Landmark 1 – Morning 1 of #2018RABirthdayAuctions

Part of the fun of our charity fundraiser is actually following the progress of the individual auctions. Last year I brought you the milestones of the auctions.

This year, there will be a landmark series – to acknowledge the various notable points along the way of our auctions. The pinging on my phone has gone on through the night, and this morning, at precisely 9.29am, we reached a major landmark.

Why the scowl, Lucas? We can be really happy!

Because with new bids coming in over night and during the morning, as well as more donations, we have reach the first big landmark. While the preliminary total had reached 1,000 USD$ last night, we now have also conquered that particular threshold in Euro! As of 9.29am, the total is 1,001.03 EUR. (Converts to 1141.69 USD$/896.51£)

The latest bids have been for

There are a number of other reasonably affordable items in the auctions. Check out the

Your chance to donate and get something in return (apart from the satisfaction of donating 😉)

Fabulous auction action so far! Many thanks to the bidders as well as the donors who have sent money via Paypal!



21 thoughts on “Landmark 1 – Morning 1 of #2018RABirthdayAuctions

  1. Yippee! Glad to hear that it’s going so well. I’m sure that the wonderful folks at LOROS are going to appreciate the final total. I get choked up when I think of our contributions eventually helping forlorn families be able to have the skilled, compassionate care that their loved ones need and deseve.


    • That is the most gratifying part of such fundraisers – we can be pretty sure that we will make a difference with our donation. Especially in the case of a local charity. I am in awe of all the kind donations and bids and other forms of support that have been shown already. This fandom rocks!


      • Wowza! The Guy RAPS is going through the roof. Not surprising considering the subject but still. It’s your talent that makes it come to life! Fingers crossed for the two things I’m bidding on but really, it’s just a delight to be part of such a wonderful community.


        • I’m flabberghasted here, LL. I mean, the auctions are not an ego exercise, but of course I am thrilled that the little shrines are receiving such attention. I am more than happy to put them in the service of a fundraiser. It’s all down to the community here. Very very generous ladies here, and I mean both the generous bids and the attention and support they are generously providing.


  2. Guylty such great news and since it is early here on the East Coast of the U.S. I would like to add as an aside those pics above are sensational with my winner as Lucas North (the arrow at his um milestone is perfect for a Monday morning) and of course Guy. Thank you for those pics and of course all your efforts and hard work with this auction and everyone who bid and donates. I am beyond impressed as a Newbie Richard fan.


    • *hehehe* – yeah, those 2017 milestones were really quite fun, especially the Lucas North milestones… (BTW, in my on-going mission to ‘educate’ you on past fandom fun, and in case you haven’t read through there yet: many moons ago I used to write silly little ficlets to accompany some of RA’s photos. You should read the one that goes with that particular photo. Totally ridiculously silly, but I think it got a good few laughs: You can find it at the end of one of my photo analyses on me+r here:

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      • I just love the piece you wrote! 3 things jumped out at me:1. “his tight little butt in a studio somewhere,” 2. “Like a little bug that has been turned on its back ” and 3. preciousssss. Just made my day!! The little ficlet was super sweet too!!


          • Yep, I like the technical breakdown mixed with your color commentary. I just thought those three tidbits were so sweet and funny and just morphed perfectly with Lucas um Richard sprawled on the ground having someone throw him “muddy’ stones/rocks as he posed um “acted”. You should write more of that.


            • I used to write one analysis every week, and I always loved it. Then came a long period of no new professional photo material of RA, and I let it slip. Haven’t written one of those for a long time now even though we have had the gorgeous photos by Dan Kennedy for the *Lost Daughters* promo… One of these days I will get back into it.


    • It really is – I think that is the cool part of it all. Even if one can’t or doesn’t want to bid on anything, it is just great to watch the bidding. Especially knowing that it will benefit a great cause.

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