Landmark 2 – Before Bedtime #2018RABirthdayAuctions

The customary good night post with a last update before I head to bed.

Those of you who are following the auctions on Twitter, too, have already seen the 2nd landmark reached earlier on. Here it is:

Yes, that smirk is appropriate!

Over the course of the day, the bids have moved further, and some time this evening our current bid and donation total crossed the 1,000 £ (Pounds!) threshold. The latest total is *drumroll* – 1170.22 EUR or 1344.59 $ or 1050.70 £. Yes, I am totally clutching at straws for these landmark posts, but anything to keep you all informed.

So here are the notable stats of the day:

  • The custom shrine has received a few more bids and is currently at 65 Euro. (Bidding for the custom shrine via e-mail to
  • The coveted Macbeth theatre programme continues to have the highest number of views, having been viewed 236 times. Highest bid is currently 32 EUR.
  • The highest number of bids has been received by the signed NIFF magazine: 38 bids have been registered so far; the mag is currently at 51.75 EUR.
  • The Love Love Love fan set has attracted most watchers: 7. The highest bid is currently 33 EUR.
  • The highest bid total has been reached by the 2-in-1 shrine with Sir Guy *sigh* with 204.03 EUR.

Many thanks to all viewers, watchers, bidders and donors out there. I am beginning to react to the buzzing and dinging of my phone (whenever a notification comes in) like Pavlov’s dog. Ok, I don’t actually drool, but I am getting a jolt of adrenaline. It’s definitely like a high!

We are almost half way through the Birthday Auctions at this point. I am delighted that we have a number of hand-made items on our list. For instance…

So cool! I am going to bed with a massive smile on my face already.



7 thoughts on “Landmark 2 – Before Bedtime #2018RABirthdayAuctions

  1. So happy that your phone had been pinging all day and night!! Wonderful dreams and l look forward to your next update👍👏😃


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