2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #17

Before I launch into the link list – you might have already guessed why I am late with the round-up today. Yes, I have been more or less glued to the TV/internet all day, waiting for the final tallies in the abortion referendum coming in. The good news: It is a landslide triumph for the pro-choice campaign. We have had a 65% turnout and with only 4 out of 40 constituencies at this point missing from the tally, the yes side has won by a two-thirds majority (67%). An amazing result, that has reinforced my love for Ireland – and the Irish. They have moved forward into the present and proven yet again that they are a modern nation that is willing to take responsible action to take care of their people. Mr Guylty had been tirelessly campaigning the last weeks, out almost every night of the week, leading canvassing groups, putting posters up, engaging in discourse. Little Miss Guylty (my daughter), although not yet of age and thus without franchise, went on the canvas trail, too. Their and the other campaigners’ efforts have paid off – I am grateful. Now, where is that naturalisation form?

Oh, and +++ newsflash +++ Just heard the results for the constituency I live in. A massive 78.5% vote for pro-choice, the highest in the country. Celebrations!

And now finally:

  1. In case you want a closer look at the seduction scene in the latest O8 trailer, deepestfirefun has a set of screenshots for you
  2. A screenshot of Daniel/Trevor from BS2, that stopped me in my tracks when I first saw the scene, too. I like lepariarm’s tags
  3. A lesser-known evil…eh… chaRActer, giffed by riepu10. Mr Preston wiling his ways…
  4. Aw, look at this cutesy pic. Despite cap. Looks like a candid. Posted by jassy2101
  5. Why armitageadoration adores Armitage. Why do you?
  6. Grimweaver asks an essential question: Best kiss scene? This could be controversial…
  7. Oooh. I’m not even a horsey person, but this gif set by riepu10 is long over-due. RA and horses
  8. These caps of Lucas North are nothing new. But if you leave the post by mzperx0506universe unopened and just put the cursor on the image, you almost get a mini-film of Lucas’ changing expression
  9. Laughed out loud at this coincidental pairing on ladyharlequinreaper1992’s dash. Yep, dash knows you best… And both delicious, best dish and all that…
  10. Stunning Thorin drawing by csigabebibe
  11. Another “Megbourne Aesthetic” by ialwaysquitelikedyou. What do you think?
  12. Daniel Miller all sleek and dark in BS1 – and Trevor-ed and grey in BS2. Preferences? Post by jassy2101

Not that much today – despite the new trailer with delicious sofa scene… To make up for the shortness of the link list, here’s a little video that has just dropped on Vimeo. These are the outtakes/bloopers from The Impressionists, posted yesterday by Andrea Carnevali who worked as an editor on the BBC show. This version contains some new scenes that were not in the previously known blooper clip.

Blasphemous side: Damn, those pearly whites must have lit up the whole set, so shiny and new…

Off now, to celebrate women’s rights and my wonderful adopted country.


Guylty ❤


26 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #17

    • And of course, good news on the vote!
      Maybe I shouldn’t have looked that closely at the seduction scene. Now all I can see is the lack of socks — not my favourite look.


      • Oh, what’s wrong with no socks? I saw some comments like that on Twitter, too. Ha, I must be a freak, because I have *always* found bare feet in slip-on shoes really sexy…

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’d be ok with bare feet and no shoes or bare feet and flip-flops, but not so keen on bare feet with those shoes and shorter pants. It’s something about the ankles above…


    • I always love it when you can see that there is laughter and fun on set, not just work and no play. The giggles are wonderful. And I have my own giggles, too, because I always think that RA’s teeth somehow look too big for him when I see the Impressionists BTS.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hooray about the referendum! Brilliant result!

    Lovely collection too… Lucas at #8 is swoonworthy ❤️
    #6? Thornton & Hale all the way…
    Loving the horses too. I have a thing for Raymond’s nag.


    • It’s such a great result, isn’t it? And to think that two weeks ago I was really worried after one of the TV debates. But Ireland has decided to be modern, equal and caring. I am so glad!
      Yeah, I think it’s Thornton/Hale, too – it’s just *the* classic kiss.


