2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #24

It’s Saturday on Guylty.net, that means a new edition of the weekly round-up is coming at you. Writing the weekly compilation post, I always struggle to find a little intro. I just don’t like jumping straight in without a little bit of text to fill up the blog space beforehand. It struck me, that the regular Saturday post is actually the perfect spot for a little “the week in review” feature. Not that that much happened in the world of Guylty the Fangirl this last week. Mr A has been very quiet, apart from a little promo tweet pointing out that the Wolverine podcast is now available for free on Spotify. So not that much to comment on there. The two new images courtesy of photographer Chris Sanders (not Audible, as falsely attributed by me in my post from Thursday) were the definite high point, though. – Off the internet, I have been busy shrining. The replacement shrine for Donna is in the mail, hopefully this time reaching the recipient safe and sound. I double-checked that my package was wrapped tightly and securely. Fingers crossed. And then there was my super-secret extra project that saw its completion at the beginning of the week, too. Unfortunately I can’t reveal it yet. But it involved a lot of pink fluffy feathers, Namib desert sand, flowers, tinsel and assorted bits and pieces… Can’t wait to reveal it, actually.

Right, that intro is now long enough. I give you what you have come here for. The Weekly Round-up #24

Sorry guys, but last week’s header was a one-off… too hot!

  1. With the free access to the Wolverine podcast came a few media posts. I am not really sure whether the footage in the video accompanying some of the Wolverine reports is new. The scenes look familiar to me. But I am not going to pass up on an occasion to link to mezzmerizedbyrichard’s gif of a smiling RA
  2. I have absolutely no idea what this picture represents or relates to, but I am happy about any kind of fan art. Posted by maivolchica
  3. I don’t know about you, but if I didn’t know about the context of these gifs from Sleepwalker, I’d find this scene a bit creepy… giffed by riepu10
  4. Justmefawning has giffed the final fight scene from Pilgrimage. Intense
  5. And another one of the same by justmefawning, because the whole misty shrubbery feel makes for aesthetic cinematography
  6. I totally love this idea. Baby!Raymond. LOL, not something I would’ve ever thought of, but very nice. By armitageadoration
  7. A set of interesting edits by vankasrc. I have no idea where the words (lyrics?) come from, but I liked what she did
  8. Having seen Ocean’s 8 only once in the cinema, I am really grateful to riepu10 for giffing some of the scenes. Here is the flashback of Claude reeling Debbie in. Glad to be able to peruse this in detail via the gifs! Thanks!
  9. Who wore that Red Dragon tattoo better? Comparison provided by justscreenshots. The answer is pretty clear to me (even if the butt is deplorably pixellated)
  10. Totally with Kate R Hill (on Twitter) on that question
  11. “I don’t really remember where my hands were!” ROFL – now, that is a text line that could lead to a thousand memes. Claude Becker, giffed by armitaken
  12. This is definitely worth a reblog – not least for the comments. A text post by charlesanthonybruno
  13. Guy girl Guylty definitely loves this edit of Gisborne by riepu10
  14. Thorin in a flower crown always goes. Fan art by kittybubblegalaxy
  15. This little comic is really funny. Baby!Thorin? By doublecrudcomics
  16. A (false) Thorin quote by falsehobbitquotes
  17. And finishing up on this little surprising tidbit spotted by thefantasticfangirlingfeminist

Keep smiling, everyone!

Guylty ❤️


17 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #24

  1. So my fav is item #7 bec he just looks so hot and sexy in those pics ( I don’t know which song the lyrics are from either) and he’s w his beard. I just watched the Digital Theatre download of The Crucible and it was phenomenal! The pics in #7!remind me of him as Proctor. Baby Thorin one is very cute and funny. Item #2 look at the hashtags not touching that!
    I like your intro too very clever and smart word usuage. You are a queen of puns fureva!!
    P.S. the Guy gifs are just the best!!!


    • Grah, that beard… ruins all the pics. (just kidding – no, the pics are great. there is something visceral about them.)
      Isn’t The Crucible fantastic? It was an amazing experience watching that performed live on stage. I saw it three times, and every time I was crying with frustration and sadness at the end. (OK, and I was also drooling a bit at that washing scene in the middle *blushes*)
      Guy gifs are always good, aren’t they?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Even on the computer just his stage presence was powerful! I so wanted to stream it again w the 2 day pass I have a horrible sinus headache today and emotionally I can’t handle it again feeling like this. I ended up watching O8 again w Claude and Daphne who are really cute together. I’m so happy for you that you could see Richard 3 times in London! Lucky 🍀😊


        • Yeah, he did have presence, no doubt. (Mind you, I found some of his cast mates even better than him *blasphemes*…)
          The play is definitely not ‘easy watching’. I have to confess that I haven’t gone back to watching it since then. I found it just to harrowing. My go-to visuals are Guy or the train station scene in NS.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Well I like his wife Elizabeth actually like when his hands went to touch he in Act 2 and she slides them out of reach! I thought that’s terrific! I felt lousy yesterday and my 2 day pass expired last night so maybe it was for the best. Those 2 Guy and train station kiss a thon are my two favs as well 👍💗😛


              • Oh yeah when he lifts her up and then kisses her deeply and so passionately my innards went on fire!! I like that when the play was over he melded in the background first before everyone parted and he took his bow. Just such a classy guy (😍💗) I know you saw it 3 times I would have needed bottles of wine or Whiskey or scotch to recover.


  2. Every time I watch the Red Dragon gif I plan to re-watch Hannibal ( I have only seen the episodes in the second half )
    I need to plan a horror fest.


  3. Gorgeous round-up. Thank you, Guylty. ❤

    #2 looks to me like a scene from a gladiator epic. I always liked the Roman look. And another one here for Baby!Raymond. We know so little about his past, which is a shame. Though I can’t think why he reminds me of another medieval knight…

    It’s lucky #13 for me this week. Lovely dual edit of our Sir Guy. So many goodies this time, including all the Crucible memories in the comments. Of course that washing scene would have passed me by if I hadn’t got splashed in the second row… I never did get my download back from DT, mind you. ☹️


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