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Looking for something to write about, I decided to do a little WordPress search again – inspired by two blog posts that I had seen on Twitter yesterday. First Heather linked this (Click on the link within the tweet and you will get to the blog post she quotes from):

And then Linda dug through the FrockFlicks blog a bit more and came up with this old post – which definitely is worth a re-read. Funny!

It’s always interesting to see what is being said about RA outside of our circle of known RA bloggers. And so I typed in “Richard Armitage” into the WordPress search box. Here are four bits that I found interesting. (Apologies if they have already been linked to elsewhere):

Cinegasms and Broomsticks reviewed Pilgrimage and had some complimentary words for Richard’s performance as Raymond de Merville, concluding that “some great performances from the talented cast [make] this a well above average Medieval adventure”.


Nicola Slade is a published author and writes mystery novels that are set in the past. In the linked post she announces her new book deal and cites from a couple of recent reviews. And it turns out that Ms Slade may be a fellow admirer of Mr A…



This next post I found particularly fun. Not only because it talks a bit about Armitage, but because the question pondered is a really interesting one. I won’t give it away – because I would like you to visit the blog and read for yourself, but just to say that I am on the same page as Angela who is blogging at Four Foxes, One Hound.



If you scroll further down on the page, you will find Geektown’s review of BS. They are putting their finger on a regrettable omission when it comes to the international release of the series. US TV Shows We’re Excited About For 2018…



The linked posts are all from January this year. Maybe I ought to go further into the past and see what else is hidden in the infinite reaches of the WordPress realm… Enjoy.


8 thoughts on “Blog Searches

  1. Yes, please search! You’d be doing a public service. I already replied to Ms. FrockFlicks along the lines of who are you please join us!!! I hate to imagine there are other potential obsessives lurking out there not being cheered on and celebrated!


  2. Did you ever find time for Frozen? The reason I ask is, I saw Shirley Henderson on stage this week in Girl from the north country (Bob Dylan songs used in context with the Depression in 1930’s America ) she has a fantastic voice . She ‘belted out’ a sound that you would not think possible to see her frail frame.


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