      • What is it with men on horses looking so attractive? The fact that they are controlling such a large animal? That they are looking down upon us (literally)? That they appear one with a mighty beast? Whatever it is, it also works in favour of the otherwise rather nasty Raybo…


  2. Ich freue mich mit dir und deiner Familie über dieses wunderbare Ergebnis. Vor einigen Tagen habe ich in den deutschen Nachrichten noch gehört, dass der Vorsprung des Pro-choice-Lagers geschrumpft wäre und der Ausgang der Abstimmung unsicher sei. Ich habe euch die Daumen gedrückt und bin froh, dass ihr nun feiern könnt. 🙂
    Danke, dass du dir trotz all der Aufregung die Mühe gemacht hast… hach, Thornton… best kiss ever!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ja, ich selber hatte vor zwei Wochen auch ein ganz schlechtes Gefühl. Vorausgegangen war eine TV-Debatte zwischen den beiden Lagern, in der die Abtreibungsgegner ziemlich stark erschienen waren – nicht zuletzt auch, weil die Moderation der Debatte nicht ausgewogen schien. Die Pro-Choice-Kampagne hat dann noch mal alles in die Waagschale geworfen, und letztlich hat sich das moderne, emanzipierte Irland durchgesetzt. Dem Universum sei Dank.
      Thornton ist irgendwie unübertroffen, muss ich auch sagen. Da kommt auch sexy Daniel nicht mit.

      Liked by 1 person

      • One of my grad school cohort is an Irish historian and he’s spending the summer in Belfast, Dublin and Cork, doing research and speaking. He posted some cell phone vid from Dublin Castle yesterday — those people definitely looked thrilled!


  3. YES! I’m very happy for the women of Ireland. Our right to choose our actions is the most sacred one of all, as far as I’m concerned. Congratulations!


  4. I’m so happy about the election results! Things are looking grim here in the U.S. as far as women’s rights to control their own bodies, so the thought that there are still rational people in the world gives me hope. And believe me, with the crew of morons and crooks we have in control right now, hope is simultaneously most welcome and hard to come by.

    Anyway, thanks, too, for the brief respite from work. (Yes, I’m still at the office, per my earlier email to you.) My vote is for the kiss from North & South! And…I wonder if that shirt with the elephants comes in women’s sizes. I need it.


    • I was discussing it with my hubster today, too – why was the Irish referendum reported far and wide in the world? After all, we are just a tiny country on the fringes of Europe. But yes, this is an endorsement of rational thinking and women’s equality, and since it has been decided on by the populace itself, it could be seen as a beacon of hope in a world that is currently walking backwards (and to the right) in many places.
      Great idea re. a women’s edition of the elephant shirt. Actually, I want a summer dress with the print. Gucci, get on it. (Or rather all those fashion plagiarists out there – my budget doesn’t stretch to Gucci, unfortunately…)


      • I’d add to this: there are Irish immigrants and their descendants everywhere in recent generations, e.g., the two best Irish-American friends I have are grandchildren of immigrants. In general there’s a lot of interest in Ireland in the U.S., maybe a bit less so than there was in the 80s admittedly.


  5. Congratulations to you and Ireland on the landslide victory. Great news. As for the roundup, to many favorites to single one out. Really liked the comparison kissing though. I thought Daniel and Esther won by a nose (or lip). I prefer Daniel’s hands roaming away from her face, doing things below the neck. He is keeping her lips happily occupied, no need to smear her makeup with his hands.


    • Good point re. the roaming hands – I guess that is a reflection of the urgency and pure feeling, no thinking, whereas Mr T is still very mindful of his inexperienced beloved.


  6. Congratulations to Ireland and all the women there! That´s such an important victory.
    I´d vote for Daniel and Esther because the kiss is more passionate. Although if I remember it right it was a scene where he was playing her.
    Nr. 7: sorry, but the only thing I can think is who dressed the hair of Raymond´s horse 😉 .


    • Yay, indeed – hopefully the legislation will be passed, soon!
      Oh, was that a deception scene? Grah, no, in that case it’s not “real”.
      LOL – I suppose the old adage that every dog looks like its owner, can also be applied to horses…


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