2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #13

When it’s auction time, I usually love going to bed. Because there is always a surprise to wake up to. Today is no exception. After the second Chop auction update last night which included some unsubtle prompting, the fandom reacted, and I woke up to this:

Hooray hooray hooray! You are fabulous, dear bidders! We have thus crossed the milestone that I had agitated for. At €125 we are now in the three figures in all three currencies – $154 or £110. This is brilliant. Thank you so much!!! – Also, we are now within the final 24 hours of the auction. It is set to close at a few minutes after midnight tonight. Keep watching the action HERE, and if you can and like, consider a bid.

Also, I would like to wish all my fellow fans who are attending the (second) premiere of UATSC in Newcastle today safe travels and a great time. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you for a meet-and-greet opportunity where you can express your appreciation to Richard. I hope he knows how much we are all supporting him and this film. But most of all – have fun together, Armitage Army! And remember your sisters-in-RA who are watching from afar – any tweet, photo, message (and detailed write-ups after the events) welcome! I’ll be glued to the screen (although I’ll be at the airport picking up Mama Guylty just as the whole thing will get into swing *hmph*)

Considering all this excitement, today’s round-up is relatively short. I have an exhibition opening to go to in an hour’s time – but I put this together for you…

  1. Starting off with a little fan art… Richard ArMIRAGE? Or simply just on cloud 9? A manip by angelpretend
  2. Remember riepu10 who creates those playing cards with pictures of Richard’s chaRActers? She has had a set printed. Not of her own edits, but still a set fit for fans. Love this
  3. This is a link to Youtube posted on tumblr, but I am including this for those of you who have not bought the Angela Carter audiobook. It’s a snippet from one of the stories read by Richard – and imo the best one. You’ll have fun with this, I promise! Posted by deepestfirefun, original vid by chrissyinwm
  4. Message to ialwaysquitelikedyou: No, that’s the required reaction. You are not alone!
  5. Happy or right? Typical Marian answer in this “hat a Guy wants by nfcomics
  6. Here’s a little fan fic by blankdblank. Fluff – but interesting. One of his best assets, if you ask me…
  7. The long shadow of Hannibal. In a good way. Manip by ausschweifendemotte
  8. A headcanon posted by papirossy. Um. Well. I am not really sure about that. I kind of imagined a vague, fresh and slightly sweet scent like freshly cut timber. What about you?
  9. Even if we have all seen the Q&A video, I really like the screenshots that jassy2101 has captured. Total mood lifter!
  10. LOL – posting this here because that exact moment stood out to me, too. Gif by ausschweifendemotte
  11. *ROFLMAO* Yeah, quite a lot of us were fixated / traumatised / swooned by that, lindirs-gaze
  12. And this time papirossy is spot on! 

Have a great day wherever you are – I might be posting updates later on today. That’s if I have time. I have to clean a whole house in advance of mother’s visit. 😏

Yay for Chop and the Shed Crew!

Guylty ❤


4 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #13

  1. While waiting for fan news from festival it is a pleasure to swoon over our heartthrob with your round-up.
    Hehe, that’s international, yesterday was my cleaning day, because my parents-in-law arrived today.
    Happy Easter and a good time with your family


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