RA Pocket Shrine 154 – Go. See. …

Just a quick RAPS post today, and a bye-bye as I am setting off on my hiatus. Heading to London with my mother – and looking forward to that! But there was still a last shrine in my photos that I wanted to post before I leave, because it has now reached its recipient. Made as part of the surprise package raffled on Day 12 of the 12 days of Christmas raffles, it was long overdue. So, closing on a high:

Simple, discreet.


Not so discreet, after all.

And customised for the recipient.

Walking off into the sunset.



Guylty ❤


32 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 154 – Go. See. …

  1. It’s beautiful! May you and your mother have a relaxing, memorable trip.

    P.S: I received your “belated birthday” letter and gift. Yeaterday I was diagnosed with pneumonia so I will reply as soon as I can. 😊


  2. Safe travels ❤

    A lovely little dream-box (yes, I've been re-reading Robin Hobb's fantasy series again and there is a magical dream-box so that far-away lovers can share a dream with each other).


    • London with my mum was really great, I have to say. We had a wonderful time – and not a single moment of tension. I should do this more often. (Last sentence possibly also applies to shrine theme…)


  3. How fabulous! Mercy! My heart skipped a beat and I stopped breathing. How wonderful it would be to have him roll over next to me. Your RAPS is inspiring me. Hopefully I’ll remember when I get home next week.
    Have a wonderful time in London with your Mom.


  4. What a seductive shrine. Looks almost innocent at first but is far away from that in fact.
    Enjoy your time in London.


  5. Ode to a Shrine

    What could be more devine,
    Than a fabulous Guylty shrine?
    DM reclining on a cloud of white,
    Radiantly basking in celestial light.
    And walking away,
    With the lovely KJ.
    Who can she be?
    No one but … me.

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    • Had a lovely trip, thank you! Hope you’ll have some gorgeous summer days when you are going, too. It’s actually lovely, having some mother-daughter time.


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