2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #28

So, as you may have guessed from the regular round-up morning slot at 8am SHARP on a Saturday morning, I usually compile the round-up the night before so that it is ready for the morning and I don’t have to get up at an ungodly hour. Last night was one of those evenings where I had totally forgotten my round-up duties. It only crossed my mind at 10.15pm that I hadn’t yet compiled the list. “Ah well, I’ll go down to the laptop and quickly put it together”, I thought to myself. “Sure, it’s only going to take 20 minutes.” – Ha! Far from it. Turns out that this week was really busy over in tumblrland. Seriously, readers. Go make yourself a large mug of the beverage of your choice NOW, lock the door, set your phone on silent and find a comfy chair from which you can peruse a mega edition of the round-up! Have I ever had 30+ items on the list? I can’t remember…

Are you ready? Here we go:

  1. Did you ever check out redsirionsoldrastuff? Here’s a beautiful Portah edit
  2. I’m not sure whether I have seen this sweet fan selfie from Newcastle (?) before. Posted by deepestfirefun. Edited before posting: No, not old but new, apparently. Just saw it RT on Twitter today 
  3. Sorry to be repeating resirionsoldrastuff, but well, Guy Day just can’t be ignored
  4. And dito (see above)
  5. I’m right in the middle of The Murderer’s Son, and this edit by deepestfirefun really hit me
  6. Riepu10 has been very quick, giffing the latest interview from the Snowman audio book
  7. Not quite sure which of TV guides this came from, but jassy2101 has a scan of the newspaper article about the BS release in the UK
  8. Not a new picture, but Baby!Armitage is always interesting. Posted by raaddiction
  9. Drldeboer puts all the promo group pics for all three seasons of BS together in one set
  10. For all Guy fans I am pointing to spockemon’s tumblr – lots and lots of Guy there
  11. And linking to another post by jassy2101 because she cropped the selfie with RA and CJ Tudor into a nice pic of RA holding the book
  12. Pinglyponglypeep is trying to reconnect with RA fans from way back
  13. FAO all who have had trouble with Digital Theatre: Apparently some people are getting their access to the Crucible back. At least according to simplybentley
  14. Further info on The Crucible access via simplybentley
  15. A rather unsavoury part of fandom, as experienced by sinnaminie
  16. Is the BS costume department on our side? Theycallmeheaven has a theory
  17. For someone who calls him/herself clumsy-grumpy, this is a rather nice piece of fan art
  18. Partiesainteasy-blog argues that RA should open a Snapchat account. Kind of rings true
  19. Oh, I haven’t seen a richardarmitage-confidential in a long time. This one is nice!
  20. I don’t know whether I have seen the fan video that is linked in thorinoakenshieldin221bwithlupin’s post before, but I am including it here for the great gif below it. Truth!
  21. What a fantastic find and edit by jahoe1960. Love it!
  22. And staying with the hand movements, there’s this little gem observed by bornin1991m
  23. What a sweet thing to say. I agree with thebeautifulbreakdown
  24. Jeepers, is it that time of year already? Fan art by rubybeutelschild
  25. Well, ok, yes, you can never be too early praying for this… Posted by armitagetrekkie
  26. And simplybentley again with a tip for RA fans re. Hannibal
  27. Absolutely stunning fan art of Lucas North by alexandria-monik-art
  28. In case you like crafting, Sinnaminie is organising a Richie Holiday Swap again. Details in this post
  29. Ha, we have just been discussing this. Team Shrubbery or Team Spotless Lawn? Gothicsouthpaw31universe is asking on tumblr
  30. LOL – tofutiger is absolutely right. PS: Age is relative
  31. If Armitage wrote a biography… this would be the cover… imagined by rubybeutelschild

There! Told ya it was long!! Long enough for me to forego the “week in review”. Well, I already worked that off in my Audible Junket post on Wednesday, anyway.

So, have a nice weekend, everyone! I am heading off to the theatre at lunch time today. I am watching “Mr Bates” in St Nicholas.Ok, or rather “Higgins”. Sounds like an interesting play, can’t wait.

