Final Half Hour: Chop Auction Update 3

The last 30 minutes of the charity auction are just starting. There was more action today, and the bid has moved up. We are currently at €145 – which translates into $178 or £127. Can we move it a little bit to a tidy sum like €150? Or even $200? Or £130?

There has been plenty of action on the auction today – with 542 views in total and 21 bids. Thank you to everyone who has taken a look, who has spread the word – and especially to the bidders. I am really, really happy with how it has been going, but since this is eBay, the auction isn’t over til it’s over. There could still be a bit of a rush at the end. I’ll be watching it live – the finger poised on the ‘refresh’ button, and will update as soon as I know the result.

Meanwhile I will update myself on the happenings in Newcastle this evening. I have been away from the computer for the last five hours, and I can’t wait to find out. (I have already seen some exciting, psychedelic shirts floating across my timeline… I’m wide awake now.)

If you want to watch the last 30 minutes of the auction – click HERE.


2 thoughts on “Final Half Hour: Chop Auction Update 3

  1. Yeah, that shirt…at first glance I thought it was striped but noooo, it’s just weird. We still love him, though. 😉😘

    I hope you reach your goal with the auction!


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