Before I Forget – RAPS Raffle Result

The news kept coming so fast yesterday, I almost forgot the raffle for the Eargasm RAPS. I’ll make it short.

The winner of the shrine is…

The RAPS will go on its way to you asap, Riepu. I think I still have your address.

As for all the news…

… still processing. Latest project announcement: The Lodge. A horror film, even if only in supporting capacity, may be the first time that I will *not* see Mr A’s work. Given that the directors directed a rather scary sounding first feature film, I assume this new project is going to be just as scary. So far I have always welcomed that RA challenges me with his choice of projects. Along the way there have been pieces of work in his oeuvre that really widened my horizon. Castlevania was one such surprise; I loved the comic series. Despite misgivings prejudices I also came to appreciate his involvement in Hannibal and actually find Francis Dolarhyde one of his best performances yet. For my Christmas message to Richard, I wrote only a few weeks ago “Your work always stands out, and your choice of projects is a challenge that I have come to appreciate. Something new every time.” Ooops, he may have taken that as encouragement… A racy audio book and a horror flick. Rich, you are truly pushing my boundaries now. But well, even though I can’t personally look forward to a horror movie, I will say this: Variety in an actor’s resumé is always good. There’s nothing wrong with beating new paths, with trying new genres. An actor can’t please *all* of his fans. So, good on you, Rich!

Also, I haven’t given up on new developments re. a stage appearance in London before the summer, either. According to a screenshot of the production schedule of The Lodge posted by Wilde on Twitter, the film will finish shooting in Montreal on 26 March. Simultaneously, mooseturds has dug up a new play announcement for London that sounds very interesting. Not Talking, a play by Mike Bartlett (an old collaborator since LLL), slated for an April premiere and running until June. That would fit nicely with the end of The Lodge. Not sure if My Zoe fits anywhere into this, but with the financing apparently still uncertain, maybe it has been postponed even later? A London play is really, really top of my wish list. But well, let’s wait and see.



24 thoughts on “Before I Forget – RAPS Raffle Result

  1. I’ll watch the horror movie too, not a problem for me. 🙂
    Richard made me watch and read things that I didn’t think I could like or be able to understand (the audiobooks, in example. I saw them as a too difficult challenge for a not English mother tongue, but I found out that I understand most of them. Or the Crucible. I think I would have read the book and watched the play if it wasn’t for Richard)


    • That is great. I am sure Richard is going to add his usual class and dedication to the project. And yes, I agree, I have also watched things because he was in it – and I’m quite happy that he often gives me a reason to look beyond my horizons!


  2. if he is filming in March there is no chance whatsoever of a play in London unless his filming is limited to a max of couple of days, theater rehearsals involve at least 4 weeks of daily work so no way would it be anything starting in April. I fear with everything pointing to him being out of the country again right now and all March the theatre project, whatever it may have been, has been ditched. And horror is a hard no for me, not for any love of him. I don’t mind silly books or outlandish subjects or any of this. I already found Pilgrimage close to unbearable and i will not watch it again anytime soon, possibly never. Getting scared for entertainment just isn’t how i’m wired, though i appreciate many people are. I can’t even say that i will miss it from this pov because i can’t regret something that would be torture to watch.
    Nevertheless i totally agree with you, what is for him work is a completely different thing than what i do for entertainment or diversion or interest. The 2 don’t have to overlap at all. Of course i love it when most of it does as i like watching him but it is inevitable that it sometimes won’t. As i was saying at least i have Wolverine to really look forward to and also Tattooist is something that i’ll enjoy reading/listening to. And there is plenty to occupy my time elsewhere, not the least 2x Macbeth plus even more Macbeth musically which ticks all of my boxes 🙂 I am sure his path will cross mine enjoyable again in the near future, or at least i hope so.


    • Re. filming/theatre schedule – it *could* THEORETICALLY work out. At least on paper. A pure exercise of calculation: Shooting is slated to end on 26 March. The Mike Bartlett play is to run from 25 April to 2 June. So there are exactly four weeks between the end of The Lodge and the premiere of Not Talking… As I said – purely on paper.
      As for the horror movie – I am completely with you on that. I have really enjoyed looking beyond my horizon thanks to Richard’s role choices so far, and many a gem has been found because of that. But the horror genre is just not something that I feel comfortable with. I totally accept that it is a valid genre and something that many people – particularly a lot of women – find hugely entertaining. It’s just that I personally take absolutely no pleasure from being scared, and I find extreme gore and violence difficult to digest. That is just me, and I make no qualitative judgment on people who *can* stomach such content. I will really regret not watching Richard in one of his roles, but so it goes – it’s not going to make me less of a fan (at least not in my own estimation). As you said yourself elsewhere: We are watching Richard for entertainment. And if I am not entertained but potentially traumatised by what I see, there is little value to putting myself through that.
      It’s all good, though. I think it is great that Richard is providing something for everyone. There is classy drama in his oeuvre, pulp (audio) fiction, arthouse projects, hard-hitting action, romantic period pieces, thrillers crime and psycho, and soon horror. He is casting his net wide, and that is perfectly fine. He’s got my approval (not that he needs it), even if I give The Lodge a pass.


  3. Congrats, Riepu!
    I will definitely watch this new movie; I like horror. (Have been King’s fan since elementary school. ❤ )


  4. omg! Thank you so much Guylty!

    I finished Wanderlust yesterday (I still don’t know do I like it or not ) and started to listen The Martian Invasion of Earth. But the one I’m really waiting for is The Tattooist of Auschwitz. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but after reading the book I can’t wait to hear it.


    • Yay, the package is in the post already 🙂
      And wow, you’ve already finished Wanderlust. I still haven’t continued, and neither have I started with Martian. I do look forward to the Tattooist, too!


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