2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #26

The string of visitors is not over yet. I spent the last week with CraMERRY who many of you may remember as a fellow fan. We did a trip together to the Northwest of Ireland, which meant that I missed last weekend’s round-up. After CraMERRY’s departure on Tuesday, another set of visitors arrived on Thursday. But this time I am not going to forego the round-up, ha! I have carved out a little bit of time between sight-seeing and pub-crawling for a quick catch-up with tumblr. But before we get to the list of links, here are a few impressions from my trip with CraMERRY. The Armitagean shanks were covered, as usual, and Pop!Thorin was quite in his element in a medieval castle. There were beaches, cliffs and mountains, very little rain and lots of laughter on our tour. See for yourself:

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And now let’s get to what you came here for:

  1. OMG, I love this new gif by riepu10 – a bit of an optical illusion, with moving parts and a static overlay. Brilliant!
  2. I don’t care what it is, but I’d liaise about anything with Lucas… Gif set by ghisborne
  3. *giggles* and 😜. Artdecoblog
  4. riepu10 also celebrated World Animal Day
  5. A trademark move by Mr A, giffed by riepu10. Again. Sorry, but she’s just making too many irresistible gifs
  6. Well, blancmange, I think we are all there with you… Definitely one of the redeeming features of BS
  7. Sinnaminie has been very busy catching up with Armitage’s back catalogue in plushie form. Fabulous little cuddlies
  8. For those who like a sharp dressed man, here’s mzperx0506universe’s set
  9. The aptly named richards-smile posts a… Richard’s smile
  10. A reaction to O8 by murrdermaid. Short but very apt
  11. Some funny Bagginshield fan art by busylilblop. Linking to not-that-kind-of-hot in order to get both images into one link
  12. A big collection of Daniel Miller close-ups courtesy of mezzmerizedbyrichard – always welcome
  13. Majestic indeed. Gif by ithrilyann
  14. Shiretoerebor has put together an interesting quote and set of pics. That last one makes me want to reach out and stroke
  15. Gorgeous fan art of Thorin and Thranduil by barry-loves-gays
  16. I had to laugh about the modern headcanon by modernhobbitlotrthoughts. I think he/she is right
  17. LOL – not sure whether gif one is meant to be a kitty or a puppy, but it definitely fits Thorin well. Posted by kittybubblegalaxy
  18. What do you think Thorin listens to? Here is a suggestion by lindirs-gaze

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Guylty ❤️

PS: New material has arrived… If you look closely at the contents of a surprise parcel I recently received from LL, you might see a couple of particularly enticing items for a future shrine… Massive thanks to LL for all those goodies – and those Zox straps are gorgeous. xx


63 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #26

  1. Lovely photos I think I shall investigate ferry crossings a car looks essential. I have only ever flown to Dublin for long weekend.
    More4 would choose a Thursday to air BS I go out two Thursday evenings each month, honestly after waiting a twelve month you think that would be more considerate lol
    Catch up on your roundup later off to London to see Arden’s Wake.


    • I can only encourage you to try and visit. There are various ferry options – from up North, via Dublin, down to Rosslare – depending on where you want to go to. Since you have already been to Dublin, it would probably be nice for you to explore the countryside a bit more. Or do Belfast and Northern Ireland – looks similar to the republic but has the added bonus of using the same currency as you.
      Oh, has BS finally started airing in the UK? Definitely annoying that it clashes with your schedule. Can you record it?
      Arden’s Wake????? Fab – looking forward to hearing more about it!


  2. Thank you for the beautiful travel photos and for making time for this week’s round-up, Guylty. It’s been a truly horrible week here in the U.S. and I needed a BIG dose of Armitage. I’m not on Tumblr either so your willingness to dive down that rabbit hole for us is much appreciated.

    I’d never noticed his recurring trick with his gloves. Hopefully someone has caught him doing this in real life, or will at some point, because while it’s hard on good quality gloves, it’s both hilarious and endearing. He’s such a little kid in some ways. And his love of bright socks! How utterly wonderful.

    Dear Lord, how I desperately want him to be in the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise. I had been hoping that he would be cast as Grindlewald but he probably had other commitments when that process was ongoing.

    I may have to join Tumblr purely to follow the one about Richard’s smile. What a bounty and much-needed tonic that is. Thank goodness for social media says a deeply depressed LL.

