Chop Auction Update 2

The final 24 hours of the Spontaneous Chop Auction have started and I’ll give a quick update. The Chop fan package has garnered 10 bids so far and I would like to thank those of you who have placed bids so far. You have pushed the price for the plushie and shrine set to €91.50 ($112.80 / £80.50). Bravo!!!

I hope it doesn’t sound presumptuous or overrated if I say that my hope for the final proceeds of the auction is a three-figure Pound sum that we can donate to Action for Children. Less than £20 to cross *that* particular threshold. Or just 8 additional Dollars or 9 Euros… You can check the progress of the auction HERE. The auction ends at 0:07 on 1 April 2018 (BST).

Tomorrow is the big day in Newcastle. I have already seen pictures and tweets from fans who are gathering in Newcastle. Lucky them! I would have loved to be there, too, catching a glimpse of Mr A and seeing the film. Even though I have seen it before in Leeds 2015, I would love to know whether director Candida Brady has made any changes to the film, added things, re-cut, or changed things. Whatever my criticism may have been back then, I always believed – and still believe – that the film and the theme are worth-while seeing. I hope they will keep us updated during the course of the various events.

Until tomorrow morning!



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