RA Pocket Shrine 151/? – Marvel-lous

There is no better advertising for a new project than a BTS featuring Mr A. I do not want to anticipate a forthcoming review of Wolverine: The Long Night here, but if anything, the fact that my first response to Richard Armitage’s latest (audio) role as Logan is a shrine, speaks volumes. Only this much: I saw the trailer two nights ago – and literally went straight to the Stitcher sign-up site. (I think you can still avail of one month’s free trial subscription. Code: MARVEL.) And I haven’t regretted subscribing to the podcast service. It’s a fantastic, novel and technically innovative recording of the/a Wolverine story as an audio play which completely absorbed my attention. Plus: The character of Wolverine has the potential of bringing RA’s forte of playing the misunderstood, dichotomous character to the fore. I can’t wait for the next episode.

In the meantime, I amused myself with a little tribute to RA’s latest project. I even got my pencils out…

Right. Wolverine. Wild. Vest. See what I did there?

Did you know, good old Wolfie actually likes chocolate ice cream? Keeps him from getting his claws out…

Hope you can see his claws. They are partly hidden, with him frolicking in the shrubbery…

But yeah, marvellous work, Mr A! Which is why you need a tribute, too.

Too true.

So there we are, a shrine for a new project, looking for a new owner. Any Wolverine fans out there? Let me know.

Oh, and PS – the tin had a colourful lid design of its own. Slightly more appropriate for another creature of the night from Mr A’s oeuvre, but I like the fierce danger of the dragon…

Leave me a comment and I’ll see whether I can find a recipient for this tin of fun.

39 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 151/? – Marvel-lous

  1. Aber das würde er doch nie-nicht sagen – “I am the best at what I do” – der Herr personifiziertes Understatement. 😉 Schöner SchRAin! 😘 Und dann noch in dieser Verpackung: außen Newman’s own, innen RA = doppelt verführerisch…


    • Das ist ja auch nur ein Wolverine-Zitat 😉. Er meint damit nicht sich selbst, sondern er performt gerade Wolfie – die Tagline.
      Ja, Newman’s Own hätte natürlich nach Mr Blue Eyes geschrien. Aber RA hat ja auch schöne blaue Augen 👁


  2. I love it! Incidentally, I signed up for Stitcher before I saw the BTS, just based on the little snippet of audio that was shared of Richard’s Wolverine. He growls rather well.


  3. This is so terrific, wow, bravo, I´d really love to have it… I didn´t have time to listen to the podcast yet but the little snippets we got before it started were already so amazing that I will subscribe next weekend…


  4. First of all, this is not an entry for the raffle because I´m not a Wolverine fan so there are others who deserve it more.
    But anyway, that shrine is really great work again. I especially like the claws. And well, those pics from BTS… the shirt, the haircut, the colour, the beard – I have no words to describe it 😍.


    • Glad you spotted the claws. They were a really fiddly addition, but worth it.
      And yes to your assessment of the BTS look. I was floored, and my waning admiration was ignited with a massive *whoosh*


      • The claws are really dasTüpfelchen auf dem i. All that fiddly work would drive me mad. I can only admire your patience.
        I see you are becoming a beard lover finally 😉.


  5. I love this shrine! I’m enjoying Wolverine and loved the BTS video. So great that you have pics of that video in a shrine already! That chalkboard mountain cover turned out so well. I did have to look closely to see the chocolate ice cream cone. All in all a very creative RAPS.


    • The video really, really resonated with me. Well, or should I say that the way RA looked, spoke and acted in the video really resonated with me… He seemed genuine, happy, interesting, and he his enthusiasm for the different approach taken by Stitcher came clearly across. It immediately hit my creative bone – and more so, because I was mildly non-plussed about much of the other recent work.
      Yep, the chocolate ice cream is a small detail only. Had to scale it down so it fitted the general scale of the cut-out 😃


  6. I love those early rocker pics of Mr. A, especially the one where it looks like he’s sniffing his underarm. That one cracks me up. So I love this little tin. I also appreciate the link to sign up. I’ve been catching up on all the books he’s been recording and am looking forward to his podcast.


    • The underarm picture was also on my radar for this shrine – his scrunched up face would have fitted Wolverine quite well, too. I just didn’t really know what context to invent for the underarm exposure 😁.
      So have you signed up to the podcast?


      • Yes, ma’am, I keep forgetting to listen to episode 3, I’ve been so busy. He wasn’t in eps. 1 & 2 a lot. But when he was….my Lord his voice was deeper than Thorin’s! I almost didn’t recognize his low low growl.


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