2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #8

Somehow, this turned out to be a very Armitage-rich week. See what I did there? There was the call for questions for a new #AskArmitage by Audible.

Wow, they really have discovered Armitage as their favourite celeb to milk, haven’t they? Or should we say: They have discovered the fans of said actor as the cows to milk. Because yes, we rise to every challenge, and gobble up every piece of bait. Including myself. I have noticed that my resistance to reacting on Social Media to Armitage or news about him is recently getting increasingly worn down. I don’t really mind so much adding my voice to the resonance that builds when there are reports about him, or when there are calls for Qs, like in this case. Even though I don’t believe it is my duty as a fan to promote Armitage’s work – unless he wants to pay me *hehe* – sometimes I feel it is my only opportunity to support him in his career by being part of the social media reaction to his work. But reacting to *him* directly has always been something I have shied away from. Partly because I strongly believe that he does not read the replies to his tweets, hence there is no point in spending time on a reply. And partly because I dislike being part of a big choir that essentially only bleats the same thing back at him. But well, in the last few weeks I have found myself retweeting some of his tweets, responding to the #AskArmitage (albeit without @-tagging him), and *shock horror* even replying to a tweet by the man himself. Where the hell is this going? Have I finally been worn down or is this just another side-effect of peri-menopause?

Or maybe it was sheer desperation. Alternatively also overkill. This Armitage-rich week also had me listen to Wanderlust . And success – I finally finished it yesterday afternoon. Phew. If I pluck up the courage, there may even be a review of it. At least I took copious notes while listening. And straight from Wanderlust into The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Not a good segue, let me tell you. And without blaspheming – but I have to say that the first 15 minutes of the piece already brought up a few niggles. But well, early days, so I’ll reserve judgment until later.

Lastly, I have been at my work bench, cutting and glueing and sticking bits and pieces into a little shrine. Funny how that always cheers me up, even at times when I am not that well-disposed towards the OOA. (Must be February – I kind of get grumpy and annoyed and I work myself up over stupid details that piss me off about RA, and *boom* the old doubts return and I ask myself “what the hell am I doing? I’m too old for this shit!”).

It helps to stick to the old routine. So let’s enjoy the weekly round-up instead. Here we go:

  1. Another Trevor Belmont fan art that borrows heavily on Guy, I think. By moodyhedgie
  2. We always go on about Richard in black, but here’s a collection of Richard in white shirts. Not bad either, I say. By anemiechen
  3. Oh man! *faints* I was waiting for a post like this. Armitage forearm fluff *dead*. Massive thanks to pixiedurango
  4. That’s an intense on good old Raybo here in armitageadoration’s set
  5. And because he rarely gets much attention, here’s more Raybo, also by armitageadoration. She was on a roll this week
  6. Elain1205’s relationship status *lol*
  7. Throwback to Hannibal – I’m delighted to see the Red Dragon feature in this. By lego-martin
  8. Guy of Gisborne gets anemiechen’s edit treatment
  9. This is such a convincing edit. Possibly already older, and resurfaced via Pinterest, but I am linking to jassy1201’s post
  10. Armitage as Wolverine. Coming soon. And already drawn by cro-gall
  11. Jaysis, this is almost too much for the fan girl heart. Full. Length. Richard. TWICE! By riepu10
  12. Number 3… 😂 … Onion headlines combined with Hobbit screenshots by lokispriestess
  13. Awwww. Bagginshield in moving images. Sweet. Bitter. Sad. By glamdolf
  14. And one more, linked here for other reasons. LOL. By king-moron
  15. Oolálá! Sensual prompts for Thorin! Beware, the image illustrating the post – although not our man (or is it *haha*) – is pretty hot. Or just pretty? Anyway, posted by pixiedurango
  16. I would’ve said this is a collection of emotional moments from Richard’s oeuvre, but then there is DIY Daddy in there. Hm. Not sure what kingunderthemountain85 was trying to convey with this, but hell, I’ll post it anyway

Hope you find some distraction in the links above.

Have a good weekend,

Guylty ❤



18 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #8

  1. It’s funny that you’re wondering why you’ve recently begun responding to, or directly speaking to Richard. I’ve just started doing the same thing myself. If it’s a side-effect of peri-menopause for you, it must be a side-effect of post-menopause for me! 😂 You are not too old for this shit, anymore than I, or many others. Something about him affected us, woke us up, gave us something that made us feel “alive”, and has helped us through some difficult times, not to mention the gift of finding friends we would never have known otherwise. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a very good thing that can accomplish all that. Making R.A.P.S. and cards, and bags and things cheers you up because it’s done out of joy and love not only for Richard, but for all of us to enjoy as well. Allow yourself to feel that love and joy yourself. 💞

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    • 😘 That is such an encouraging, positive reponse, Jane, and thank you for that. Every once in a while – especially when I am wracked by doubts – I need to hear that. Yeah, it gives me joy and lifts my mood, and that is a good thing, not ‘shit’.
      Still, I do wonder why my resolve not to reply to his tweets, has suddenly crumbled. It’s not as if he has changed in his social media approach, or even his approach to fans. Or maybe that is exactly why. I am responding because I am safe in the knowledge that he doesn’t read responses, anyway.


