#2018RABirthdayAuctions – Donation Transferred

Here are the news you have been waiting for:

Screenshot from much-loved. Click image to go to site.

As you can see from the screenshot above, I have just transferred the money raised in our birthday auctions to the tribute site at much-loved where you can see our message displayed if you scroll down below the tribute text. As shown, the total came to 2,092.81 £ – or 2,303.16 EUR. The already impressive total fundraiser through the tribute page for Mrs Armitage has been pushed by our donation from 14,167.21 £ to now 16,260.02 £. I am sure that friends and family of the Armitages have contributed to the much-loved fundraiser, but a large part – not only our auction proceeds – has come from fans. That feels very good – as a sign of appreciation of Richard, and – by extension – of his family. Well done to everyone, individual donors and auction supporters alike. 

We have received an automated message of thanks which hopefully will also serve as proof of the donation for you (my name blacked out for privacy):


Putting the administration to bed, here’s a look at the final books:

The auctions accrued Ebay and Paypal costs of

These fees are balanced out by specific contributions to the administrative costs of the auctions from some donors to the tune of 190.35 EUR. Many thanks to you for contributing to the fees, much appreciated!

I am rarely proud of anything, but in this case I *am* touched and elated at the display of compassion and generosity in the money you have raised. Once again – my thanks to everyone who supported the fundraiser in any way, monetary or not. You have done a great thing, and I am sure LOROS is going to put your donation to great use!


35 thoughts on “#2018RABirthdayAuctions – Donation Transferred

    • Just an aside I finally clicked on the image and was directed to the memorial site and spent like 40 minutes just staring at the pics of his mum posted and smiled bec she looked happy not terminally ill and I wondered how he and his dad and his brother and family must have felt looking at those pics or taking the ones at LOROS. It puts a lot of things into perspective and
      makes me appreciate and love my dad and mum that much more if that makes any sense. Again big hugs and balloons to you for all your hard work and dedication to the auction. You are a true gem!!


      • Yes, sad losses like that always remind us of how precious it is to have our own parent(s) still around. Or brings back the sadness of having lost a parent. I still feel pangs of grief when I look at my late dad’s picture – it takes time until the happy memories replace the feeling of loss. But I can say from my own experience that the outpouring of sympathy – as reflected in a collection for a charity donation – makes a difference for the bereaved. When my own dad died four years ago, the fandom got together and collected a massive donation for a cause close to my dad’s heart, and when the donation was brought to my attention, I literally could feel the sympathy and love of my fandom friends. I hope that it is similar effect for Richard and his family.

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    • That is a wonderful way of describing it, Donna – a collective hug. I agree and I hope that any donation (whether through our scheme or individually) has felt like that for the family.


  1. This will come across as such a meaningful gesture, and such a boost to the appeal. Many congratulations to everyone involved, — to Guylty for her time and trouble in organising it all so well, plus all the generous bidders and donors. Your’e a whole galaxy of stars.

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  3. Sitting here with a grin on my face knowing I contributed to that figure. It makes one proud.
    Thank you for organizing another wonderful successful auction. Hope you are living a fabulously happy life.


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