2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #6

Oh wow. All that audio goodness. Well, or let’s just say: “all that audio”. This was a week of rich pickings, with highs and lows. I still haven’t continued listening to Wanderlust, and since I can not decide whether I want a digital download or a tangible CD, I haven’t listened to The Martian Invasion of Earth either. Where are you at? And have you got TMIE yet?

So much Armitage, so much *discussion* of Armitage. Plenty of meaty *coughs* blog posts – I love it. It almost feels like old times. It also does so because the muse really hit me like a bombshell and I finished two more RAPSes. I love it when I am creative; it makes me feel alive and gives me an adrenaline rush. Like an addiction. Once I start, I cannot stop. Suddenly I feel hopeful about reaching my 1-shrine-a-month goal easily. Things are looking up – spring is in the air!

But you are here for the round-up. Let’s jump in.

  1. Let’s start Valentine’s now. Here are some Valentine’s cards made by riepu10. Guy………. sigh
  2. Yes, that’s definitely one (or two) of his best assets, werewolvekillsmyagenda
  3. *khehehe* easy to mishear what Richard says in that clip… But yeah, I am wondering, too, clematis71
  4. Brothers from other mothers? An edit by deepestfirefun here’s one for you, Esther…
  5. I really enjoyed this piece of fan fiction by pixiedurango. It’s actually part 8 of an already established longer piece about Lucas North and OFC, and I have not checked out the previous chapters, but part 8 kind of works as a standalone piece. Give it a go, and possibly catch up on the previous parts, too
  6. LOL on this little story in the caption to the pic of RA reading (on stage for Pinter/Proust). By armitageadoration
  7. Spy, purposefully striding. Two pics in a set by riepu10
  8. Pixiedurango shares her favourite Lucas North episode of Spooks. What’s yours?
  9. Fandom-snaps puts 2 and 2 together re. detours and difficulties with finding one’s way
  10. A ‘caption this’ by ladyharlequinreaper1992. How would you caption that picture?
  11. Hooray, mezzmerizedbyrichard has giffed the BTS interview from Wanderlust. Oh, that second gif…
  12. Oh, and here is a masterlist of pixiedurango’s fics
  13. Oh, I suspect I missed this set of Jacks by riepu10 when it first appeared
  14. OMG – I had no idea that ilariaeugealtomasini actually had these figurines. See Guy and Marian in action

Hope there was something to take your fancy. If not, just look at the picture above. I bet you fancy *that*.

Happy weekend, all!

Guylty ❤


32 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #6

  1. My Robin Hood action figures are probably more popular than me 😀
    A few months ago, our home was visited by thieves… When I said that on Facebook, the first thing people asked was if the “minis” were ok XD
    I always keep a mini Guy in my bag and I take pics of him in the places where I go. The funny thing is that my husband and my father hate them.
    I have lots of pics of my father trying to “execute” mini Guy in the most creative ways. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well, first of all, I am glad to know that the thieves left Guy and Co alone!
      I have a mini Guy and Robin, too (gifts from a fellow fan), but Guy is only sitting around on my mantle piece. Funny that your husband and dad hate the figurines. I can imagine that they lend themselves to creative execution ideas 😂


      • I have 3 mini Guy (one of them is the one that I always keep in my bag), 3 mini Robin and a big Robin, two Nightwatchman, 2 sheriffs, a Marian and a Little John, plus the castle and a dollhouse for them 😀
        The attempts of my father against the minis are funny: I have a pic of him trying to run mini Guy and mini Vaisey over with a lawnmower 😀
        Other funny thing is that my dad and my husband have a resemblance with Vaisey and Guy. If I could get them to cosplay them, they would be perfect 😀


        • LOL – omg, just imagining your dad and your husband in leather and capes. (Not that I know them, but the thought alone is just priceless!) Poor Guy, being attacked with a lawnmower!!!
          And wow – there was even a castle for the figurines??? Fantastic! Did you take pictures of it already for tumblr? I must check that out.


          • Yes, there was the official RH castle. The dollhouse instead comes from Ikea. 😀
            I have a blog for the minis on tumblr, it’s called MiniNottingham. I should update it more often I guess. I also put pics of them on instagram, Facebook and on the site 365 Project 😀
            My dad would be a perfect Vaisey: kinda short, grey beard and bald. My husband is tall (not as tall as Guy, but my dad is shorter than Vaisey, so the height difference is about the same), dark hair and often a stubble like Guy. His eyes are not blue, though.

            Liked by 1 person

            • OMG – have just followed MiniNottingham on tumblr. It’s fantastic. I love your pictures! Fun!!!! And I will have to check you on Instagram, too.
              Sidenote: Yay for 365 Project! I used to do it, too (although I am with Project 365, but it’s the same thing, different name. I started in February 2012), but gave up uploading a few months ago because the app takes up too much space on my phone. I now post my daily pictures on a private WP blog.


  2. 1: sind alle mit „aber gerne doch“ zu beantworten und überhaupt bin ich urplötzlich wahnsinnig an Waffenkunde interessiert 😎😁
    13: die Jacks sind super. Da kriege sogar ich Spielemuffel mal wieder Lust, Karten zu kloppen 😊


  3. 3…..I originally thought £5 for Wanderlust was a reasonable offer but people comments are not getting any better so it’s now down to £2.50 LOL


    • For a moment I thought you were talking about the regular price of the piece, and I checked on Audible. But I see that you were joking. It’s priced at £28.09 – can that really be true. Good grief, I definitely wouldn’t spend that amount…


      • Sorry! I have been complaining about the price quite a lot LOL I have ordered the Martian CD much better value at around £16 with p&p
        Someone said Audible put the price high to encourage subscription, I just don’t listen to audio enough to make that attractive, in the past I have just purchased the download outright.


        • I’m ashamed to say that their strategy totally worked with me. I caved and subscribed when The Monster Collection came out. Luckily that also meant that I have been able to save my credits and now had two credits left to buy Wanderlust and Tattooist for the price of the subscription, so to speak. I may also splash out on Martian. It’s not my usual subject matter (although HG Wells is somewhat literature canon and therefore a must-read/listen), but considering the great reviews so far and the care the producers have taken with promo etc, I feel like rewarding them by buying their product.


  4. Loved the pics of the minis! Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a nice piece of fanfiction totally illustrated with pics of the minis?


  5. I hate busy long weekends, it means I don’t get to check out the roundup till now. Still, it was well worth waiting for, with my one and only Valentine featuring so splendiferously in #1, be still my beating ❤ And it was great to see the minis again, I rememberRichie the poseable horse with great fondness.

    Pixie’s Lucas fic looks like another good read from her. I’ve bookmarked it to enjoy from chapter one. And there’s a whole list of her works, as well.✨

    So much else I’ve liked this week. Thanks, Guylty, for digging it all out for us. 🎖

    P.S. My entry for the caption competition at #10: I’d like to think it was “Your place or mine?” but I’m leaning towards the more prosaic “I hope you’re not going to tell me it’s lembas bread for dinner again tonight.”


    • Nonono, busy weekends are GREAT! It is so good to have a full life *away* from the internet, Jenny. And the round-up waits until you have the time to look at it!
      Yes, those Guy Valentine’s cards were a treat. I am always delighted when I see him featured in anything.
      I haven’t caught up on pixiedurango’s fics yet, but I may do so in the next few weeks – I have a few Lent resolutions that may free up my time a little bit.
      LOL on the caption suggestions!


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