The Fun Begins: #2018RABirthdayAuctions Now Live

Let’s start the celebrations! Richard’s birthday is coming up in a few days’s time, and as requested I am organising another round of the previously successful charity auctions. Richard once said about gifts “I do, however, wish to ask, (…) as I look at the small mountain of carefully chosen gifts purchased with those hard earned pennies; wracked with guilt when I think of the potential that your collective generosity could provide for those who have much less than I do; for you to pause and consider. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all your support and kind words, these are gifts enough!” (This quote comes from Richard’s Christmas message 2009 to his fans; you can read it in full on RAnet.) I think this request applies to birthday gifts, too, and I agree with him that our combined effort – monetary or support – can make a big difference for a good cause.

Just to remind you of our “collective power” – at the latest count, Richard’s JustGiving pages combined have generated more than USD$ 125,000!!! That is a stunning amount. Even here, through our previous fundraisers since 2014 on this blog, you have donated more than USD$8,200. And that is not counting all the individual donations that Armitage fans may have made to charities of their own choice, or which Ali from RAnet has continuously donated from the proceeds of her Amazon referral fees. You are an amazing group, fans and followers of Richard Armitage! So, what is best about a donation in lieu of a gift to Richard – a donation can still be meaningful as a present for us as fans if it is done because of or for Richard. And that’s not even taking account that an auction for charity is the best excuse to indulge in some items for our individual RAvotionalia collections 😉 Buying something, yet doing good at the same time. Win – win!

If you like the idea of a donation, you can donate to Richard’s charities through his fundraising pages on JustGiving, or you could specifically direct your donation to his latest cause, LOROS. If you prefer a collective collection, you could also take part in our fan item auctions on eBay and bid for one (or more) of the items on offer – and simultaneously give yourself a gift. 100% of the funds raised will go to charity, as we are offering all auctions free of postage/packaging charges.

This year the auctions have been timed to conclude on the afternoon (in my time zone) of Richard’s birthday – ready to announce a final donation sum as our collective birthday present. Starting today, you can bid on a number of fan items over on eBay. The current auctions have been made possible thanks to donations from fellow fans. The auction proceeds will benefit LOROS – hospice care for Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland.

LOROS has only recently come to our attention when Richard wrote a beautiful and touching text to honour his late mother. LOROS provides hospice care in Richard’s home county and as such it is a local charity that looks after terminally ill patients. The services and care are provided free of charge, both by professionals and by volunteers, and they benefit not only the patients but also their families who are dealing with the imminent loss of a loved one. The charity has to raise about USD$9 million every year, as only a quarter of their costs are covered by subsidies from the NHS (the national healthcare service in Britain). I am confident that this is not only a very worthy cause – but also a gift that will find Richard’s approval.

The auctions are hosted on eBay again, which has proved handy in widening the reach, making bidding more reliable, easy and more anonymous, and providing easy and secure financial transaction. You can find an overview over all listings on my eBay page HERE. For your convenience you will also find a picture, description and link to each individual auction in this post below. Click on the numbered headline to be transferred directly to the respective listing on eBay. I have grouped them in chronological order of auction start.

The auctions are now live!!!

1. One Macbeth programme (1999)

A really exciting collectors’ item: From Richard Armitage’s theatre past, this programme is from his time with the Royal Shakespeare Company when he played Angus in Macbeth. The programme contains Richard’s cast photo. It is unsigned, but in good condition.

Thank you to Donna for donating this coveted item!

This auction will end on 22 Aug, 2018 at 14:58:26 BST.

2. One DVD Sparkhouse

This is a DVD of the BBC drama Sparkhouse. It originally aired on BBC One from 1 to 8 September 2002. Written by Sally Wainwright, it is a modern take on Wuthering Heights. Richard plays John Standring, one of the best loved characters in RA’s oeuvre. (Edited for false info:) The DVD is unused, brandnew and still shrink-wrapped!

Note: The DVD is region 2, Europe! Thank you to Donna!

This auction will end on 22 Aug, 2018 15:05 BST.

3. One 42nd Street programme (1990/1)

Possibly one of the earliest possible fan items: An unsigned theatre programme of 42nd Street with a cast note containing a picture and short bio of Richard Armitage as a member of the ensemble. The programme is unsigned, used but in good condition and comes from Donna’s collection.

