2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #11

Once again, happy St Patrick’s Day to you all. My proper greetings have already been posted just after midnight today. If you haven’t seen it yet, check my Paddy’s Day post. There is something there for you to win. And since everyone is Irish today, you may just have our proverbial luck 😉

Everything’s green today. Case in point.

  1. Great crops from the clip for the Bloody Chamber narration. Love the format that richards-smile has chosen
  2. After chatting here in the comments last week, mininottingham aka Eugeal has uploaded more pictures of the Guy of Gisborne figurines. This one is especially great. Love it!
  3. And once again Eugeal – or ilariaeugealtomasini as she is called on tumblr – with some great likeness of Guy and Co, taken from the world of Disney. Always great!
  4. Cheeky, nfcomics, cheeky. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what a Guy wants
  5. Indeed, nowiloveandwilllove, completely agree, and your picture evidence is spot on
  6. In case you haven’t seen the latest plushie iteration of Richard yet, here is sinnaminie’s take on Wolverine. Roarrrrr
  7. *whoosh* *thud* I’m sure these pics of Daniel posted by riepu10 aren’t new, but picture one instantly slayed me
  8. Riepu10 has also capped a few pics of Daddy Cahalan. Nice and relatable
  9. This is a fuck-marry-kill post, but I am more taken with the illustrating pictures by armitageadoration
  10. The new picture of Chop from UATSC, posted by jassy2101 + small close-up crop Chop
  11. Totally love the aesthetics of these picture edits by dandeliondesign
  12. Richard as Wolverine, drawn by cro-gall – her art is always fantastic!
  13. Including this Wolverine fan art here, too, even though no Richard. But I really like the official designs by Stitcher/Marvel, and fly-wea-aart just hits it
  14. Gimmethehobbit’s take on Richard’s motivation to do the Wolverine podcast. Those comics are not just cute, but *always* funny as well
  15. And just because the whole BTS video was just one long drool fest, here is a link to deepestfirefun’s screenshots. All of it, yum

Right, that’s it for today. Dig out your green windbreaker, your blue-and-green plaid chinos, pull up your leprechaun socks, and join in the shenanigans! Wishing you lots of luck with the raffle over on the RAPS post.

Sásta Lá Fhéile Pádraig, all!

Wearing green,

Guylty 💚


17 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #11

  1. Happy St Patrick’s day! Thank you once again for taking my edits in your list. There are a lot if better ones from other posters in tumblr.


  2. Happy SPD. Loved the round up. My fav was the matching tongues – RA and kitty. He may prefer dogs, but his tongue looks quite feline. And his voice can out-purr any cat.


    • LOL – “SPD” (abbreviation used for a German political party). Never noticed the kitty tongue on RA, but yes, his silky voice definitely can evoke shivers of pleasure, much like a purr…


      • Hmm, I think I would try to protect the Irish brand against this particular concoction. I was trying to figure out how it got that label. Apparently it started being served in the US in the 1930s. So there’s some connection to poverty, I suspect, and there are some other derogatory labels attached to “Irish” that might be related (e.g., “Irish apple” for potatoes).


        • I suppose pasta is so cheap nowadays that it has become the new poverty food. Especially in the day and age of processed foods. The potato, however, remains the staple of the Irish diet. Cabbage is on the wane, though 😂


          • There have been pasta factories in the US since the 1790s, apparently. (Recipe research!) And Americans ate “macaroni” well before the Civil War with cheese or milk. But apparently the Depression was the point at which spaghetti in particular made the jump outside the Italian community to larger swathes of the population. This didn’t happen in my family — we started eating it in the 1970s and my father still doesn’t especially like it, preferring the potato. But apparently it happened in the cities. Weird that it would be labeled “Irish” though.


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