RA Pocket Shrine 166/? – Guy 2.0

A week has passed since the devastating news that the Guy 2-in-1 RAPS got lost in transit. Since then, I have been busy recreating the shrine – after all it had been bought at auction and considering the rather impressive price it fetched, it had to be replaced with something similar if not identical. It turned out that I wasn’t able to recreate the shrine in all its details. Some items simply were not found in my stash of little decorations anymore. But you’ll be pleased to know that the most essential ingredient of the shrine – the handcuffs – made a comeback. Without further ado I present you Guy 2.0.

I was relieved that I still had one of those smaller tins. They are actually not mint tins but much thinner – they originally contained needles for syringes!!!

While the general set-up of the diorama in the bigger RAPS remained the same, I did not have another metal castle in my stash. So instead, in Guy 2.0 we see a golden castle shimmering in the background – the castle and lands of Guy’s dream? Or the sun rising on the horizon?

The bottom part of the shrine remains essentially the same – it’s quite plain but that is because it is usually covered by the smaller tin that is attached to it via magnets.

And so, if we open shrine 2, we still have all the tools that a (k)night needs. I have added a little magnetic letter K in front of the word “night” – I liked the pun, but the shrine owner can decide whether she likes it or not and remove it if wanted.

As previously, a sultry-looking Guy has bedded down for the night:

Who knew that dark knights like flowery and polka-dotted bed linen??

The cover can still be lifted.

*coughs* I know, it’s hard *not* to touch…

I hope I have recreated the shrine well enough. Here’s a side-by-side comparison (click image to enlarge):

Guy 2.0 will go in the post today, properly packed and sealed in an envelope, registered and tracked. I am crossing my fingers that it will make it to its destination unharmed and undamaged, and finally rest in its new owner’s hands. She has been so patient and nice about this terrible snafus, she deserves some extra love…

PS: In case you are wondering why it took me a whole week to create the replacement shrine – I was concurrently working on eight further mini RAPSes… Sneak peek:

Coming soon…


35 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 166/? – Guy 2.0

  1. Yes I second that K pun as well as add:
    1. The background on the 2.0 is more prominent and the castle is more lit up and blingy
    2. The addition of the name GUY with the golden arrow is brilliant
    3.Double hearts added is a nice touch ie extra love and handling
    4. The addition of the rose bushes on 2.0 is very romantic

    Well done!


    • Thanks for the thorough review, Michele!
      1. Yep, the gold castle is definitely more prominent.
      2. I forgot to include a picture of the front of the smaller tin, but the original also had GUY printed on it, so that’s more or less the same.
      3. There can never be too many love hearts in a RAPS 😉
      4. The rose bushes replaced the Irish moss in the original shrine. I like the little bits of colour, too.

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  2. Oh, this is a triumph, and such good news for the winner of the original shrine. Great work, Guylty. I love the dual meaning of the shining castle on the hill — one day the sun will come up on his life and he’ll have the castle of his dreams. 💝

    And more fancy bedlinen too. Maybe ones with dinosaurs this time. And some more comfortable pyjamas as well. The black leather is a great look, but a tad sweaty in warm weather I should think.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Jenny – although triumph may be a bit strong. I just hope that it will be enough for the rightful owner of the shrine. You have totally hit the meaning of the golden castle/sun!
      LOL on bedlinen with dinosaurs… and pyjamas. He really needs to loosen up a bit, especially in bed.


  3. Guylty, I couldn’t be more delighted with how this turned out. You are a creative wizard! The changes are subtle yet clever and still in keeping with the cheeky humor of the original. *notes heart hand on Gisborne precious gems, lol* Also, the addition of the K to night is a sweet little extra pun. The blingy golden castle in the sunburst is just the stuff of Sir Guy’s lofty fantasies and the roses- well, they speak of beautiful to look at but beware the thorns. I am really so fortunate and grateful you had enough in your stash to make this fabulous replacement. Thank you 😘❤️

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    • Phew – it means a lot to me that this replacement shrine finds your approval, D! I would’ve preferred to make an exact copy – so that you would get what you paid for. But since I was missing some of the ingredients, I had to be creative with what I had.
      Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. The good news is: The package is in the post as of this afternoon. I taped it up extra strong and sent it with registered post again. Will let you know the tracking number by e-mail!


  4. Fantastic recreation, and if anything even better than the original! Great work – it’s always slightly soul-destroying to have to recreate a piece of art but you’ve done it in spades! 😊


    • Have you ever had to do that, Helen, in your line of creative work? Once I started working on it, it was ok, but I have to admit that I really felt a lot of resistance to tackling the same scene once again. Of course I had to persist, and I am glad I did, but I hope I don’t have to do so again…


  5. Good job of rebuilding! Your creative imagination is overflowing.
    If I could offer such boxes of pills, my customers would better face the coming winter and their fluctuating states of minds in front of the general mood of this fall.

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