This auction will end on 22 Aug, 2018 15:07 BST

4. One signed Crucible programme (2014)

One of his most acclaimed roles, Richard starred as John Proctor in The Crucible at the Old Vic, London in 2014. Go back to ‘The Summer of Love’ with this fantastic collector’s item: This is an original Crucible theatre programme with a genuine signature by Richard Armitage. The signature reads “R Armitage” and was obtained at the stage door of the play. There is faint rain damage on the cover, but the signature is clearly readable.

This item has been donated by Kelly.

This auction will end on 22 Aug, 2018 15:09 BST

5. One film poster for Urban and the Shed Crew (2018)

Following the premiere of gritty social drama Urban and the Shed Crew in Leeds in 2015, the film was shown again in spring 2018 at Newcastle International Film Festival. In the run-up to the festival screening, producer/director Candida Brady offered a limited edition of UATSC movie posters for sale as a fundraiser. Priced £50, the posters are a coveted piece of fan memorabilia. This poster was obtained by mail order/donation and is unsigned but in mint condition (never been displayed). Dimensions are 70 x 100cm.

Thank you to FantasticRCA for this donation!

This auction will end on 22 Aug, 2018 15:11 BST

6. One DVD BBC’s Robin Hood, Season 1 (2006)

A fan item for all lovers of Richard’s Guy of Gisborne, here is the mullet in all its unabridged glory: This is a DVD of the BBC’s 2006 season 1 of Robin Hood. It’s a region 2 (Europe) DVD, so bidders need to be aware that their DVD player needs to be compatible! The cover notes are in Dutch but the DVD is English language. The DVD is used and in good condition.

Thank you to FantasticRCA!

This auction ends on 22 Aug, 2018 15:16:20 BST

7. One Guy of Gisborne wooden jewelry box

Who would be better to look after your jewelry or coveted trinkets than the possessive knight himself? A hand-made fan item, this is a square, wooden box that has been decoupaged with a picture of Guy of Gisborne, intensely frightening away any ruffians. Unused and hand-made!Dimensions: 10x10x5 cm. The top and sides are varnished; inside is lined with soft magenta-colored fabric.

This item was made and donated by Ania.

This auction ends on 22 Aug, 2018 15:18:09 BST

8. One Thorin wooden jewelry box

Thorin likes his jewelry – does he keep it in a box like this? This wooden box has been decoupaged with a picture of Thorin. It is white on the outside with a metal closure. Dimensions: 14x9x4.5-5.5 cm (4.5 in the lowest place, 5.5 cm in the highest place). The lid is varnished, sides are painted white. Inside lined with felt (colour: ecru).

Thank you to Ania!

This auction ends on 22 Aug, 2018 15:19:55 BST

9. One RA bracelet

Here’s something to put into one of those RA jewelry boxes: This is a one-of-a-kind piece of fan jewelry. Spelling “dReAm”, the bracelet is hand-made from wire, metal and plastic beads and a macramee strap, fastened with a black carabiner closure. The length of the bracelet will be customised to the future owner’s specifications. Hand-made and unused.

Thank you to Dorothea for the donation!

This auction ends on 22 Aug, 2018 15:21:23 BST

10. One Rowan Jackman RAPS

He may only exist as spoken word yet, but there is no doubt that Richard would make a fantastic Detective Rowan Jackman from Joy Ellis’ Their Lost Daughters. Here he is in a pocket shrine. See more of this RAPS here.

This is a hand-crafted piece of fan art, one-of-a-kind, contained in a metal mint tin, dimensions approx. 7 x 9 cm. The diorama of Rowan Jackman is a mixed media collage and comes with miniature candles and holders.

This auction ends on 22 Aug, 2018 15:22:47 BST

11. One Daddy Cahalan pocket shrine

This mini pocket shrine would not only look good at the bed side: Contained in a mini mint tin, this is a piece of fan art depicting Tom Cahalan from Brain on Fire. Measuring approx 5 x 4cm, the pocket shrine contains a hand-cut, 3D mixed media collage.

See more of this RAPS here.

This auction ends on 22 Aug, 2018 15:24:10 BST

12. One Claude Becker and RLRA pocket shrine

Calling all dog lovers! Claude Becker, baddie from Ocean’s 8, may be a bit of weasel, but his redeeming feature is that he likes dogs. As does a certain other man. This is a hand-crafted piece mixed-media collage contained in a metal mint tin, dimensions approx. 7 x 9 cm. Comes with a candle holder and miniature candle. Woof!

See more of this RAPS here.

