2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #27

The round-up is going to be short today, but hey, at least I have something to say for the week in review. Because – two new images. First there was this:

Oooh, fierce. I am still getting Wolverine vibes, but that’s obviously just me.


Or is it??? Come on, admit. Uncanny… 🤣

Ok, sorry, no. But if you really want to laugh, hop over to me+r where Servetus has written the funniest post about possible plotlines in BS3. My personal favourite is #6. Or let Esther take you back to Stick Figure Richard with her Throwback post.

Anyhow, there also was a new picture of RA’s favourite ratty t-shirt, on an outing into a recording studio. I am going to leave the veil of silence over the baseball cap. Or the beard. So glad to see that some things never change. But boy, yet *another* audiobook? Well, that Audible subscription is *really* paying off, I have to say. I can see lots of walks in my future. October and November will be busy, and 2019 is already sorted, too. Yay!

And while I finally got my teeth back into the middle letters of my Fan A to Z, fellow fan Luscinnia moved on to Y and Z. Congratulations, you made it. Here, have a badge:

Right, and now, finally, this week’s round-up. Short and sweet.

  1. Anybody want some Guy gifs? Spockemon supplies some majestic hair acting from season 3. Thorin eat your heart out!
  2. The difference between Daniel Miller season 1 of BS and Daniel Miller season 2 of BS, as described by blancmange
  3. And if you can’t remember, here’s a reminder, courtesy of mzperx0506universe. UNF
  4. Totally loved this edit by armiteggio. Proctor
  5. Seriously? Well, the quote is old, but honestly, *that* man has never looked mean. Post supplied by tallian
  6. And another quote by RA, this time about the mechanics of acting Thorin. Illustrated with the appropriate image/gif by ithrilyann
  7. Red-sirion seems to have moved on from RA but has left lots of edits in a new sideblog
  8. And as an example, here are a couple of beautiful b/w edits of Lucas by redsirionsoldrastuff
  9. Riepu10 this time gives us smiling, pretty Guy… *thud*

Sorry guys, I told you it was going to be short. But well, that means more time for ogling!

Have a good one!

Guylty ❤️


52 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #27

  1. I love his comment on Thorin ramparts and deep into the bowels of the mountain. He is so articulate! I also really like the Lucas North pics (do I get some brownie points now?🤣)
    Just my two cents as far as humility goes I rather take a humble modest guy or person any day over an arrogant
    narcissistic ass 😉


    • 🍪🍪🍪 here are your brownie points 😉. Admiring Lucas is always good!
      And of course I agree with you – if the alternative to humility is narcissism, then I’d rather have the humble version.


    • I’ll definitely take modest over pompous.

      I guess it’s always a combination of what he says and what we as the audience bring to the table. A lot of it is my own impatience with his (perceived) insecurity—‘argh, why can’t you see how great you are’—but of course that’s my problem. It would be nonsensical to assume that a person who’s subjectively great-to-me (and millions of others) would have no self-doubts. It’s the same as people saying they can’t understand if rich/famous people are depressed, à la ‘what do they have to worry about’. We all have stuff to deal with and nobody can see inside and judge another’s circumstances.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Yes I think you hit the bulls eye there. He is gorgeous and talented and we see that but he may have lingering doubts or as he says hates the sound of his own voice(ah the irony in that statement) but you know what I like that he is honest and humble. That to me is part of the allure and crush that he doesn’t Bieber himself. He’s got nice manners and respectful of others.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Tee-shirts much better than that have been seized by force and used as dusters in this house. 😱 Still, it’s always good to see a faithful old friend.

    Thanks for the round-up, Guylty. 🥇It may be short but it’s very sweet with the hair acting and pretty smiling Guy. He scrubs up very well doesn’t he? Oh, and I hope it’s not mean of me but I like our Wolverine the best.

    Re his opinion on his bone sturcture, maybe he’s never seen himself when he’s smiling and joking or interested in what the person opposite is saying.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you for the badge! (And inviting to the challenge in the first place. :-))

    I don’t mind the beard and find the ratty shirts somewhat endearing but I have such a dislike for those awful caps… but to each their own. ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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