    I’m so glad that you like your parcel and can’t wait to see what cleverness and naughtiness you have up your sleeve for us! It’s late here so I’m going to gaze adoringly at that smile again to drive away thoughts of Kavanaugh, traitors and Republicans, then try to get some sleep. The ouchies are bad tonight as well so those smiles are even more welcome. Thanks again and hugs to all my fangirl sisters.

    P.S. Please have a drink for me during one of your pub crawls!


    • Yep, in the face of the same nasty news over and over again, a little light relief via RA is always good. His smile on constant loop – resistance is futile; you will *have to* smile, too.
      Such a pity indeed that Richard never made it into the HP franchise. Almost every other British actor has…
      I now have a visitors gap of about three weeks, so I will finally get to do a bit of shrining. I have a few things on my list that definitely need to be done, soon.


  3. Thank you for your Tumblr roundup! It is much appreciated since I too am not on Tumblr and honestly have no plans to join anytime soon. I missed your post last weekend but so glad you guys had a wonderful time in NW Ireland. The carousel of pics are just gorgeous! I love Ireland so much!!
    As an aside I’m trying to tick off more of Richard viewing so I did a double header (it’s baseball playoff time in the US now) with George Gently and Miss Marie Lloyd. Ricky Deeming has a lot of Sir Guy mannerisms with the sneer and eye and hand movements. I do wish there was a separate blog somewhere to discuss Richards movies, tv shows and Shakespeare and travelling and other sundries as a group of commentators. Percy was um interesting his complexion was a bit pasty and that style of hair dove me nuts.
    Enjoy your next visitors and the pub crawls yummy Guinness and Irish 🥃!!


    • Last Saturday I was in Dungloe – and did not want to abandon CraMERRY while I trawled tumblr. But yeah, it always annoys me, too, when I miss a round-up.
      Oh, you are really catching up with all the RA viewing, aren’t you? Ricky Deeming is really quite an interesting character. Percy Courtenay – not so much, especially once he turns into a philandering wife-beater. BTW, the George Gently episode was filmed here in Ireland, in Co. Wicklow, which is just outside Dublin. My in-laws live there, and I recognise a few of the places in the film…


      • The scenery was just beautiful! I wish his role would have been a bigger. He on that Norton wow! I wonder if that motorbike bug never stayed w him. I’ve heard once you ride you RIDE. I couldn’t tell his eye color but it looked darker like brownish grey?
        Yes I’m hoping to make my way back to Ireland 🇮🇪


      • My biggest get to is of course Urban and the Shred Crew which may be in 2020 at the lack of availability. I also need to watch Pilgrimage but that will take some mental work first. I don’t do violence well. 😱😯his narration of docs also I need to investigate and of course all those Audios.


        • Pity about the unavailability of UATSC.
          Pilgrimage is definitely not light entertainment. And with RA only playing a supporting role, you have to sit through a lot of other stuff. Plus, Raybo is not really that much of a cuddly character…
          Personally, I haven’t listened to all of his documentary narrations. I have picked the ones that are about topics that I am interested in. Nerd-me loved the one about the sub-marine archeology/history of D-Day. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1vttkt But well, that’s me…


          • Yeah I think I’ll dive into the docs soon bec that Voice ah just thump thump thump! The one about the interns at the London hospital looks pretty good. I think it is on YouTube?!


              • Oh wow yep I sure will. I know no politics here but I just heard Kavanaugh got confirmed for Supreme Court justice. Just wrong! Sorry I just had to vent. I need some Scottish whiskey now! I don’t drink that much I don’t I know it sounds like I do 😳🤔😬


                • If I weren’t on heavy duty meds for my chronic pain, I would be doing A LOT of drinking over the Kavanaugh confirmation. It’s a truly horrible day for the U.S. I’ve been trolling Twitter for RA pix to distract me.


                  • Yes me too! I even went to another IG to see maybe he popped up in hers or on Minas just to distract myself. I can’t drink tonight bec I’m running in a race tomorrow am and no alcohol night before😳 very very depressing. I fear mid terms are going to head south as well but we will see.