Have a good one,

Guylty ❤️

67 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #28

    • Yep, that’s going to be a really interesting play. Conor McPherson is one of Ireland’s best contemporary playwrights, and BC won an Olivier Award with a previous McPherson role…


  1. Wow, what a haul! I’m loving that the facial foliage is a universal theme these days. As usual, I have the draft of an idea for that. It should work out more quickly than the other one. 🙄
    Re the supposed APM of that person attacking the plushies, I respectfully request that we refer to such behavior as GAM instead: General Asshole Mode! That’s just plain rude and I posit that people like that are asinine in all areas of life, not just fandom! 😡


  2. Nice Roundup!

    (If Pingly is who I think they are, they aren’t going to want to hear from me!!! LOL!) And Digital can kiss my hairy, unwashed, lily-white rebel ass and while they’re down there, they can use tongue!

    I must admit, when you said – Team Shrubbery or Team Spotless Lawn, I was thinking of something else…. *notblushingatall!*

    Liked by 2 people

  3. At this point, I think whoever is hassling Sinnaminnie is doing it out of boredom. She always reacts. There’s nothing going at the moment — even DL is dead — and that is always a prime moment for drama.


  4. Ummm… “not tryin’ to be funny, but…” after around #12, these are actually all from 2017, 2016, 2015. The Sinnaminnie post is actually dated March 2017, so luckily not new drama. And the holiday swap is from 2015 I think. Some were new to me, so appreciated as always, but thought you might want to know. 🙂


      • Yeah, there is a bit of oversaturation happening here. And a mixture of laziness and time restraints because checking the posting dates would mean I have to look at the individual posts on the respective tumblr site of the posters.


        • For what it is worth I’m not on Tumblr not going to go on Tumblr esp if there is crap going on there too so your weekly round ups are a breath of fresh air to me and I’m sure to a lot of other people here. That you take the time to post them and filter thru them from your funny and sweet commentary preceding them is terrific in and of itself. Plus the amount of comments and chatter generated from these round up posts is colossal and engaging so wtf with everything else.
          Ps what is head desk? Code name for???


          • Tumblr is where I started out as a fan – so the platform still has a place in my heart even though I am not active there anymore. I still have my various tumblr blogs, but I don’t post original stuff there. It’s quite different from regular blogs, so I fully understand why many people do not want to get active there, and in a way it’s a bit of a niche for me to keep the round-ups going. They also provide me with a regular “gig” for my WP blog, and I enjoy the banter and commentary that is generated by the round-ups.
            Head desk = exasperation, disappointment, frustration.


            • Well I think even without the round ups you have a plethora of items up your sleeve to blog about: oophs, RAPS, analysis of his selfies (although maybe he is taking your advice and halting those for now), play reviews, pics of Ireland, PopThorin adventures, more ficlets, Auctions, YT vids, movie reviews, tv show reviews, travelling blogs and much more 👏👍


              • That’s a great list, Michele. I really ought to keep a separate notebook/diary for my WP activities.
                Wait – actually, I *do* have a notebook for that… Only I haven’t used it much recently. I shall make use of it tomorrow. Because I find that I am better at following through with plans when I have actually written them down somewhere.


    • Ooops, thank you for that update, Sue.
      Just as an explanation – I don’t check what time the individual tumblr posts originate from because for that purpose I would have to click through to the web view of each and every post. The reason they pop up later in a link list like this one, is that they must have been recently re-blogged and thus appeared on my current dash. Sorry about that.
      The holiday swap is on again this year, though.

      Liked by 1 person

        • 🙂 De rien.
          But yeah, tumblr is a thing in itself. It’s essentially three different platforms where you can see posts: the dashboard, i.e. a timeline of the tumblr blogs you have subscribed to; the search section where you can search for all posts that have been tagged with your keyword. Both of these are only accessible if you have a tumblr account yourself. And then there is the “public” side of tumblr, i.e. the individual tumblr blogs that are publicly visible and that have a .com address. I find the posts for the round-up on the former two.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. Fabulous roundup and a special treat for me today, because I’m traveling. It’s so reassuring at the end of a tiring day speaking in another language to be able to check in from anywhere in the world that, yup, my online life is continuing unabated. Who says internet friends aren’t real?!


    • I know exactly what you mean. I used to love checking into my regular online life from wherever I was at the time. It is great that wifi/internet access is now a given when we go abroad.
      Happy travelling, btw!


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