[Sorta OT:] Parcel Chain/Travelling Shrine Project

Idea generation is something I am really good at. Following up on ideas – not so much. So before yet another brainwave fizzles out, I’ll quickly bounce this off you: Way back in September, Donna suggested in our conversation about shrines that have gone missing in the post (singular! only one so far, fingers crossed), that we should have a travelling shrine that gets sent around and travels from fan to fan. Somehow that conversation was resurrected by Kate and after further discussion, a new idea developed – a sort of tangible ‘Chinese Whispers’.

This is an idea that I have been part of before. Ten years ago, a group of internet friends (unrelated to the fandom) and I created a mail chain.The whole thing was to be a bit of a recycling project – not buying new things but passing on objects that we didn’t want anymore but which were otherwise perfectly fine.  The first person in the chain packed a package with lots of small but fun items, and sent it to number 2 on the list. Number 2 was allowed to take as many items from the parcel, as long as she replaced them with the same amount of things. And off the parcel went to the next recipient, eventually returning back to the person who had initially sent it off.  I came away with a handful of really cute things which I still have (see picture right).

Now, it may be a little bit early yet to mention the C-word, but here’s the question:

Anybody interested in a fandom parcel chain?

With Christmas coming up, it might be fun to organise some little surprises.This is what I envisage: I will pack a parcel with lots of fun little goodies, many of them fan-related, but possibly not all of them. An especially created Guy RAPS, which is to guard the parcel against loss and theft (…) will accompany the package. The recipient of the parcel may take up to 3 items from the parcel but has to replace the same number with items of her choice. Guy is excluded from the swap – he is to continue travelling to the next recipient. And thus the parcel is sent on to recipient #2. The same rules apply to all recipients: take up to 3 items, replace with same number, Guy excluded. There will be nothing precious in the parcel, hand-made things are allowed, fandom-related items are encouraged but not obligatory, and little specialities from our respective countries/places of residence would be an added personal touch. Value of the replacement items is basically up to the individual sender, but since we also have to calculate postage in the total costs, let’s not overstretch ourselves! The postage costs have to be paid by each sender themselves.

This whole parcel chain is only designed to be fun – hence I suggest we do not put anything of massive value in the shipments. I don’t want to end up calculating/comparing values of individual shipments, worry about replacements in case the parcel should go missing along the way, or have people disappointed because they didn’t find anything to their liking in the parcel. This is basically a mixed bag of fun that only serves entertainment purposes – as a way to surprise everyone else down along the chain with some fun little gifts. We are talking stocking fillers here. I would suggest using a random number generator to determine the route of the parcel, i.e. I assign everyone a number and then let the random number generator decide the sequence of the parcel stops. Participation open to anyone, no matter which country, which platform they are usually active on, or whether they are still massively active in the fandom or not (I’m talking to you, CraMERRY! 😉 ) Obviously, you must be willing to let me share your address with the one other person in the chain after you. But otherwise addresses will be kept private.

The actual small print is something we can worry about once I have established that there are actually people interested in taking part in this parcel chain. Ideally, it would be cool to get this on the road soon – depending on the length of the chain some people might even receive it as a “Christmas present”. So, if any of you are interested in doing this, send me an e-mail, to guylty (at) photographer (dot) net and use the subject line TRAVELLING SHRINE. I will take it from there. Deadline for registering interest: 3 days from now (Friday, 16/11/2018). If you have questions, we can discuss them bts or down below in the comments. And just once again for clarification: Your e-mail is not a commitment yet. I will send an e-mail to all interested parties once we have decided to go ahead.

Let’s see if this thing has legs.


224 thoughts on “[Sorta OT:] Parcel Chain/Travelling Shrine Project

  1. Sounds good to me, got to love a bit of Guy, even if only temporarily in my overheated mitt :). And I would love to think up some stuff to include (begins plotting now)…

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  2. Count me in too, I’ll send you an e-mail as instructed. This is soo cute and intriguing!!! What a great idea!
    As an aside I thought you would comment on Richard’s latest “preachy tweet” about 38 minutes ago. I wonder what set him off now.


  3. I love this idea! Count me in! I’m thinking of items now, and that will be fun. Should we each take a photo of how it looks when opening, as you might remember from my guest post about the shrine you sent me a few years ago, that can be fun, too!

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  4. Count me in. Although my mail is so slow the project might last until spring at least. You know my e mail. I think I have an idea of what to send when my turn comes. Don’t worry, no odes.


  5. A remark made by someone in my book club got me thinking, are there food or as in this example lavender sachets restrictions ? my friend had problems with New Zealand.

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  6. Oh, definitely important point. No alcohol of any kind for the USA. They have*no* sense of humor about that. Food would only work IMO if it’s unproblematic for all countries involved or as an extra meant specifically for the next recipient. I might include my famous homemade cherry chocolate chip cookies, but they won’t keep forever, so they would really have to be chosen by whoever I mail it to.

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    • Hehe, alles klar, dann weiß ich ja jetzt, wie ich dich überall beikriege. Sollte ich dich evtl. öffentlich in einem gesonderten Blogpost ansprechen, ob du an einer Hannibal Con teilnehmen möchtest? 😂 Nee nee, don’t worry. Das war nur ein Witz. Ganz so weit geht deine Liebe dann wohl doch nicht 😉


  7. What a great idea! Please count me in. At the moment I am behindhand with reading the posts so I am happy to read it in time.
    Sir Guy has to be in good shape for his world tour to all his lovely admirers.

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  8. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who was incredibly upset about his stupid tweet! I got far more worked up about that than the Hannibal con, tbh. I’ve seen some of his comments about having been treated unkindly as a youngster, and god knows I’ve endured my share of bullying, but he is wrong, wrong, wrong with this “turn the other cheek” nonsense, especially as life has evolved over the past 2 years. I’ve written a rather lengthy response of my own, one of my silly little “RL with RA” episodes, that I will post on G’s newest blog entry. I was going to call it “That Darn Tweet,” but with apologies and thanks to Kate, I’ve retitled it “Blue Tick Echo Chamber.” It’s going to take me a while to type it in though, as I have to use my phone rather than a regular keyboard so that I can include emojis.

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    • I can’t wait to read it, LL, and you’re very welcome to the ‘Blue Tick Echo Chamber’ title. Just give me a shoutout in your Primetime Emmy Awards acceptance speech, please. 😘


      • You know that I will shouting to the rooftops! xoxo

        Oh, this is related in my mind: one of my best friends here in L.A., the mother of my goddaughter, won an Emmy years ago for writing a TV special. The thing is damn heavy! And the wings are really sharp! “We” keep it on a tall bookshelf, especially chosen so that Josie couldn’t get to it when she was a toddler. No spearing the child on the award wings!

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  9. Lovely idea! But I’m awful at being timely with stuff like this… best for me to keep out of this. 😉 But it would be lovely to hear how things are going now and again as the parcel travels around!


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