I liked the whole set. And the name of the tumblr. So descriptive. Truth
  11. Apparently this pic set was intended as a writing motivation. Well, even if you are not writing, this is pretty motivational. Posted by sansanaddict
  12. Just a reminder how gorgeous Lucas North was. Posted by pixiedurango

Hehe, I jumped right in… A short list to ease us into the new year. So yeah, I’ll try and continue the weekly round-ups for another year, hoping that we’ll continue to get new work by Richard that will inspire new artworks, fics, edits and comments on tumblr. There is definitely already Ocean’s 8 to look forward to – do we know of other visual projects yet? It looks as if Richard is currently taking a little breather – or looking after his mother. But if all goes well, My Zoe should start filming in Europe, soon. As always, I am excited about what Richard might be doing next.

Also, I just wanted pass on my thanks here to whoever has recently been on a nice little shopping spree in my Redbubble store! I received notification of the sales which means that a nice new donation will soon makes its way to one of Richard’s charities as soon as I have received my margin. I hope you receive your ordered items, soon, and that you will enjoy them.

As for me – I am doing an “Armitage” today! I am back in the studio after a long time. The recording studio, that is and not the photo studio. It’s been a few years since I last recorded spoken word samples, and as I am writing this, I am thoroughly looking forward to doing some amateur voice work again. And this time, I’ll be thinking of Richard, imagining myself as a “colleague” *hehe*.

Not sure if I could actually do my job, though, if *that* was what I was sitting opposite of…

Have a lovely weekend, everybody.

Guylty ❤️



15 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #1

    • War mal wieder in meinem alten Metier – ein Übungsbuch für Deutschlerner. Wir haben sieben Stunden lang Dialoge eingesprochen. Insgesamt sechs Personen, drei Männer, drei Frauen. Die Gruppe war gut besetzt – alle waren mehr oder weniger vom Fach und wussten daher, dass man die Dialoge am besten rüberbringt, wenn man sie tatsächlich auch “spielt”. Also wurde unter viel Gelächter und Grinsen gefragt, geantwortet, gejubelt, sich geärgert, vorgeworfen, gestritten und und und. Macht unheimlich Spaß, sowas.


  1. #11 certainly motivated me, just not sure in which direction 😉

    Redbubble… that could be me trying to organise my jewellery-making stashes for when we have people coming to dinner and I have to clear the dining room table 😂


  2. #3 Fizzy-custard: I don’t know how to reply on your blog, so I am doing it here. YES, I am definitely interested in meet-ups in London with fans, and I’m 80% sure I will come (from New York City), if RA performs in something. Do you want to talk (privately) now?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Most of the roundup pics reminded me how much I miss RA’s longer hair. It was so pretty. Now, not so much, IMO. Nothing would keep me from an RA meetup if he was doing a play, unless I was irrevocably committed to doing something else. Speaking of meetups, Guylty, we need to plan a AHA reunion. Next year? I know some beloved members have things going on that make it problematic But it would be great to have something to look forward to, even if it is year or two off.


    • Yes, that longer hair made him look absolutely delicious… The really short side-crop is just a tiny bit too radical for my taste… The grey temples, OTOH, can stay, if it was up to me…
      Yes, I am definitely also up for meet-ups for the play.
      And yes, the AHA needs to be wheeled out again… You are so right, I want and need something to look forward to, too.


  4. For some reason the pics were all 1000x bigger than normal, so I couldn’t see them. But I liked #3’s suggesting a meetup. I know 5 of us are all ready planning to attend at some point and stay together.


    • Always something new with WordPress… Not sure how the picture issue happened. It looks normal on my side, though.
      As for meet-ups – we definitely all have to stay in touch about that. Well, or at least those people who are interested in meeting up.


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