Auction Proceeds Have Been Donated

Dear all, just a quick post today – but I wanted to let you know that I received the auction proceeds last night, and this morning I immediately donated them to Action for Children via Richard’s JustGiving page. I bumped up the proceeds to a nice, round sum, and because I wanted to transfer the money straight from my Paypal account, I had to do so in British Pounds (as opposed to Euro, the original currency the auction was held in. Sorry for the confusion!). I left a little message on JustGiving just so you can see for yourself that the money has been donated.

£150 convert to $ 210.24 and €170,50.

(I hope this *dinged* on Richard’s phone 😉. Mind you, I also hope he had set his phone to silent, given that I finalised the transaction at 7.51am this morning – rather early for someone who was jet-lagged and spent a whole, exhausting day giving his attention to NIFF and his attending well-wishers… Sorry, hope I didn’t wake you, Rich! 😘)


This was a great auction – spontaneous, short and sweet. Literally four days from announcement to donation. I like it that way. So if the opportunity arises – and I have had word that there may be items for future fan auctions on their way for me – then I’ll be game again. Once again a massive thank you for all who followed the auctions. For giving me the feedback that convinced me to put on the auction, to Sinnamin for donating a plushie, for your bids, for spreading the word on all platforms, for watching the auctions – and for bidding generously. At this stage, adding all fan fundraising auctions together, we have donated an unbelievable $8250. I think you deserve a pat on the back and a chocolate Easter egg – or two – for that! No April Fool’s joke!






15 thoughts on “Auction Proceeds Have Been Donated

    • The total sum, right? I am still stunned by all that. If I occasionally get tempted to throw in the towel on the whole RA fan thing, this part of the experience always makes me reconsider…


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