RA Pocket Shrine 152/? – You Make My Sham ☘️ Rock

Hooray, it’s Paddy’s Day!

The Irish national holiday is upon us. Having lived in Ireland for a solid 19 and a half years at this point – constituting in fact the *vast* majority of my adult life – I am happily celebrating today. The day starts with a traditional Irish fry-up. Never mind that I have to stick with turkey rashers, fried mushrooms and scrambled eggs only. The diet *sigh*. But everybody’s Irish today, and I am dressed in green, with my leprechaun socks on, raising a cup of very milky tea to the country I call home.


In the spirit of sharing some Irish cheer, I thought I should engage in the time-honoured tradition of posting – and raffling – a custom-made, Irish-themed RAPS today. I found the perfect little tin in my stash.

It came as a lip gloss container – which I cleaned out and then disposed of the cheapo lip gloss. The back side (and original lid) of the RAPS still says “Lip Gloss” on it, but in a way that is the perfect masquerade for a stealthy fan item such as a RAPS.

I thought long and hard for an idea to put RA into an Irish context. Last year, I regurgitated his Irish lesson, and the year prior I cheakily presented a particular part of him as a lucky charm. This year…

… I am including a little lesson in Irish-ness myself. Contrary to popular belief, the typical Irish look is *not* freckled and red-haired. No, the typical Irish look is dark-haired and blue-eyed. Sound familiar? Well, he’s got an English heart (sorry, obscured in the photo), but who knows, chances are that there is an Irish great-granny somewhere there in his family tree. According to a poll conducted in 2001 (ok, rather out of date by now…), 25% of Britons claim Irish heritage. That’s a massive number – hence the possibility that Mr A himself may have a hidden gael somewhere in his cupboard. He is certainly getting his Irish on with the dark hair and *that* plaid jacket…

The slogan reads You make my sham rock and is illustrated with a completely unrelated scene from Pilgrimage just because that was filmed in Ireland. Now that I think of it, I should’ve used bad boy rocker Ricky instead. Ah well, next year 😉.


Substandard photography today. Nope, there was no drinking of Guinness involved in the making of this shoot, despite the day that is in it. But well, just to illustrate that there is also the customary candle slot in the shrine.

So Mr A, just in case you are interested in joining the other 160,000 Britons who have applied for Irish citizenship on the back of the Brexit result: We’re happy to have you! Your looks alone will get you a passport in no time. Just keep up the smouldering shenanigans…


As for all you appreciators of Ireland out there – if you would like to have *your* sham rocked, leave me a comment below and your name will be entered in the raffle for this RAPS. No matter where you are, I’ll send it to the winner for free, accompanied by a few Irish goodies. Comments open (for raffle participation) until Monday, 19 March 2018, 6pm GMT. Wishing you the proverbial luck of the Irish!


Éirinn go Brách

49 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 152/? – You Make My Sham ☘️ Rock

    • Yep. I have no idea where that is coming from. I hadn’t made any shrines for months, and then suddenly, with the new year, the creative urge popped up again. It’s not just the shrines, it’s also been sewing, and scrapbooking, and writing. Even the whole diet thing is part of it. I am feeling so much better all of a sudden, because being creative makes everything feel better…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m leaving this comment. *thumbs up*
    And also say thank you for your great blog posts about the RAPS and in general.
    (Ironically I’m a bit tipsy… but on red wine…)


  2. RA can Sham my Rock any time! Love that plaid jacket & longer hair combo too. Thanks for keeping my Irish half (McArdle) entertained with your Sassy Handwerk!


  3. I think the “plaid” looks very like a Black Watch tartan iiirc which is actually a Scottish Regiment, but hey, that’s quite immaterial! He looks gorgeous in it!! ❤


    • You are probably right, Teuchter, and tartan is a Scottish thing, anyway. The colours simply appealed to me and made me think the picture was suitable for an Irish shrine ☘️. Gorgeous he was…


  4. T’wod be the luck of the Irish to win this lovely shrine. Hey that’s me…well 50% of me anyway. I would love to test his ability to rock my sham (for research purposes of course) ☺️ Hope your St Paddy’s day is grand ☘🇮🇹


    • Definitely having a nice Paddy’s Day. We had my brother-in-law with his three small children over for an extended Irish breakfast. That was nice. Outside it is really cold and blustery – no joy for the people who are watching the parade from the street. I am switching on the telly now to see the parade from the comfort of my sitting room 🙂 ☘️☘️


  5. My goodness! You are coming up with all sorts of great ideas for RAPS. But he is inspirational isn’t he? My mother’s family was half Irish (and half German), so I’d love to rock a sham with him. Hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day. It’s just beginning for us.


    • Oh yes, he is a muse. And not just because he is nice to look at, but because his own talents and creativity are inspiring.
      I am just watching the parade here (from home. Miserably cold outside!) and I am – as every year – quite touched by the fact that so many US college bands make it over here. Such an expense. It really must be something special for them to make the effort and raise the funds to come and take part. Good on them. ☘️


  6. Happy St Patrick’s day! We celebrate the day, too, just for fun. My son Patrick wears green clothes today and I have participated at the quiz of the Irish Times, with the result of 40% irish, suprisingly.
    I looove your RAPS,btw


  7. Happy St Patrick’s day.
    It’s snowing again!
    I am struggling with my conscience shall I sign up with Audible for 4 months, snaffle all of Richard’s recent work then cancel, somehow this seems so wrong. Would it work? Have others done it?
    Fingers crossed for the draw.


    • We have had a few snow flakes here, too. Not ideal for the big parade that is currently on in Dublin. Poor spectators must be freezing their shams off…
      As for signing up for 4 months: Of course, why not? There is no obligation to hang on to a subscription longer than necessary. I might do the same thing, i.e. cancel my subscription, soon, too. I signed up last October when the Monster Collection came out.


  8. This is so cute ❤
    Croatians are celebrating it, too, for years. We have always been good on terms with Irishmen, and we looove Ireland. I hope to see Dublin one day.


    • Oh, I didn’t really know that, either. There are definitely strong connections between the two countries. And the Scots eventually also made it back to (Northern) Ireland… ☘️☘️


  9. OMG..what can I say..Love that picture one of my favs.Simply irresistable..happy st. Pats,watching the parade in NY. Making my cornedbeef and cabbage..already had my homemade Irish soda bread with kerry gold butter.oh,yes,I am Irish and German!!!!


    • I have to say that whole shoot was delicious – mostly on account of the longer hair. *sigh* He had heartbreaker looks back then.
      And hey, you are better than me. Apart from the fry up this morning, we haven’t had any Irish food.


  10. Great pictures you’ve chosen there! The long hair and the plaid jacket make him look like he would be so nice to cuddle up to! And I have a fondness for the Raymond look, too, despite the weird haircut. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


    • Indeed – even though his longer-haired look made him look like a Hollywood leading man, the whole style makes him look so casual, so relatable… Sigh.
      Raymond’s look – something about men in uniform *hehe*


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