2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #19

Not forgoing *this* week’s round-up – especially as I know that I will be missing the next one while on holiday in Spain. It’s been a bit of a stretch, to be honest, compiling today’s round-up, as I was stressed out with tying up loose ends pre-holiday. As usual. You would think that I know my date of departure in advance and work ahead accordingly. But no, I am the Queen of ProcRAstination. Yay, the capital RA is deliberate, because a lot of RA ogling is responsible for yours truly running out of time in the end… Who could blame me, if there are all these gorgeous photos turning up.

Printed out for ogling at leisure. Yep, I am ready for my holidays…

And of course, for completeness’ sake, let me include the latest selfie from the master himself.

Ok, disregarding the brown eyes, the intense gaze is pretty 😵.

I think Richard has eroded my selfie reluctance. I find myself liking this picture – despite the suspiciously smooth skin. It is probably due to the contact lenses. Not the colour – I prefer his natural blue peeps – but I suspect the contact lenses are responsible for the wide-eyed look. It adds intensity, but also a certain feeling of innocence and openness to the image. Windows to the soul and all that. And the catch lights in the pupils add life to an otherwise still image. There is also the meta-knowledge of being aware of his recent loss – and seeing him pose for selfies and putting on an open kind of gaze with a faint smile just makes me think that he is feeling ok and dealing with his grief on his own terms. Total conjecture – as an actor, the man is a master of concealment, after all. But if anything, my little eulogy here seems to be an indication that I am in photo analysis mood… Do I have to bring Little Miss Bling on holiday after all???

Enough of all that pupil-gazing. Let’s get on to the round-up – the last for the next two to three weeks.

  1. Ehm, just leave it at “Master”… Gif set of Guy by riepu10
  2. This is a Dunn photo of Richard (which I do not particularly like – *behind* a ladder???? whatever sense does that make??? – but yatanis has re-coloured the b/w original
  3. LOL – I have never heard that expression used by moonlightfantasia for Richard’s selfies before. Trying hard not to feel offended in his place now 😉
  4. Ultimatenomi on Richard’s “adorable” way of using Instagram. Is it?
  5. Those pics are not new, but I like them, hence I am including lapariarm’s set
  6. Oh, this thought by notanotherausten had not occurred to me. But: true…
  7. Deepestfirefun reposts an edit which I think was made by Cyn on Twitter (?). Now, can someone please combine the two matching pictures from the Lost Daughters beach shoot? Pretty please…
  8. Wow, blacker eyebrows have never been seen. Screenshot of Danny Boy by ausschweifendemotte. (Do you think he has them dyed?)
  9. Jassy2101 reposts Veloce’s gif of a laughing BTS O8 RA. I know, it’s a repost, but can you ever *not* link to a laughing RA?? Rhetorical question. You can’t!
  10. Richard talking, with and without hands, about O8. Giffed by riepu10
  11. The fan fiction game is strong on tumblr again. Apparently deepestfirefun has called for several 30 days writing challenges. I have seen the John Standring challenge and the Guy of Gisborne challenge. Use the hashtag “#30 days writing challenge by deepestfirefun” to find the stories. This link leads to the hashtag on tumblr
  12. And here is one of the stories, posted by pixiedurango. Disclaimer: Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to read any of these…
  13. Thestorybookmistress has chosen Guy + OR for her writing challenge. This is already day 2 (sorry, couldn’t find day 1)
  14. Amazing piece of fan art of Mr Thornton by csigabebibe
  15. And that half-length Audible beach shot looks really, REALLY good when edited into b/w, as marrasquutamo proves

I’ll leave it at 15 – because you will be able to fill your time if you drill deeper into those fan fic links.

As for myself – I am heading off on holidays as we speak. Flight to Germany this pm, then on to Spain on Monday. There’s wifi in the hotel – of course – so don’t think you have gotten rid of me 😂. I’ll check in sporadically, trying to catch up with comments and news.

Until then – laters!

Guylty ❤

PS: A little note re. the Fan A to Z which I started yesterday: Just to let you know that fellow fan Herba is offering her blog Unkraut vergeht nicht for German language guest bloggers! Dankeschön, Herba! 💐


30 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #19

  1. 7. I tried to do the edit. I’m not as talented as Cyn, but I hope it’s okay. Going to post it in my blog after I’ve finished it.


  2. Thanks for taking the time out from your packing to put this together! I like the Guy and Elena story, from the three chapters I read. (Not what I intended to do this morning, but I enjoyed it!) have a great holiday!


    • Thanks! And wow, can you believe it but we arrived into 32 degrees C outside and sat sleeveless on the terrace until midnight. Summer nights in Northern Germany. Gorgeous. Great start to the holiday. It’s so good to be home!

      Liked by 1 person

        • You are a true connoisseur of this area, Serv. And you have no idea how close you are to the truth. My mother has bought asparagus for lunch tomorrow, and she has promised strawberries with whipped cream for desert. It will be a feast!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Were I independently wealthy, I’d consider traveling the world to follow the seasonal path of the various delicacies, but alas. The strawberries here are about two weeks off and we don’t have white asparagus, but I have been making rhubarb dishes with industry and attention. I hope you have a delicious meal!


            • A culinary trip around the world sounds great. Mind you, I’d also be happy to simply shuttle back and forth between Greece and Germany 😋. I can’t wait for the white asparagus ( served with potatoes and diced, smoked ham and browned butter) tomorrow.

              Liked by 1 person

    • Ah well, you have had your share of summer in our winter 😉 (After 30 degrees upon arrival in Germany yesterdays, it has now cooled down 10 degrees and is currently raining…)


    • Well, I have been a notebook writer for a long time, particularly for my fandom related activties, and then at the beginning of the year my daughter convinced me to give bullet journaling a try, hence the dotted paper. I have really tried hard – creating monthly calendar overviews, tracking sections, idea collections etc, decorating with doodles and stickers, washi tape and hand lettering, but I keep forgetting about the bujo. That tells me, that bullet journaling is not for me. I just don’t have the time, I think. Or I lack commitment. However, I have recently gotten big into junk journals, and I made myself one to take on my holiday, so maybe that will be my thing… In any case, the bujo is still on the go, currently in use for my fan challenge notes…
      BTW, my daughter showed me her current bujo yesterday – beautifully hand-lettered, decorated and filled with writing and sketches. I wish I had her commitment…


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