                    • Yes you are right and I hope both houses are flipped but I also need to be prepared that for the next 18 months this level of insanity will continue and hopefully the Dems will have a candidate who rises up from the shadows of politics and ends this madness. I am an optimistic by nature but even this confirmation I had assumed would happen. These Congress people wouldn’t last a day in the real world.


              • ITV Surgery School had to Wikipedia it first from 2010. He was a busy boy in the late 2000s! Now he’s a busy Audio boy! Screen or just voice? Hmm decisions decisions 😉💗💗😛


                    • Oh, of course. You are right, I forgot that film. That is actually the one piece that I am really interested in… Hopefully there will be some awards for it.


                    • I did chuckle when you wrote the horror movie but maybe he did it bec of the wave of recent ones inc It which he auditioned for right? He’s always got to be on the cusp of stuff right? I think the more he does the more he’s out there for stuff that he really wants to do. Good for him if he can afford to pick and choose but I’m sure the money and being in demand for double duty on RH and Spooks must have stroked his ego somewhat back in 2008.


                    • The horror movie kind of threw me. He always said that horror is the one genre he would never do. But I guess that ‘Hannibal’ broke his resistance. He seems to try and do as many different genres as he can. That’s a good strategy, but unfortunately horror is just one step too far for me. I didn’t mind ‘Hannibal’, because I informed myself and knew that I was able to deal with the content I was going to see. With ‘The Lodge’, I am not so sure…

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • I’m really hoping that “The Lodge” will be more suspense than outright horror. That would be in keeping with a lot of the current “adult” horror movies. I can’t watch slasher movies at all and I really can’t imagine RA being willing to do that sort of movie. He’s exhibited too much respect for women in real life to do that sort of exploitation crap. His character in “Hannibal” was so complex and also sprang from great writing, both of which are very important to him, it seems.

                      When you hear him talk about Angela Carter’s writing, you can tell what admiration he has for suspense, the weird and the unusual if it is well-written. He likes feminist themes as well, I think. I could be reading into it though, based on my affection both for him and Carter. For my honors thesis at university, I wrote about female sexuality in horror/fantasy movies, and two of the four I focused on were “In the Company of Wolves” and “The Magic Toyshop,” both based on works by Carter. (So you can imagine my absolute deliight when the audiobook of “The Bloody Chamber” was released!) The other two films I wrote about were “Legend” and “Labyrinth.” So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


                    • I think if I remember reading correctly The Lodge is more paranormal than true horror like slasherville or even The Omen or The Exorcist which we were not allowed to see growing up. I thought he said he read a lot of psychology stuff on cults so maybe it’s more spooky suspense driven than shock bloody guts yeah know?


  4. Omg, thank you so much for mentioning my posts. They aren’t that good, but I’m glad you like them.

    What a nice pair of handcuffs in your package. One Porter scene comes to my mind…


  5. Lovely collection Guylty and it sounds as if you had a good trip! I was very sad to leave Ireland, I must say 😕 I was a bit surprised by the Hamlet reviews…? Hmm.

    An open question: why isn’t Daniel Miller as sexy as Lucas North? Or is it just me?


    • Well I like Daniel better than Lucas for several reasons. First thing that is where I first met Richard in anything I’m hello there! Second Lucas seemed very aloof and emotionally detached kind of a male Ros. Daniel as Trevor was so sexy hunky chunky and more emotional and vulnerable more human to me then Lucas and then when Lucas was really Bateman what was going on there??


    • It sounds wrong to say that I am glad to read that you were sad to leave Ireland. But what I mean by that is: That means you will want to come back 😉
      Yeah, Hamlet went down better with the critics than with us…
      And as for DM being less sexy as LN: Well, DM hasn’t been fleshed out as much as LN, if you pardon the pun. There’s more to ‘sexy’ than just the pretty exterior. LN had a clearly defined personality. Not much is known about Daniel’s personality 😕


  6. Thanks Guylty – the variety of Richards is remarkable. Armitage Shanks always makes me smile – the willpower I have to use not to get my Sharpie out to write Richard above it.


  7. Such beautiful scenery, Guylty, thank you. And the photos of Ireland were gorgeous too.

    Seriously though, you’ve made me long to visit the country. Those landscapes look so mystical and elegiac. Definitely on my bucket list.

    Sending love and warm hugs to our friends across the pond. 🍷🍫❤ I feel downhearted enough at what’s going on and I have zero skin in the game.


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