2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #4

A week and a half has passed since Richard dropped his mysterious hints about his upcoming return to the stage. “A couple of days”? Still waiting, Richard, dear. And the guessing game has moved on. My “Quiz” wish has already been eliminated from the list. The show has been announced and is already cast – sans Richard. Another fan favourite, “Absolute Hell” in the NT, has also been ruled out. “The Kiss of the Spiderwoman” has not been cast yet – a sign?? In any case, Richard has a knack for promising announcements that do not come forth. Anyone hear anything about the impending news on who has picked up BS for the UK???

Talking of “have you heard anything of…” – I was chatting with Linda60 today, and we suddenly remembered that there had been a crowd-funding drive by Candida Brady for Urban with posters and/or movie credits in return for a donation via their shop site. Did anyone donate? Has anything come through yet? Just wondering…

In other news: Following my whiny complaints about being on a diet, Zeesmuse has instigated a dedicated “healthy eating” blog (apparently the D-word is a big no-no 😉). Those of you also interested in putting their new year’s resolution to the test are welcome to follow over at the uniquely named RABBBWW blog. And even more – if you would like to change sides and blog yourself, you can apply to receive access and add your own recipes/tips/thoughts in the shape of blog posts. Plenty of pretty illustrations of calorie-free eyecandy, too.

And now the round-up.

  1. Let’s start off with another fabulous fan art by anemiechen, this time in love with Thornton
  2. LOL, this little “imagine” illustrates the two images of Richard really nicely. By gafhjtrd
  3. Richard singing. Dream or nightmare? See what his cast mate thinks – in this edit by deepestfirefun
  4. This might actually be a repost from Pinterest, but just because it is… well… nice, I am including it here. Posted by hannibatchsmuse
  5. Have we seen this side-by-side of the two spies by deepestfirefun already?
  6. Is “awkwardslide” a thing? It’s funny, anyway. By iamjaynaemarie
  7. You can never have enough neck porn, even if it is from a show long gone. Posted by ghisborne
  8. Sounds very familiar, moonlightfantasia, except I spell it with three OOOs
  9. Ofgreengables has giffed some moments from the Paris interview
  10. A rather astute observation by the-sun-of-rome-is-set. And I have no answer for that question but I react exactly the same way

Short. Sweet.



Guylty ❤️


32 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #4

  1. Remembered by your post I just tried to look at Urban movie website…it’s unavailable. Maybe they are in maintenance? I haven’t had any news since I bought one of the posters which never arrived here.
    I told Candida I’d like to pay for shipping extra. But never got a request via PayPal or any reactions at all…


    • I checked the website and it worked for me last night. I also supported the film with a donation and I saw it deducted from my Paypal account. Back then, I received two e-mails. 1) the automated confirmation from Paypal, 2) an e-mail from Blenheim asking to confirm the address. Nothing since…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I donated to Urban early January I haven’t received poster but I did get an acknowledgement email
    The Paris announcement is annoying me, why say anything if the deal hadn’t been signed off . And putting doubt out there that he might not be doing BS 3 is equalling annoying since I am finally watching series 2
    Sometimes I have the urge to slap the back of his legs! I bet he could be an irritating child lol.


    • Yep, same here re. acknowledgment e-mail yet no further communication…
      Hehe, yes, sometimes his hints are counterproductive – at least when they are not followed up on. Here’s a little slap on his wrist, virtually, Mister A! *tuttuttut*


  3. Are they doing a remake of ‘Kiss of a Spiderwoman*? OMG what! I’m speechless. The old one is so perfect with William Hurt and Raul Julia. I don’t understand the fever of doing remakes all the time instead of focusing on something new.


  4. The most charitable thing I can find to say about this is what I said at the beginning: “fulfillment is really difficult.” I hope she manages somehow to deliver at least the posters, given that she’s taken money for them. (I wrote at the time that there needed to be a contingency for there not being enough money to accomplish the project; I really hope that’s not what’s happening here.) I wish she’d get a professional involved.


    • Yep, I remember your post from back then. You know, with a couple of spreadsheets, a funding drive like this would be no problem. IF one has enough time to keep the admin up-to-date. Part of all this, of course, is keeping people informed. I’m perfectly happy to simply donate without getting anything back in return. Having had the pleasure and luck of watching the film twice and FOR FREE, it only seems fair. What I dislike – and what leaves a bad impression – is the lack of communication. And you are right – with professional support that would all be easier.


  5. Yes, to donation, but nothing since the confirmation and request to how I wanted the film donation acknowledgment in the credits.


  6. Hopefully, the play he’s in is “The Kiss of Spider Woman”. Menier Chocolate Factory announced the project on Monday, in “a couple of days” after Richard’s interview in Paris. Looks like schedule of the play fits RA’s schedule (before summer). The cast probably will be announced on the date when tickets go on public sale – on 31 January.

    Guylty, I received yesterday a package from Eugeal, with some wonderful stuff❤. The magnet with Guy already got his place on a fridge. Thanks to you and to Eugeal💕

    Happy Sunday to everyone!


    • You could be right there re. the cast announcement… Only a few days now, in that case.
      And hooray, glad to hear you received your parcel. Thanks to Eugeal and have fun with it to you 🙂


          • Realistically speaking, anything that would be in production, even in previews, in mid-March, would need to start rehearsals in the next ten days. So if we’re going to continue looking for something, we either need to look for later productions (starting Aprilish, probably), or accept that the window is closing.


            • In that sense, there is an end in sight. And with his history of “projects that never were…”, I am now leaning back and refraining from further guesswork. Whatever comes, comes.


  7. I like your short sweet roundups. It’s three in the morning and I am watching the Oz open live. I can read the roundups during the ads and not miss too much. Yikes, Roger is down a set. 😦


      • It was so touching to see how much he cares about his sport and his fans. It was definately worth staying up to watch the match and the presentation ceremony. However, I know I will pay for it today. My eyes feel like they have a pound of tennis ball fuzz in each one.


  8. On the topic of RA in theatre… I read somewhere he said he was working with the same director who did The Crucible and it’s something by Shakespeare. I did an extensive search of upcoming plays in London and nothing has come up with either name just yet. I shall update if I find anything before you hear something 😏


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