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It’s Friday!!! I had a great week this week, despite a touch-and-go start caused by major depression over starting a serious diet. The false presumption that I would only be allowed horrible, boring food, had me in tears. Turns out, I actually get to eat really nice things… But the rush of news, pictures and interviews on the occasion of RA launching BS in Paris quickly brought the good mood back. The prospect of getting confirmation soon for Richard appearing on stage in London again, certainly perks me up. I’m sorry, readers in the US – I’m not rubbing it in. I know exactly how you feel because I felt it in 2016 when LLL was announced.  Two days have passed – I want some news, stat! My week got even better on Thursday when I not only received a tax refund to the tune of €660, but also a surprise package from Mezzy in Australia with delicious chocolate (mainly enjoyed by the family, see above, but I did try a tiny morsel) and some cute tins and deco bits and pieces. Thank you 😘 . – I am kind of waiting for the beloved hubster to go back to work, soon, so that I can create some fan art in peace and solitude. I just can’t work on shrines when Mr Guylty is prowling around in the house. I also enjoyed being a transmitter of news this week, passing on links to RA’s Paris appearance. For once, I am in the right time zone to post news while they are still fresh! I noticed that my blog stats spiked on Tuesday and Wednesday – massively so, with three or four times as many page views than usually. Does that mean you want more of such news-breaking posts?

The upshot is, that I am finishing the working week on a high – and feel like putting a blog post out there. In lieu of anything proper to say, I’ve thrown together a gallery of my round-up header images. Three years. Probably not all the headers (they were difficult to locate in my media album), and including the first three from 2014 that were made by Agzy at the now defunct iwanttobeapinup blog. (Incidentally, her last post was a discussion of Proctor’s physique, in the wake of watching TC in London. Maybe we should let her know that Armitage will be on stage in London again?). Anyway, some cheeky stuff in there. I particularly like #8 from 2016… What’s your favourite?

The real deal round-up will be back on your screens tomorrow. Wish me luck on my diet – or join in, if you have new year’s resolutions that you would like to put into practice.

Guylty ❤️


32 thoughts on “End-of-Week Blog Waffle

  1. I understand you so much about the diet. I should lose weight too, but I hate so much having to keep track of everything I eat, spending time trying to cook the right food etc. And when I’m hungry, I’m more scary than a Marian-less Guy and the sheriff combined 🙄
    I’m trying, but it’s just unfair how easy is to gain weight and how difficult is to lose it.

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    • I couldn’t agree more with you! Gaining was easy peasy. Losing is a pain. The tracking is a bit annoying, too, but depending on the diet you choose, you may not have to write everything down. I am doing WW, and there is a big list of things (mostly fruit + veg) which you can eat as much of as you like. I am a routine eater, so I tend to eat the same kind of things all the time, so after two days I know the values off by heart. Cooking remains a problem for me, too – I dislike cooking with a passion, at the best of times. After three days on my diet, I have to admit that it hasn’t been as annoying and difficult as I thought. I have made a few omelettes and wraps, and cooked a really nice frittata with spiralised courgette yesterday. Nothing took longer than 20 minutes to prepare and cook… The most difficult part of it all, is dieting when the rest of the family eats normal. I don’t mind that they eat chocolate or full-fat, full-carb things, it’s more the fact that we need to prepare two different meals every time we eat together – added workload. I might sneak some WW meals into their food, too 😉

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  2. I would cook several WW recipes that my husband really liked lots of recipes are well seasoned with chilli flakes and tomatoes feature a lot!
    Make batches of minestrone soup and poach a lot of eggs lol
    You will get there.


  3. I am on WW too. I think it is a good program. It’s interesting how it has changed during the years.I keep going back to it when I start to notice pounds creeping back on. The holidays didn’t do me any favors, but I chose to eat whatever I wanted. I am paying for it now. Good luck. I know you will be successful.