This auction ends on 22 Aug, 2018 15:26:41 BST

13. One Guy of Gisborne pocket shrine 2-in-1

Your chance to get two pocket shrines in one – because every day needs a knight, and every night needs a Guy… Covering all eventualities, this piece of fan art consists of one 7 x 9 cm pocket shrine with a hand-made mixed-media collage. The larger tin contains a smaller, detachable 4 x 6 cm tin which is also a pocket shrine with diorama contents of its own. Hand-crafted and unique.

See more of this RAPS here.

This auction will end on 22 Aug, 2018 15:28:35 BST

14. One Love Love Love fan set

Taking you back to 2016 and Richard’s run as Kenneth in Love Love Love at the Roundabout Theatre in New York, we bring you a set of fan items consisting of a signed playbill and a coffee mug with the LLL logo design. The playbill features a genuine autograph by Richard Armitage, signed “R Armitage”. The signature was obtained at the stage door of the Roundabout Theater, New York, on a genuine Playbill theatre programme, signed on the cover with black Sharpie. The mug is unused and in excellent condition.

These items were donated by fellow fan Daphne.

This auction will end on 22 Aug, 2018 15:29:57 BST

15. One Love Love Love poster

This is an original LLL poster advertising the Roundabout Theatre production of the 2016 play, bought at the theatre. The poster is unmounted and unframed and in pristine condition – but contains the signature of Richard’s fellow cast member Ben Rosenfield.

Thank you to Daphne!

This auction ends on 22 Aug, 2018 15:33:48 BST

16. One signed NIFF programme

Attending the 2018 re-screening of UATSC in Newcastle, Richard signed this film festival programme for fellow fan Hariclea who has donated the programme for our auctions. The programme is unused and in excellent condition and features a long article about Richard. Besides Richard’s signature it also contains the autographs of Candida Brady and Fraser Kelly.

Thank you, Hariclea!

This auction ends on 22 Aug, 2018 15:35:21 BST

17. One Tolkien fan set

Richard is known to be a Tolkien fan – and for those among you who are also entranced by the works of Tolkien, here is a fan set for ears and arms: The set contains a CD of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack for Fellowship of the Ring. The real star, however, is a beautiful Zox strap called ”Afterglow” that is not only beautiful, but comes with the customary Zox card that features a quote by Tolkien: “May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.” For those of you who are not familiar with Zox – Zox straps are colourful elastic bracelets that are produced in limited editions. They are *highly* collectible with a whole community of fans.

This Zox strap has been donated by LL.

This auction ends on 22 Aug, 2018 15:37:02 BST

18. One custom RA pocket shrine

Finally, a custom-made RAPS. This is a mixed media piece of fan art, contained in a mint tin, dimensions to be determined. It includes two mini candles and holders. For inspiration, check the Guylty Shrines gallery.

This item is *not* auctioned off on eBay but by e-mail. Bids can be placed by e-mail to me, Guylty. This is the procedure:

  1. Send an e-mail with your bid to, subject line “Bid for Custom RAPS”.
  2. To make things easier for me, please convert your bid to Euros, since the donations will be transferred in that currency. A handy converter is here.
  3. You will receive confirmation from me that I have received your bid (in case of delay, please bear in mind possible time-difference)
  4. I will update you on the bids on the blog and on my Twitter.
  5. Please subscribe to the comments of this post in order to get notification of bid updates.
  6. You may raise your bid, but please only bid if you really are prepared to win the auction (and pay).
  7. Bidding is open from now until Wednesday, 22 Aug, 2018, 15.30 BST.
  8. The auction winner will be notified by e-mail.

The customary small print:

All my auctions – on eBay and via e-mail – are private and non-commercial, a fundraiser for charity. I will try and update you on the progress of the auctions as we go along. Items go to the highest bidders, upon payment. Since these are all fundraising items, we are charging no postage fees. The items will be carefully packaged and sent by registered mail anywhere in the world. In some cases, the items will be despatched directly from the donor and not me. (Edit: Deleted false info re. Tolkien set here. Apologies) The buyers will receive a tracking number to track the progress of their parcel. No returns possible, I am afraid, as this is a charity project. The final sum of the proceeds will be posted here on blog, and I will notify you via blog when the donation has been made.

All proceeds of these auctions will go to LOROS via muchloved. If you do not wish to bid on an item but would like to contribute with a donation, there is a Paypal powered donation button here on my blog for easy transfer of funds. All donations given via the Paypal button will also go into the final donation! You find the donate button at the top of the side bar (see picture right).

