2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

Hello everyone. No, I hadn’t forgotten my readers or my fandom service duties. I was merely busy this weekend. I had a dear visitor the last couple of days – CraMERRY was here, hence I ignored the laptop and instead enjoyed RL, on a little cliff walk in Dublin, among other things.So this week’s round-up does not accompany your Saturday morning coffee, but your Sunday evening cocktail. Or any other breather you take as the weekend draws to a close. I hope you still enjoy…

  1. A fan fic drabble involving a very domesticated Francis Dolarhyde in a very specific situation – kind of strange but also sort of sweet. By thorins-magnificent-ass
  2. *coughs* Yes, that is a memorable event in TV history. We feel you, lindirs-gaze
  3. A spot on question by papirossy – short but true
  4. A collection of caps of Daniel and Esther by mezzmerizedbyrichard. The longer I think about it, the more I like the pairing-or am I just nostalgic?
  5. A nice edit of Guy of Gisborne by riepu10
  6. LOL – a rather fitting somecard posted by armitageadoration. And we can add another 4.4 million from WordPress, Twitter and Facebook
  7. Triple-chaRActer fan art by moodyhedgie. I think Thorin is particularly well caught
  8. A collection of “lovely, handsome man” shots by deepestfirefun. Sigh!!!??!?!!
  9. My favourite post of this tumblr week: The same pout, 10 years apart. Spotted by caravaggiolove
  10. *hahahahahahaha* spot on! That’s me, for sure. Posted by ialwaysquitelikedyou
  11. And ialwaysquitelikedyou once again with a comment on “Megbourne”. Yep, the hint was already in the blogger’s name
  12. When Richard is your world, day and night… photo manips by angelpretend
  13. In case you need so really strong fluff, here is a heart-warming, tender Thorin x Queen scene by thegreyberet 
  14. Interesting – a Thorin moodboard. By crownoferebor
  15. Whoa – this is only “practice”? I think these portraits of Thorin by endortbc are pretty spot on
  16. Graphic Thorin. No, not graphic as in sexual – but in a design sense. I really liked this fan art by son-of-durin
  17. *muhahaha* I suppose this is meant to be Thorin… Funny drawing by the-goddess-of-mischief
  18. Thorin and Bilbo as lovebirds. Cutesy fan art by knockingthrush
  19. Ok, lastly, a repost from Instagram, found by deepestfirefun. But *ouch* hot, Hot, HOT *sizzles*

Right, off to the shower with you all! 🚿

Have a great start into the week,

Guylty ❤


25 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

  1. Lovely to hear of your meet up, I was talking about the new ways films could be shown ie renting the venue etc and said so few of RA supporters seem to come from my area of East Anglia that I wondered if it would work. My daughter reckoned it would . The lure for Newcastle is a public appearance from ‘himself’ lol I read one fan was coming from the Netherlands


    • I’m really wondering whether it is just the general lull in fandom activities or whether the number of fans in the UK has dropped. I haven’t heard of that many UK fans making a trip to Newcastle, but I know of several German fans who are going. Big lure indeed, and I totally admit I would’ve loved to go, too, but unfortunately had made different plans for the weekend prior to the announcement. I have to say, Easter is really not a good time for an event, anyway – family obligations and all that… I just hope that someone will take some pics and let us share the event second hand.
      As for the ‘rented’ screenings – nice idea, but I doubt there are enough fans *anywhere* to get this off the ground. Might work better if marketed less at fans and more at people interested in sociocritical film…


      • It isn’t easy being a fan these days one would think with digital sites and the Internet everyone would have access with the necessary payment but it’s become so regional that I fear even the Wolverine thing will be i-Tunes for America only.
        It beyond me how Action for children think they will receive any money all today’s needy children will have children of their own before Ms Brady sorts it out!!!!


        • The whole licensing issue is incredibly annoying in a world that is connected via internet. Worst case scenario: Berlin Station, which still hasn’t aired in Richard’s home market.
          LOL on your comment re. proceeds of the film to go to Action for Children. Yep, it all seems like a long slog. It’s quite possible that there will be more money generated through donations by Richard’s fans on JustGiving, than through the film’s takings…


  2. Loved the pouts. Can’t believe anyone could pair those two together after ten years. A photographic memory for a certain face must be involved. I think you had more than the usual number of great selections. I liked everything and went through it twice. Esther and Daniel were another favorite. Do they have another season left in them?


    • The pouts were fantastic – just the sort of detail knowledge that fans have… Honestly, if I had the same level of interest and memory when it came to my work, I’d rule the world by now… Esther and Daniel have really grown on me. To the extent that I wouldn’t mind another season if they were in it…


  3. Wow! What a beautiful picture of the sky and cliffs. Glad you and CraMERRY had fun.
    As for the roundup, my favourites were 8 and 9. Those pouts are fantastic. I do appreciate the older, more lived-in pouty look.


    • CraMERRY was extraordinarily lucky – we had mild weather and sunshine over the weekend. And Ireland is glorious when it’s sunny…
      The pouty pic was sweet. Made him look normal, and yes, “more lived-in”. Relatable.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Gorgeous photo! Lucky you being able to share a weekend with a fellow admiRA. I’ve found that I not only have RA in common with the lovely ladies in our Aussie group, but we seem to connect on so many other levels as well. We can talk for ages without even mentioning him lol.
    As for Daniel and Esther, I’ve always felt there was a chemistry between them, and, chaRActer-love-starved that I am, I really liked them together. I’m hoping there is another series in it for them.


    • Same experience here – there are quite a few friends I have made in the fandom. RA was just the catalyst. At this stage, we talk less about him and more about ourselves *hehe*. But that also means that the friendships will survive even if interest in RA wanes. And I find that very precious.
      I’d love to see Daniel and Esther again, although I suspect that a resolved romantic relationship doesn’t provide enough interest for the show 😟. I find it weird that there hasn’t been any update on who is going to be part of season 3 at all… 🤨


      • The final scene with Daniel and Esther walking off together hand in hand did seem to conveniently wrap things up for them, making me think at the time that either their relationship would be going nowhere in S3, or neither of the characters would be in it. As you say, it wouldn’t provide enough interest for the show…..unless the writers get their act together and develop their back stories more fully to create some angst. And yes, the silence re the third series is deafening. I’ll be happy to never see Stephen Frost, April Lewis and BB Yates again. Hopefully it won’t be The Hector De Jean Show.


        • LOL – Hector de Jean show… Kind of looked like that, the way he was sailing into the sunset. Literally.
          There would be plenty of material to look at in terms of Esther’s and Daniel’s families, and it still irritates me that they used it (as bait) in season 1 and then completely ignored it going forward. Who knows, maybe they are both not in it again…


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