Fan Charity Auction: ‘Yay’ 👍🏻

Quick update on the question whether fans are interested in a charity auction on the occasion of RA’s birthday next month.

The populace has spoken. Well, or at least those who participated in the poll.

I take my cue from the poll: The birthday auctions are on for another year. Yay! Happy to facilitate it, especially as I have already received a number of offers for donations – some really nice and rare items among them. (We can discuss the particulars of the item donations BTS.) So there should be a nice collection of things available. But a few variables remain to be decided on.

Not variable. RA’s status as my favourite actor remains unchallenged. So this just serves as a lovely picture to keep you interested…

First and foremost: beneficiary of the fundraiser. I would propose LOROS, the Leicester-based hospice charity that RA had named in connection to his mum’s passing. A very personal cause, and a dear one for many of us who have dealt with bereavement in the past. However, I am open to other suggestions. Comment below.

Secondly: platform and duration of auction. The eBay auctions have worked pretty well in the past, I think, and are relatively uncomplicated for me to set up and for you to bid, so I’d propose we stay there. As for duration – default lengths for eBay auctions are 1, 3, 5 etc days. Three days is pretty long; but 1 day is too short and 2 days incurs extra fees, so 3 days it is. More to the point: When to start/end the auctions? For a ready result on the birthday itself, or any time? I’m undecided, but if you have an opinion, let me know in the comments.

Lastly: Just to reiterate here because it came up in the comments on the poll post – every fan is free to celebrate the birthday any way *they* like. Taking part, following or promoting the auctions are not an obligation. There are no fandom rules and no fandom rulers; this is just *one* attempt by an individual fan supported by other individual fans to mark the day. (And BTW, I neither keep tabs on who *does* and who *doesn’t* support this individual b’day project, nor would I take abstention personally. This has to be “fun”! And if it’s not your idea of fun, then that is absolutely fine with me, and I look forward to seeing how you do or don’t mark the day 😊. Oh, and I of course fully endorse any private donation activity via Richard’s JustGiving pages or elsewhere! )

Have I forgotten anything? Suggestions, offers, comments? If so, let me know. Otherwise I am looking forward to another birthday week with a bit of auction fun for a good cause. Oh, and guess what? Yeah, I am already busy…



29 thoughts on “Fan Charity Auction: ‘Yay’ 👍🏻

  1. nice 🙂 For it it’s also Loros this year, but open, not fussed. ebay only does those dates? Though it was 7 days.. How about starting a few days before and finishing on the bday? Again, whatever people think is best.. not sure what would attract more attention. Thinking from that pov maybe better actually to start on the day as more people will be interested/will pay attention?


    • 👍🏻noted.
      Actually, I think you are right, the default auction length is 7 days. (I vaguely remember that I had to pay extra for having the auction only run 3 days.) I really think 7 days is far too long. 3 days is on the long side, but still works, what with all the time zone problems in our international, multi-continent fandom.
      Interesting point re. starting ON the day because of attention factor. However, another POV is that it would be nice to have a result to publish by way of birthday present… Ok, thinking cap stays on…

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  2. Yay! Loros sounds perfect. Ebay is fine with me and I have no particular preference as to the number of days. However it might be nice for some lots to end at a time convenient for European bidders, and some convenient for American bidders… or if possible a convenient time for both! 🙂


    • The time zone issue is really important, especially as the majority of participants in the past took part from the US. So I need to find a time-frame that suits both Europe (i.e. me, for following up as soon as an auction finishes) and the US (for people to place bids). Maybe early evening (which might also allow people down-under to have a look = their morning)…


  3. Hooray! Loros is good choice and eBay worked well in the past. It would be nice to have the auction results on the birthday but really I’m ok with any ending date you choose. Can’t wait to see that shrine your working on 😊


    • I like the idea of having an auction result ready as a birthday pressie…
      Shrine is almost finished and will be shown as soon as the last bits and pieces have been fixed 🤐


  4. LOROS, great, my humble opinion, auction should end before Bday,announcement on Bday on how much to be donated.3days is fine for duration.


  5. LOROS is a good choice. Many UK hospices are charities and rely on donations. Another suggestion is Hospice UK, although that is less personal.
    Will there be the opportunity to donate to the cause even if you don’t wish to bid/bidding is out of price range please?
    Thank you for organising


    • Glad you agree with the suggestion, too.
      And yes, if there is demand for a donation button/opportunity to contribute via monetary donation, I’ll be happy to provide that again, too.


  6. I’m another one for LOROS, and maybe schedule the end of the auction in time for the amount raised to be donated on RA’s birthday.


  7. I wholeheartedly support the choice of LOROS. I lost my father to cancer in September 2017, and the hospice workers took such amazing care of him. He lived in another state and due to my having had major surgery on both of my knees just a couple of weeks before, I could not be with him. Relations with my stepmother are strained at the best of times, and those were not the best of times. She wouldn’t let me talk to him on the phone, nor did she even tell the care workers that he had a daughter. (My brother, his only other child, died 2 years earlier.) So without those incredibly compassionate carers, I would have had no way of knowing how my father was doing, nor had the chance to tell him, one last time, that I loved him. So when Richard wrote so movingly about how much the people at LOROS mean to his family, he was also speaking for me about “my” hospice workers.


    • That is a sad and very touching story, LL. Although I have also already lost my dad, I have not had any experience with hospice care yet, but I am in awe of the work that they do in hospices. Not only for the patients themselves, but also the relatives. That takes so much tact and strength – and love for fellow human beings. Hence I am more than happy to pledge our fundraising proceeds to such a cause.


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