Chop Auction Update 1

As promised, here’s a little update regarding the charity auction for the little fan package that Sinnamin and I have put together.

The auction went live on eBay last night. The first bid came in overnight, too, and the price has already risen a little bit. Thank you to the bidders for starting us off.

As you can see, we are currently at €67.15 (Thursday, 8.30pm). It’s early days, as I had to set the auction for three days’ duration. However, I’d already like to thank the bidders for their bids so far.


As a reminder, this is what’s in the auction: a fan package to celebrate the 2018 premiere of the film Urban and the Shed Crew at Newcastle International Film Festival. The proceeds of this auction will benefit Action for Children, a UK children’s charity committed to helping vulnerable and neglected children and young people, and their families, throughout the UK.

The set contains two charming pieces of fan art: a hand-made Chop plushie by Sinnamin, complete with removable hat, as well as a pocket shrine by me (more details here). Both are hand-crafted pieces of fan art for Richard Armitage’s character Chop from the film Urban and the Shed Crew.

The winning bidder will receive two packages as the items are sent from two separate locations – from Sinnamin in India, and from me in Ireland. However, the buyer does not have to pay any postage/packaging fees; they will be covered by me because I would rather like bidders to bid higher than to keep money for postage costs. As soon as the auction ends on Saturday night and we have received the address of the buyer, we will get the packages ready.


If you haven’t yet, do take a look at the auction on eBay. CLICK HERE. And if you like, place a bid or spread the word. As always, thank you for your support ❤




4 thoughts on “Chop Auction Update 1

  1. Fans know fabulousness when they see it. I would be tempted if I saw the film or went to Newcastle for the festival. Then he could sign it (if he’s there).


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