#2018RABirthdayAuctions – First Response

So, we are about seven hours into the RA Birthday Auctions, and I am already a wreck…

The first response to the auctions has been… GREAT! Unbelievable, really. I have been blown away by your response! No sooner had the auctions been posted, and the bids started coming in. Unfortunately I made a couple of (minor) mistakes in the listings – all that clicking and copying and pasting took its toll, so here are a few notes on revised info:

  1. Item 2 Sparkhouse DVD: The DVD is actually UNUSED, brandnew and still in its shrink wrap!
  2. Item 17 Tolkien Fan Set: This item ships WORLDWIDE. I apparently forgot to click international shipping.

So, just to reiterate: All items ship worldwide.

Before I head in for the night, here is a little update with a few stats.

  • First of all – the custom RAPS, which is auctioning via e-mail, is now at 65 Euro! Thank you!
  • We have also already received a donation via the Paypal donation button to the tune of 100 Euro! Amazing!
  • Currently at the highest bid: The Guy of Gisborne 2-in-1 shrine at 155.50 Euro. Yay!
  • A bidding war seems to be erupting over the NIFF magazine – 35 bids have been registered so far. Great stuff!
  • The highest number of views have been registered for the Macbeth theatre programme: Viewed 128 times so far. Hooray!

These are just a few stats – but the important number is: Adding up all current bids, including the custom RAPS, and the donation, we currently have a total of 874.81 Euro!!!!!!!! That converts into 1000.82 USD$!!!!!!!!!! Which means that we have already reached a major milestone in one currency! (British pounds equivalent: 784.99 ยฃ.)

I have been feeling a bit like Richard Armitage here. My phone has been pinging with every bid that was made, and it has been music to my ears.

Thank you!



37 thoughts on “#2018RABirthdayAuctions – First Response

  1. Well the Sir Guy 2 is already out of my range. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But I’m rooting y’all on. I’ll probably make a small donation after my mid-September paycheck. Life is tight right now (unexpected expenditure) and so it will have to wait. But I’m love watching the amounts go up!!!! If Richard knows about this, I think he’d be so pleased!

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    • It’s great to see such generous bidding – even if it may take the items out of our individual reach. But the aim is to get a nice donation together, so it’s all good. However, RL always takes precedence. Donations do not always have to be monetary; your support is appreciated, too.
      And lastly – yes, I would hope that he is pleased about the gift we are collectively preparing for him ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Well, I managed to miss the whole thing. I was checking the wrong page. But congratulations to you on an awesome fund raiser and to all the ladies who supported it in so many ways. RA has the nicest fans ever.


  4. Yay! Fantastic results right out of the gate. Congrats. Great to see you have moral support this time around with Linda there. Having a friend to share things with is always sweeter. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Yep, it’s really nice to be able to share it directly with someone from the fandom – although the conversation here and on Twitter are great, too. Extra excitement for Linda’s visit, too.


  5. I am still bidding for some items, but I guess they will soon go out of my reach. So I will make a donation instead. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And you guys, you are all incredible! โค


  6. What a lovely selection!! They are all really special and quite adorable, i have to say the historic stuff is reallly really tempting! Will keep an eye out but it’s certainly totally exciting! sorry for the slow response time, between a migraine and now a heavy cold my batteries seem to be really low.


    • Sorry to hear that. The whole stress this summer is taking its toll on your health. Look after yourself – and don’t worry about the auctions. You’ve done enough by giving up that much coveted, signed NIFF magazine.


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