RA Pocket Shrine 161/? – Team Leather

Before I launch into the latest shrine post, I would like to quickly apologise for my lack of replies to recent comments. I usually reply to every comment, but haven’t had the opportunity to do so in recent days. It’s not because I am on holiday – I have access to the internet through my personal hotspot. The reason I have not had time to answer properly, is that I agreed to do some translation work – and bit off more than I can chew. Typical freelancer problem: You feel tempted to take the work whenever it comes in, because you a) are young and need the money and b) don’t want to lose your clients. The large translation coincided with the three days of our stay here where I had booked a rental car. So the little time I had with the computer after a day of sightseeing by car, had to be invested in work. Meh. However, the translation is (hopefully) coming to an end today, after I put in all of yesterday to get through it. Anyway, that is just a little explanation as to my (relative) silence.

Before I finalise my work today, I am treating myself to a little RAPS presentation, though. The title says ‘Team Leather’ – I’m sure you know what that means… Guy *sigh*. Guy is also our fellow fan Jacqueline’s (@FANtasticRCA on Twitter) favourite guy. She commissioned this RAPS in a creative exchange and stipulated that she liked season 1 + 2 Guy best. So RAPS Inc. went to the drawing board…

Some bling on the lid, courtesy of Kathy Jones, btw, who recently send me a massive stash of gems and stickers and tins and cutesy things.

So, season 1 + 2 Guy. RAPS Inc.’s head designer didn’t have to think long. Leather!!!!

Yep, he looks good in black, front and back, with long sleeves or short. Hard to see, but the backdrop behind the leather model(s) is black leather with metal studs, too.

I slightly adjusted Guy’s most romantic words for the purpose of the shrine – after all it is to appeal to the new owner, not to the misguided original recipient of the words…

The full works. I like how the candle light casts an orange glow of fire across background Guy… I hope Jacqueline has as much fun with her new mood enhancer as I had making it.

⊂ ♥ ⊃

Incidentally, I am now wondering whether Guy has caught up in my RAPS stats. Last time I checked, he was badly underrepresented in my oeuvre. I will have to check when I am back home.

And now back to work and then:

35 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 161/? – Team Leather

  1. “Misguided original recipient of the words” — Hahaha! Truer words were never spoken.
    This RAPS is a cheering sight to see on a miserable Monday morning. 💘 Lucky Jacqueline!

    A nice little earner quite rightly takes priority over us, Guylty. Especially as you are always so good to us. Hope you get to enjoy your holiday properly from now on. That pool sure looks inviting. Though not quite as much so as the RAPS.


    • It never ceases to annoy me that Guy kept labouring for her attention…
      Yeah, sometimes needs must. I want to get the thing done this afternoon – and then enjoy the last three days of my holiday on the sun lounger by the pool. I’ve got ‘Juliet and Romeo’ to finish up, and ‘Their Lost Daughters’ to continue…


  2. I am not feeling well these days and now this…. My poor heart. Love the golden letters and that heart *cough* Jacqueline is indeed very lucky!


  3. Ooo, very tasty indeed 😋 Lucky Jaqueline! I share her preference for early Guy ❤️

    Don’t work too hard! Get out to that pool as soon as you can! 😘


    • Jacqueline’s preferences mirror my own, too. I am not really into Guy’s look in season 3, so this RAPS was no hardship.
      Finishing up my work this pm – and then it’s pool time, definitely.


  4. Lucky lucky girl! I love Sir Guy any way I can get him!!!

    I don’t know many people who agree to WORK on their vacay! *coughcoughlooksatclassroommanagementbooksandmusictextbookscoughcoughcough*


    • You know, I used to be one of those people who frowned at others who worked while on holiday. As if they were so important as not to let go of their job for a few days. Control freaks, I thought. But well, I now see it’s not always about being a busybody who doesn’t trust others to get the job done in their absence. It’s also about having to maintain your clients’ happiness in order to continue receiving their custom…

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      • I’ve brought stuff home. I’ll be working on it over the weekend. I hate writing lesson plans and honestly, I have a BAD habit of ‘recycling’ them. I know what I’m doing and I sort of resent having to write down down line by line what I’m doing and why. Just time consuming to satisfy someone downtown who will never walk in my room. AH well. As you said, maintaining clients’ happiness in order to get paid.


          • I had the worst time with them. My professor was a butt about them. And then I get into the working end of it, and they didn’t want all this script stuff. I was handed a check sheet. A CHECK SHEET! The middle school I worked at down the coast simply wanted a bullet sheet – what we’re working on and what aspect I was specifically targeting. Now, where I’m at now, wants a complete script, like I did in college plus the standards I’m targeting PLUS extensions. I’ve been known to write lesson plans that ‘extended’ for 4 to 6 weeks! LOL!


  5. I’m sure Guy would be very happy that you are paying him some attention! Very nice shrine.
    Last year I had something that couldn’t wait and I ended up working on my laptop the first couple of days, seeing the water through the window while my family were on the beach. A drag, but sometimes it has to be done.


    • Yeah, I still don’t quite approve of working on holiday. That’s for spoilsports. But having said that, I just calculated my invoice for that particular job, and it’s basically worth my share of the holiday costs… so well, I’m not sorry 😁

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  6. Always a treat to see the unveiling of another masterpiece. Love the heart over Guy’s (broken) heart. It doesn’t obscure the view of his luscious pecs. Have fun in the pool. Hope you didn’t have to work too hard and will go back home with a sun-kissed tan.


  7. Exactly! That’s why I love those ‘open hearts’ – you can still see what’s beneath. And in this case, that was of utmost importance.
    Sent off my work this evening and am planning to spend all tomorrow working on my tan. Mind you, I’d rather be kissed by something/someone else…

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  8. Oh what a beautiful place! Love that you’re surrounded by all that green and the pool just looks lush!
    And the shrine is puurrrrfect, figures i’d love it too :-)))) You nearly gave the poor boy a nipple piercing there LOL
    Glad work is almost over and do enjoy the sun and pool, much deserved!


    • It’s very pretty, plenty of space, lots of sun loungers, so no need to get up at the crack of dawn to beat the Germans at leaving a towel on a sunbed. Not seen in the picture: the buffet! The food here is amazing! By the time we leave on Thursday evening, I will have grown a set of fully functional gills! (Been eating fish dishes every night.)
      Ha, nipple piercing! Now, there’s an idea!


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