The Fan A to Z – #E

Did I say somewhere that I was going to spend all day today working on my tan, after finishing up that monster translation yesterday? Well, yeah… that was before an urgent proof-reading request for exam material came in. Luckily, it only took me 5 minutes to proof-read the corrections. And so I’ll quickly use my time on the laptop for a dip into the A to Z Challenge.

E – Which of RA’s audio chaRActers do you think he should play in a film adaptation?

Funnily enough, I came up with this question way before RA’s latest audio book launched. And now I somewhat unoriginally feel like many of you, including RA himself and author Joy Ellis, who are calling for Armitage to play DI Rowan Jackman in an adaptation for TV of Their Lost Daughters. Whether Ellis had him in mind when she wrote the character (I don’t think so) or not, but from the description in the book, he sure fits the bill: tall, dark. I had to laugh today, though, while listening to the audio book by the pool, when teenager Toni is asked to describe someone and quips to Jackman “tall like you, but more muscles”. Hehe, so RA would need to lose some of his hot looks for the role? Or maybe not – no matter what (main) characters are described in original works of fiction, when it comes to the adaptation for film they usually upgrade the characters’ looks. Well, no complaints here. I’d be happy with a fit and hot DI Jackman in the shape of Richard Armitage.

Right, but thinking back to pre-MLD times, my answer to this question would have been different. I would’ve called for a period piece in which RA could smoulder at his best again – Venetia by Georgette Heyer. The part of Lord Damerel sounds fun – rakish but honourable. At 38 a little bit younger than RA’s real years, but I think he could pull that off easily. Set in the early 19th century, I would call for a ban on breeches worn only with stockings… Riding boots compulsory at all times!

Rakes take off their cravats at any given moment…

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What do you think? Any other suggestions for audio characters that fit the Armitage bill?


12 thoughts on “The Fan A to Z – #E

    • No, his voice doesn’t – although I didn’t really think his voice was young enough for 36 yo whatsisname in ‘Wanderlust’ tje other day. But in this case I was talking about a film adaptation, so his looks are equally important as his voice…


    • Arks! I forgot about him entirely! He is definitely one of my favourite audio chaRActers! Mind you, the series has been filmed and Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred isn’t half bad either 😉


  1. I haven’t listened to most of RA’s vocal work, so I am choosing something I haven’t heard, going on instinct. My choice is Wolverine because it would help his career and lead to more roles in prominent productions. Kind of like what the role did for HJ. So I am choosing his podcast, even though I haven’t heard it. And realistically, he is probably too old to be offered the role, but I did not take reality into consideration.


    • I listened to it and he did really well. But somehow I am hesitant about that role. Maybe because Jackman made it iconic, and I wonder whether RA would come up against strong resistance – especially because he is a similar type as Jackman. (And I also have to admit that I am always hesitant about mass market roles/films. )


  2. Oooh, where do I start??! Like JennyS, I would love to have seen him as Uhtred, but having said that, I am really enjoying Alexander Dreymon in the role (eagerly waiting for S3 🙂 )
    Whenever I listen to Venetia, RA is Damerel in my head, but I also think he would make a wonderful Earl of Rule in The Convenient Marriage. Horatia is only seventeen in the book and Rule thirty-five, but I’m sure their ages could be fudged. After all, Horatia’s motives for asking the Earl to marry her and her behaviour to follow would still stand, and they form the basis of the story plot.
    I really hope that Their Lost Daughters is heading in the direction of a Jackman and Ellis series being brought to the screen. Is it wishful thinking that makes me feel that RA seems interested in the Jackman role? 😉

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    • I’m with you Mezz and always fancied him as Damerel. After listening to “Their Lost Daughters” I would really love to see him as Robin Jackman and I think Joy Ellis would agree too! She seemed fairly smitten by him in the interview as you’ll have seen – and who wouldn’t be? He’d be perfect in the role and I sure hope they end up making them into a series!! Although he didn’t voice Dawsey in TGL&PPP Society audiobook I was very disappointed they didn’t choose him for the movie. After listening to the audiobook I was very disappointed that the actor they chose to play him spoke with a very English accent and not like a Guernsey Islander in the least. 😦 I’m sure there are many other roles he could tackle on screen but just can’t come up with names at the moment!

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  3. I’m behind in my reading so I haven’t started Their Lost Daughters yet but I think the author would approve his portrayal. I still think he’d make a great Uhtred from Lords of the North. Still my favorite reading by Mr. A.


  4. Uther would be great or Heyer´s Earl of Rule in Convenient Marriage! Again I don´t suppose he´d like to do those, but perhaps Jekyll/Hide or Jackman (though have only listened to a part) would suit him better.


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