    • That’s the crux with WW – they change the program every year, it seems. The guidelines I have now, are different to what they were 10 years ago. I tried to simply repeat what I used to do when I was on the program back then, but it seems I *need* the pressure of having forked out for participation in order to make a serious effort.
      Zee and I are cooking up a dedicated healthy-eating weight loss blog at the moment, so stay tuned 😉

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  4. Glad to hear my parcel has reached you S!
    Re losing weight, it’s a constant battle for me, so would be interested in your and Zee’s new blog. My “diet” nowadays is always bearing in mind a phrase that says “what you eat in private you wear in public.” 😉


  5. As every year after christmas time I have gain weight because of christmas stollen and christmas biscuits. I decided to avoid or to reduce oil and fat when I am cooking. It is not a fast way to loose weight but I don’t have a yoyo effect. Additional I started to make some sport, running twice a week. Let’s see how long I will persevere
    I like no 21 the puppet player and 38


    • It also sounds like a healthy way of dieting – avoiding any extreme measures and just reinstating healthy eating. Plus: sports and exercise. I really want to get back into that, but at the moment I feel too overweight to do so… I’ll let you know once Zee’s and my healthy eating blog is up; maybe you will want to read there, too.

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      • Yes with pleasure I would like to take part of this blog. I struggle with some kilos and without some exercises they don’t want to leave me.


      • The Hubs always tells people, (I listen to him and his buddies talk) that when they are trying to trim down the ‘food-baby’ belly, if they don’t do something they can live with all the time, the ‘food-baby’ will be back sooner rather than later. Whatever we do, it has to be something we can live with and not give up doing. Drastic changes might result in sliming down, but if you won’t keep doing them, you will gain it all back. He and his ‘man-logic’ are probably right. 😀


  6. I read an article by actress Lisa Riley (a popular soap star in the UK) where she stated that friends and colleagues would still offer her Doughnuts it’s as if they want to sabotage her dieting. Lisa is 41 and lost 12 stone.
    I do remember at a WW meeting the counsellor talking about this, a support group and exchanging receipes is a great idea.

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    • That is something I encountered too, when I was on my big weight-loss spree 10 years ago. Half way through my journey, when the weight-loss had become quite visible and I was looking much slimmer, people started commenting along the lines of “oh, you look great, but you shouldn’t lose more or you’ll look haggard” (my BMI was still in the overweight category at that point). Another friend a couple of months later told me that “since you have become slim, you are not as nice anymore. You used to be much friendlier.” I took from all these comments that people resisted “change” – or maybe also disliked that with the loss of weight, I might suddenly look a bit more attractive (and steal their limelight). Sabotage is the right word for that… (If this weight loss blog takes off, I can feel a blog post about exactly this problem coming on!)

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      • How sad is that? That someone (pretending to be a friend) would actually try to hurt you when you are trying to improve your health? What? You are not as nice since you lost weight? Smacks of petty insecure jealousy. Smacks of issues they have, not any change in your personality.

        As much as you are a nice person G, it is important to realize that toxic people in your life will not improve your health. They are NOT friends and me, being a heartless bitch, would not have them as friends. We know it is important to lose that extra weight, that it will improve our health. I for one refuse to be helpless in my old age because I could not do enough to reach old age in a healthier condition.

        I for one want to look towards making life better, for myself, for others, not tearing down someone else. Tearing others down isn’t going to make anyone’s life better. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to live as long as we can and appreciate those nice long legs on that tall pretty man for the duration? It puts a smile on my face right now just thinking about it.


  7. How should one little fangirl heart decide, which one of these “Armitage Round-ups” is her favourite??? They are all fabulous, and the most important part/person is in each and every one of them: Mr. Eye-Candy-MostDelicious-Armitage!!!!

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  8. I can’t talk diet cause most of the time I don’t remember what I put in my mouth. Generally don’t put bad things in there, but I’m sure I could eat healthier. Still, it is easier to eat a handful of nuts, berries and yogurt than trying to cook up something. The hubs will eat what I eat, so that isn’t too difficult. Plus I cannot cook without risking lives. When I bring left overs home from a restaurant, I forget about them until they start to move and then I have to throw them out. So instead of what I am eating, or not, I am trying to focus on doing more exercise. Which right now has been digging myself out of the driveway due to all the snow that fell all day yesterday and night.


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