2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #21

Sorry for the delay in posting; I had earmarked this morning for compiling the round-up, but then ended up helping out at the Dublin Workers Film Festival. I really should have tried to sneak in Urban and the Shed Crew into the programme… In any case, I definitely wanted to post a round-up this week because I will probably not be able to post next Saturday. I am heading off for a week to the Fazerland. Well, to Munich, to be exact. I haven’t been in the Bavarian capital for four years; I used to go on a regular basis, especially as two of my regular work clients are based there. But finally the time has come to go again, with daughter in tow. While Dublin weather has returned to its regular 18 to 20 C (a measly 64 to 68 F), I am actually looking forward to the summer heat in the Bavarian Prealps. Sorry, German readers! Anyway, so I won’t be posting next Saturday, but I will probably indulge in a bit of Armitaging courtesy of a meet-up with Munich-based Linda60.

That said, here is what you have come here for. This week’s goodies from tumblr:

  1. What is a “dorito-nose”, bird-with-pencil?
  2. Richard through the ages – and as a woman. Nopenotgoingthere tried out some photo filters. Baby-Richard is quite accurate, but Grandpa-Rich? *shudders* What do you think?
  3. The dark knight, head to toes, captured by riepu10
  4. I suspect I have seen this manip before, but anyway. Posted by jassy2101. *vroooom*
  5. A colourful sketch of Thorin by norloth
  6. Fully agreeing with nuvoleincielo’s assessment of O8
  7. Lego-martin is back with a hilarious Lego re-play of a confrontation between Thorin and Thranduil
  8. This is old stuff, but jaysis, this brought back that a tea ceremony can be sexy! Gifs posted by splashesdarling
  9. Jassy2101 again. Just because these pictures (and the face) are gorgeous!
  10. Thumbs up to this collection of pictures by armitageadmirer
  11. Have you ever thought of transposing TH from the shire to Victorian England? youwerealwaysmyking-dwalin helps you imagine
  12. Ties. Well, not *those* ties. A picture post by riepu10
  13. LOL – I haven’t seen that before! TH as a spy show. Convincingly edited by pherenikeh
  14. Meow indeed!!!! Daniel Miller gif, posted by raaddiction
  15. Guy and Robin in a heatwave, as seen by deepestfirefun
  16. What do you mean, geminiimagines, “imagine”???? There’s no hardship imagining *that*. Truth!!!! 
  17. And I am totally on board with what buildarocketboys says
  18. Oooh, a Guy fic. A one shot, it seems, and – controversial – with Marian. But I actually really liked the first half of it. After that you need to suspend your disbelief a bit, but then again, a bit of romance is very sweet… By geminiimagines, too

Hope you enjoy!

Have a nice weekend,

Guylty ❤️

PS: Managed to crop that gif. Love it. Hence you have to endure it again.


30 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #21

  1. What a way to start my morning! Lots of goodies and fun in this round-up. Thank you!

    May you and your daughter have a memorable trip. Will Funko Thorin go with you? I hope so! 😊


  2. I’ve been to Munich twice, one in August, a VERY WARM August and the year after in March. I loved it. The second time even our dog Kira went with us and she LOVED the very big park 🙂


  3. I agree totally w you on the fan fic story between Guy and Marian. My thoughts: the beginning
    had me at hello but then sputtered in the end. I love the tie pics, he can wear just about any suit even the pineapple tie looks great on him lucky Guy😛I also realize I suck at punctuation when writing comments just as much as he does tweeting but yay for exclamation points!
    Have a wonderful trip to Munich w your daughter!


  4. Almost every single time I’ve been in Munich it’s been astounding hot. All the more reason to frequent the biergarten 🙂

    Dorito-nose — with a nose like a Dorito, I assume? I totally had to laugh.


    • Every time I have been there in the summer, it has been really nice. And I am really looking forward to the heat now, since Ireland has cooled down to its regular 18C summer weather.
      Yes, the dorito nose really had me laugh out loud, too. Yum.


  5. Nice roundup. I cannot figure out how a dorito can look like a nose, or the other way around. Maybe because doritos are triangles, and RA’s nose is half a triangle in profile? I’ll go with that. And they have something else in common, both are delicious.


  6. Oooh, have a great break, Guylty. And thanks for a wonderful round-up. A slap on the wrist for me for imagining the wrong kind of ties in #12, though the ones on offer were delightful as well.
    Lots of Guy this time, lucky me. #s 16 & 17 — been there, done that. 💘

    The Guy shrine was superb, sorry for being late in saying so.

    Still in a RL rush,



    • RL rushes are good, Jenny – and the blog posts can wait 😉
      hehe, I *knew* the ties might be misinterpreted… *tuttuttut* fangirls… 😉
      Already checked in for Munich *yay*!


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