  2. Is it my imagination or is there a touch of (you know nothing) Jon Snow as well in #1? 😀

    And intense is the word for good old Raybo in #4 and #5, top left hand in the first one especially. Has anyone any thoughts on that family crest of his? I’ve not seen it explained anywhere. After that, Guy looks a positive teddy bear in anemiechen’s #5, wicked smirk and all.

    Oooh, and #11… *stares and applies to work for MI5 and CIA.*

    Or even, dammit, the FSB. Those two could tail me any time.

    Lots of other fun for me here. Thanks, Guylty, you are a 🌟 I’m giggling away at the Onion Hobbit headlines, though I know it’s mean of me.


    • Jon Snow? Hm, I don’t really know – I have never watched GoT.
      Good question re. the family crest of the de Mervilles. I must look into that.
      The Onion headlines were nicely fitting, mean or not. It is just such fun illustrating them with caps from a familiar piece of film…


  3. Loved the roundup as usual. But girl, we need to have a talk. You have never watched GoT? What are you thinking? Although it could be improved by casting RA in some role ( too late) you should give it a try. A really entertaining story. You can skip the bloody parts, and concentrate on the characters. Without the gore, it wouldn’t take you that long to catch up on all episodes.


    • Yep, I have never seen GoT. It’s really bad, isn’t it, considering that a) I loved the books (at least the first one in the series, which I read a few years ago) and b) part of it was filmed in Ireland. But it was never shown on Irish Free TV, so I didn’t get round to watching it…


  4. I can totally relate to #6 … substitute Thornton or Guy or… (shhh…don’t tell my husband!) and wow #15!*fans self*

    If you’re too old for this, I am MUCH too old for this! My friend at work wants to do an intervention (LOL), but I’ve told her I’m happy in my insanity!

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  5. thanks for the weekend treats! And i wouldn’t worry really until your starts your days by wishing him good morning on twitter ;-))) Just kidding!!! But you know what i mean, the odd response or reaction isn’t anything to think much on. I also wondered what got into me after sending a question in, especially after realising i forgot to untag him in the response as audible had tagged him in their request for questions! Ah well, we sometimes get to the point where we wonder what we are doing when we click like on one of his posts ;-))
    But then you hear stories like the ones from Rutina Wesley or we see pics and gifs like the ones you linked too or fan art inspired by his characters and we know what we are doing here 🙂

    I like that Trevor, especially the hands and yes… waiting for Thorin… aren’t we all?
    I have a soft spot for those hands and forearms 🙂 Long time no see actually.

    I too have moved on to the Tattooist , going much smoother than the previous ones i have to say though it is strange. But more on that at the appropriate occasion. Hmmm, a new shrine!!! nice, can’t wait to see!

    I was just about to get back into crafting mode, hoping for some free time at weekends but unfortunately i think things in real life have gone pear shaped again so unlikely for gaps 😦
    Oh well, maybe i
    ll do some bedtime reading to smooth over the wake up to Monday.. that is if #15 is available for reading 😉


    • LOL on wishing him good morning. Nah. I’m glad that he is NOT my first thought in the morning. That’d be weird.
      The Rutina Wesley As were so sweet. Just lovely to hear – once again – that he is not only a consummate professional, but also a sensitive person. Yeah, I guess that is what kind of validates my appreciation of him.
      You know, re. those arms – I’ve been wondering about that. I am imagining sitting somewhere in a pub with him, with a group of people, and instead of listening to him or anyone else, I’d be staring at his arms only *lol*. (Maybe that is weirder than waking up with him as my first thought… *hahaha*)
      And oh no, pear-shaped? I don’t like the sound of that. Hope you do get some down-time!

      Liked by 1 person

      • i have those 2 weeks end of March coming up… looking at them like the thirsty in the desert looking at an oasis!! My friend is sadly not doing well 😦 Not sure what we’ll do but treatment not going well and her living situation not ideal… problems, problems.
        So it’s extra nice to think of his forearms 🙂 I’d be as distracted as you are!


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