Last 24 Hours of #2018RABirthdayAuctions Are On

How was that for a day of peace? I deliberately kept quiet today rather than overload you with new developments. Besides, day 2 in the auctions usually tends to be slow – after the big excitement of the newly launched auctions a day prior, as well as the coming frenzy of auctions ending the following day. There were a few new bids today, as well as more donations coming in. Many thanks to you all! However, I couldn’t identify any new landmarks. You’ll have to make do with this for today’s illustration:

When all else fails, replace landmark with pretty


So, we are now in the last 19 hours of the auctions. 289 bids have been placed so far – and I would love it if there were a a few more over the next few hours, The major landmark of reaching four-figure numbers in all three currencies was already met yesterday, so I feel rather immodest pushing for more, but maybe we can take it even further. My dream would be to get to 1,500 EUR – but that is actually an ambitious goal – we need roughly 215 EUR more… If you feel competitive, here are the previous years’ results: Last year we donated 1,650 EUR. In 2016 we donated 1512 EUR.

There are a few reasonably priced items still available in the auctions. I am aware that many people are planning individual extra donations anyway, and I do not want to create any pressure for you to overstretch your budgets, but if you haven’t decided on an individual donation yet, please do consider the auctions. For instance, an 11 EUR bid could get you

Invest a bit more and 30 EUR might get you

For the mid-range budget, there are still a few items that are currently around the 30 EUR mark, so upping them by 5 EUR could get you

As a little motivation, here is my offer: I am going to raffle a proper RAPS among all those bidders (regardless of whether they will eventually win or not) whose bids are received tomorrow, 22nd Aug, until the auctions finish. (The bidding times are recorded and visible for the auction owner on eBay, so I can gather the necessary data for such a raffle.) That also includes the e-mail auction for the custom RAPS.

After all pep talk, I have to say, though: I am really, really impressed and very happy with the auctions already. Wherever we will end up with the final result, I think it is safe to say that our donation will be a great gift. Both for the charity in question – and the birthday boy.

And an EDIT just after posting: The custom RAPS is now at 75 EUR. Bids by e-mail to



8 thoughts on “Last 24 Hours of #2018RABirthdayAuctions Are On

  1. I’ve never seen that photo of RA before. Pretty, indeed! Here’s hoping for a few more bids on everything. It’s all so exciting!


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