RA Pocket Shrine 147/? – I ❤️ DIY

Lately I have been on a creative spree. It started when I finally unboxed my new sewing machine (given to me last November!) and attacked my sizeable stash of fabrics. Once in the swing, I suddenly got the urge to go back to the little shrines of joy. Despite the New Year’s resolution of creating a minimum of one shrine per month, I fell at the first hurdle. Not my fault, though. The creative mind was strong, but the hardware was weak: My printer decided to print without red pigment, returning all images with a green-y blue-ish tint. Yesterday I had enough of its antics. I spontaneously put on my hat and coat and stalked to the nearest department store to buy a new printer. I switched back to my favourite brand and came home with a swish new Canon Pixma printer. Set-up was a cinch, the file entitled “potential RAPS scenarios” was ready – and the print results were marvellous. And so I managed to create not just one but actually two little shrines in one afternoon. So even if this post is published on the 1st of February (first day of Irish spring 🌷, old chronology), I am counting today’s RAPS as my January submission. ☑

I love these little “blink” brand tins. I was sent a whole stash of them from a lovely fellow fan in Finland. What is so great about them, is that they have really nice, but neutral designs on the outside – both sides, that is. Altoid tins, for instance, may be the classic mint tin. And their lid is nice in its own way. But the bottom always comes with the unsightly list of ingredients – extra work for Guylty to disguise the ugly writing. Blink even injects a bit of bling with the sparkly stone in the lid. I love these boxes, and shall use them all!

So who’s inside the box?

DIY RA is inside the box. Well, ok, or DIY Dr White. So here we have the first RAPS for Sleepwalker. Not the “demigod in white” – but rather attractive in its own way. I don’t know about you, but the whole DIY scenario really appeals to me… Here’s a closer look at Dr White’s chosen tool:

*giggles* – it just fit so nicely into his hands…

This is probably the ideal pocket shrine for someone who enjoys crafting and DIY. Or for someone who enjoys watching shapely men craft and DIY *snorts*

Yeah, right.

Dr Scott White, DIY demigod extraordinaire. He was really good at nailing and hammering. And he’s got a doctorate. True dream boy. *sigh* *coughs*

Right, that’s RAPS №1 for January 2018. I think I am going to join Obscura in my own version of her personal blog challenge. She said she was going to post at least one post per month (and just made it in time for January in her post yesterday). I’ll try the same with one *shrine* per month. Looking at the total number of shrines, what I would *really* like to do, is finally reach the next milestone and get into the 200s by the end of the year. But that would be one shrine per *week* *eeek*. And the next one is already ready to be posted. But I am waiting for a particular day to reveal it. Coming up next week, though.

As for the destination of this shrine – anybody into crafting? Who should receive this little box of joy? I have some ideas but I will also take suggestions. You can also just write “me, me”. Let me know in the comments.


47 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 147/? – I ❤️ DIY

  1. Oooooooooooh I could use a handy man.

    Hell, I could use a mechanic!!!! *coughs*

    I”m still working on the Knit Cardigan I started 4 years ago. I’m about 1/3rd of the way done with the shawl part. At this rate, they’ll bury me in it.

    And the muses are waking up. Does that count as crafting???

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        • Well, could you compromise? I.e. write the sex scene now to keep the Muse happy – even if it is out of sequence. But you can always just leave it aside and then return to the chapters prior to that? At least it would get you writing. (And you can always throw away the sex scene at a later stage, if it doesn’t suit the piece anymore…)

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  2. Sweeeeet!!! This single girl could really benefit from a pair of manly hands around the house…and there are repairs to be done, too! 🙂


  3. Someone finally commented on my blue fabric craft bag (at the knitting for charity group at the library )she wanted to know what was the language, GNOTHI SEAUTON fortunately she didn’t ask what it said because I have totally forgotten lol


    • LOL – I recently got the same question. My beloved hubster asked me what it meant. Yep, it’s all (ancient) Greek to me… “Know theyself” is what it means, I think…


  4. #OOOF! How about I enter a plea for the March pocket shrine, since it’s my birthday and all? 😁

    P.S: Anyone would be tempted to break thongs around the house if he’d show up. “You called for a handyman?”


  5. Oh! Oh! Oh! A new RAPS. Your first since Halloween. I was afraid you’d taken a permanent sabbatical.
    I used to be more DIY and crafty but it seems like there’s always something else to be done.
    As the meme says, “I don’t know what he’s fixing but mine just broke.”

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    • You know, I was actually almost shocked when I noticed that the last RAPS was in October 2017! I have now printed out lots of little bits so that I can sit down and shrine whenever the urge overcomes me… Plus, I still have a a couple of shrine obligations to fulfill…
      LOL at that meme. Mine definitely breaks everytime, too…


    • Muscles are very nice indeed. The best muscles I have ever seen, btw, were not on RA (ooops, blasphemy) but on a Kiwi sheep shearer. You could tell that those muscles were genuine *work*, not gym-trained.

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  6. Ode to Home Repairs

    A hot man who is handy,
    Is better than candy.
    And more precious than jewels.
    When using his tools.
    Dr.Grey is so manly while working on walls,
    And sometimes he even makes house calls!
    A doctor/ handyman is so rare and fine,
    He can nail me anytime.

    Kathy Jones


  7. Finally new RAPS and funny, too!!! 😀 ❤ Still haven't seen the movie, though.
    And whoever will receive it, she will be happy.


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