So please check out the auctions! Bidding is open for all, anywhere in the world – electronically on eBay, and via e-mail for the custom RAPS.

Thank you for generously bidding for a good cause as a great birthday present!


49 thoughts on “The Fun Begins: #2018RABirthdayAuctions Now Live

  1. The ”war” has started lol. Great stuff!
    I know i said I would send you the email, but had something else in my mind and simply forgot. XD


  2. What a treasure trove. My tiny mind is absolutely swimming and I don’t know what to bid on first. I’ll probably never get close enough to Himself to get a autograph so those items are incredibly tempting but the RAPS you’ve put up are to die for. And that dReAm bracelet! So…much..goodness!

    I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again and again: thank you so much for your work on this wonderful auction, dear Guylty. You have truly gone above and beyond. If I ever do get a chance for a chat with RA, you’d best believe that I will be mentioning your incredible efforts on behalf of his charities. We may be a lucky community to have him, but he’s lucky to have you in his corner, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Really glad you like the items, LL. I am delighted that we have a spread of fan items and fan art on offer, and that there is already so much interest.
      And thank you for your kind words, but the credit goes to all the generous donors, yourself included, and the bidders and buyers in the auctions, and everyone who is supporting the project with comments and tweets and blog posts. It wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for everyone else out there. So no need to mention me to RA – there are plenty of people out there who are consistently donating and giving money.


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  4. It may be just because I’m looking at this on my phone instead of laptop but I’m not seeing the closing date on the bidding for the custom RAPS. Would it make sense for that to be the last item to close, please? That way, *if* (haha) we haven’t won anything else, we can recalculate available funds?


  5. Peaceful for all the lovely people bidding maybe, but not for EBay. I have just had a tense conversation with them as they arbitrarily decided I had exceeded my ‘buying limit’ (and won’t tell me what it is!!!!!) I explained very graciously that IT IS AN AUCTION, any so-called spends so far are theoretical and are underwritten by PayPal and how do they know what I have got in my bank account anyway?

    And breathe. Out with the hate, in with the love.

    Lovely items, great cause and marking a happy day for a perfect gentleman. 🙂


    • Oh no!!! What the hell???? To tell you the truth, I have had similar issues in the past – with Paypal. I hope it clears up for you – it may mean that they want you to link a credit card or account to your Paypal.
      Otherwise: Great start to the auctions. Fantastic items in there, donated by lovely people. I really need to get some updates out already.


      • Sorry to bitch, think it is sorted now, but I am shocked at how competitive I am feeling! Thank you so much for organising this, and to all the people donating the lovely items xx


        • You weren’t bitching – you were just rightfully complaining about weird company practices. But yep, those auctions can become quite competitive and addictive.


  6. This is an amazing collection of memoRAbilia! Thank you for doing this and thanks to all those who donated items. I really covet the Guy shrine, but from past auction experience, I’m sure it will go for more than my limit. Good for the cause! And of course that won’t stop me from bidding! On to the bids…

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Reblogged this on nellindreams and commented:
    Guylty feiert wie jedes Jahr Richard Armitages bevorstehenden Geburtstag mit einer Reihe von Auktionen unterschiedlichster Devotionalien zugunsten diverser Charities, die “der Meister” unterstützt. Auf ein fröhliches Bieten also!


  8. Well I’m in trouble. I see 8 items I want to bid on at a time when I’m trying to pay off new windows on the front of my house and the week I just spent in Philadelphia at All Souls Con (A Discovery of WItches fan convention, the role of Matthew Clairmont in the new Sky One TV series should’ve been Richard’s. We saw the first episode and Matthew Goode does a good job but RA will always be Matthew to me.) Oh well. It’s only money.


    • Oh, that sounds like a tricky time, indeed. I’m torn between saying that RL comes first – and arguing in favour of a good cause. Sure, it’s only money… but hard-earned and much needed, too. I appreciate any support, though. Thanks + hugs!


    • Yes, getting up was really no hardship this morning – I couldn’t wait to get up and see what had developed overnight. I’ll write a little update later, once I have finished my work commitments this morning.
      (And thanks for your RTs btw!)

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Wow! My head is spinning, I no sooner caught up with what’s on offer and it’s a bidding frenzy! Once again, thank you for organizing the auction S. and to those who have donated such wonderful items. ❤️


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