Announcement + Small Print – #2018RABirthdayAuctions

(Part of) the fandom is coming together again this year to celebrate Richard’s birthday with a charity fundraiser. For all of you who have previously not been part of the fun and suspense that it is our charity auction, here is the official small print on how the event works:

  • We are auctioning off fan items for a good cause and as a way of marking Richard’s birthday. The items on offer have been donated by fellow fans – many thanks to them for giving us the chance to generate a donation this way.
  • The auctions will start from 3pm (BST), Sunday 19th of August 2018. They will each run for 3 days, finishing on the afternoon of Wednesday, 22nd of August – in order to have a final donation number ready to publish on Richard’s birthday. Bidding is through eBay – which allows easy access and reliable processing of the bids. The fees will be covered by me.
  • Traditionally I have always also offered a custom-made shrine in the auctions. Since eBay is a bit tricky on made-to-order items, I am going to conduct the auction for a custom RAPS here on blog. Instructions for that to follow in a separate post.
  • The auctions will be staggered with a few minutes in between each auction – this is to give me time to activate the individual auctions and to process/add up the final bids on the last day in order to post our donation tally on Wednesday.
  • A post with descriptions of the items/sets will be published on Sunday here on my blog as soon as all auctions have been activated. I will provide links to the individual auctions for easy click-through. Alternatively you can also follow the auctions through my seller page on eBay.
  • Like in previous auctions, I will post updates with current bids over the duration of the auctions (most probably once every day). Highlights and milestones will probably also be communicated over on Twitter where you can find me as @GuyltyPleasure. Your participation via comments and tweets is much appreciated. Even if you can not or do not want to bid in the auctions, you can participate by spreading the word – or by simply watching the auctions unfold. Watch out for the hashtag #2018RABirthdayAuctions. I can say from experience that the fundraisers are actually FUNraisers!
  • The auctions are open to all, items are shipped anywhere in the world, free of charge.
  • Finally, just a reminder that the auctions are a charity fundraiser. This year, all proceeds will go to LOROS, a UK-based charity that provides hospice care in the Leicester area, and which is close to Richard’s heart as you all know. The final amount raised will be communicated here on blog, and I will notify you once the donation has been made through Mrs Armitage’s muchloved-page.
  • Since the auctions are a charity fundraiser, once an auction winner has been determined, the items are non-refundable. So please only bid if you are willing to pay!
  • Upon request, I will also reactivate the donation button here on my blog for those fans who would like to make a monetary contribution to the fundraiser via donation.

Not sure whether you want to take part? Well, here’s the teaser trailer… with a quick glimpse of *some* of the items on offer.

(Sorry for amateurish editing and pictures out of frame, but you get the drift…) Any further questions/suggestions, please ask or comment!

Hope to see you there 😉



31 thoughts on “Announcement + Small Print – #2018RABirthdayAuctions

  1. Ermehgerd! I’m so excited! I’ve been trying to save my pathetic amount of pennies. Every time I get tempted by some luxury (usually Zox), I think, wouldn’t I rather have something from the birthday auction…and it always works. Thank you a million times for doing all this. It looks like so much work!


    • Yay – good to hear (although I would hate to put a dampener on your Zox hobby ;-)). Hope we’ll have a fun three days with the fundraiser.
      As for the workload – it’s easier now because I have done it several times before and I can use my previous texts etc. as guidelines. Currently writing the descriptions for eBay and planning the accompanying blog post.


    • 🙂 I love that his birthday and the various activities planned by fans for that day, are bringing people together. The present is much more for ourselves than for him…


    • LOL – oooh, I love your reference to Porter!!! I think I am going to steal that and use it for the donation button announcement! I’ll definitely bring back the button! Thanks xx


  2. Great teaser video. Well done Guylty! This is going to be a really fun event thanks to your efforts. Btw your enthusiasm is contagious- I can’t wait! I hope the auction is a huge success.


    • Aw, thanks Donna!!! None of it would be possible if it weren’t for your support – with donations, with comments, with bidding. I’m looking forward to it already xx


  3. Ha, I am at the right time back from a wifi free area to look forward to this event. You are right, it is such a pleasure to take part, to make a donation for good reason and in my case, how egoistic, to try to get a birthday pressie, because it is my birthday, too. So thank you very much for all your work and kindness, you busy bee


    • Great. You deserve a birthday pressie – and I am honoured that you are planning to look for one among the auctions. They’ll activate some time later today.


  4. So over-excited I clicked on your seller page link immediately and was horrified that nothing was listed. Then I realized that it doesn’t start until Sunday. Very relieved. See you tomorrow.


    • Hehehe, hold your horses – it’s gonna take a while until it’s all online. I’ll post here on the blog once everything is activated. It might actually be in an hour’s time though – lots of clicking, copying/pasting required on eBay…


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