2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #5

Good day to you. A little later than usual, but nonetheless – the weekly Armitage round-up with lots of goodies from tumblr, now with new header. In expectation to lots of audio goodness, I am switching to Richard at the microphone. Plus: added thumbporn.

Enjoy the round-up!

  1. We start the round-up with a shower. Just because I liked idlesuperstar’s caption
  2. Anemiechen’s fan art this time takes Mr Thornton as a subject. (Or have we had this one already? If so – never too much of a good thing…)
  3. Kind of continuing with the theme of “unusual” fan fiction – this one is about “Richard” finding out that reader/girlfriend has cheated on him. Yeah, that doesn’t usually happen in fan fiction, does it? No happy end here, but nonetheless an interesting read. By deepestfirefun. Oh, and RPF warning
  4. A little collection of pics for you beard lovers out there. May have been put together by deepestfirefun while researching for her fan fic piece above
  5. Handy skin collection by thorinfiliandkili. Note the fire warning in the caption 😂
  6. Here’s a photo manip of a picture by David Venni from about 2009 – I’ve seen various variations on the theme before, but this looked new to me. Posted by baganslover
  7. LOL – I laughed out loud at this cheeky “imagine” by thorins-magnificent-ass. Harmless fun
  8. Important advice by papyrossy, which is timely in view of upcoming audio releases. (The little extra quip on the gif is priceless)
  9. A set of Trevor Price gifs by ghisborne. I have a thing for the neck, and there is a nice gif in there that really gets my kink going
  10. Bright smiling RA. Always good, even though the pic isn’t new. But I thought I’d put this in here just for reasons. By jassy2101
  11. A gif set with Guy of Gisborne in it is never pointless, riepu10!!!
  12. The mother of all kisses. We are all familiar with it. But the gif set was done in a different way, so I decided to include it. By dearemma
  13. *giggles uncontrollably* pairing Thorin with underpants. Ahem. Nice finds, armitageadoration!

Before you go, I have a sweet little extra for you. Kathy has left another ode in the comments of the latest shrine reveal. We can’t have it languish there. Here it is, appropriately illustrated:


On a different note – Valentine’s day is coming up in 11 days! Which makes me wonder whether the community wants to do anything to mark the day? Remember 2014? We organised a Secret Valentine back then, with submissions posted on a dedicated blog. In 2016, Sinnamin organised a Valentine Swap. (This year she organised a card swap for Valentine’s Day over on Twitter.) Last year, we celebrated love and shared insights into our RA fan collections. Want to do something similar? How about something like “my favourite RA moment?” Could be anything, from a scene in a film, to something RA may have done or said, a favourite piece of fan memorabilia/fan fiction/fan art, or any other favourite fandom moment. Or how about a quick evaluation how your “love” for Richard has changed over time – from when you first discovered him, to where you are now? That is certainly a question that is currently in my mind.

Anyway, just sayin’. I am not the world’s greatest fan of Valentine’s Day, but it provides an opportunity and a reason to spread a little love.


Other than that – have a lovely weekend, all!

Guylty ❤


18 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #5

  1. Das Unterhosending ist der Renner! Gegen diese Anweisungen kann man sich garnienicht wehren.
    Wie formulierte es doch mal ein Schwerenöter an anderer Stelle so schön: Dagegen bin ich machtlos 😎
    Na, wer war das????
    And Kathy: you are good as ever!!!! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That Daniel out of the shower gif gets me every time–but not for the reason that you might think. Noooo, I’m not trying to slo mo a certain part of it. 😉 But who uses a towel from the bathroom floor to drying themself with? Ewww! Men! LOL!

    P.S. And the #10 smile link didn’t work for me, on Chrome.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I see London,
    I see France,
    I see Thorin’s underpants. Got to be my fav. LOL, a lot. As for the ode, I can’t say I nailed it, but hope it caused a few smiles.

    Liked by 2 people

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