[PS to my Q today:] Berlin Station Season 3 – Episode 1 Available for Free NOW!!!

A coincidence demands a second post today – because I have urgent news to pass on. EPIX is giving advance access to episode 1 of BS 3!!!! 


Unfortunately doesn’t work for me, but maybe anyone in the US can access the episode?

I saw the news courtesy of Slavyanka and mooseturds on Twitter, accompanied by this lovely screenshot:

ooooh, I see tragedy in that frown…

And in Kathy’s poetic words:

Screenshot found at me+richard

So, have a look guys – I


161 thoughts on “[PS to my Q today:] Berlin Station Season 3 – Episode 1 Available for Free NOW!!!

  1. Looks like you were fashion-forward with the Latin, Guylty! 😉
    It won’t work for me either, so wishing you better luck, Michele. Here’s hoping they don’t do a Strike Back Season Two on him.


  2. I saw it and liked it way more than I thought I would. Many lashgasms, super closeups and lots of screen time. Anything more than that would be a spoiler, right?


  3. Fingers crossed it’ll be a quick send-off for Daniel, so I can stop watching this show. Once again they’ve shown how little they know/ care about suspense. Really? Are we supposed to watch a whole season to know who “Diver” is when it’s clear since he opens his mouth before 5′ of the 1st episode? They have treaded this path before; remember Thomas Shaw?

    Oh, please, please! Have Richard return to British television asap.

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  4. Just finished the second episode. Can’t say anything in case I spoil something for someone. However, I have to admit, I feel like the dullest tool in the box. I have no idea who Diver is. I guess I should watch the episodes with captions, maybe I am not hearing everything. Other than that, I have an avalanche of words waiting to burst forth , but I am trying to keep my mouth shut (or fingers immobile.)

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      • I going to watch it again with the volume turned up. Maybe that will help. Thanks for the hint. You are right about the violence. It is surprisingly excessive, but TBH, it doesn’t bother me too much. One of my guilty pleasures is The Walking Dead. Although zombies are over the top, sort of cartoon type violent and BS violence seemed to be up close and personal, which makes it more intense. And you are right to be upset by all of it. Me too.

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        • Yeah I’m gonna watch on Sunday Ep 1 again b/c I missed a lot of Daniel and Esther chatting since I could barely hear Richard er Daniel and I didn’t get the Spy book he gave her I totally missed what that was. I will never see Ep 2 ever again! I think I have never been so disturbed and upset not …
          My sis watches Walking Dead and got upset that Andrew Lincoln left the show. I saw the first episode and I told her if they attack the horse I’m done and she said look away ! That was it for me and that show! You’re very sweet for your kind words! I don’t even care about the QA anymore!


          • The Spy vs Spy book is a humorous compilation of cartoons that were originally a popular monthly feature in Mad Magazine. They were adversaries always trying to do each other in, and never successful. Kind of like Wiley Coyote trying to catch Road Runner. Have to give a shout out to Mimi (known to comment here and queen of ” what a girl wants” memes and Nighflight Comics) for educating me a bit on comics and their creators. The cartoonist is Antonio Prohias and he is revered in the comic industry. Bet that is more information than you needed or wanted to know.

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    • I certainly identify with you. We’ll have to hold back for a couple of weekends. I’m sure there’ll be an avalanche then.

      Captions won’t work. It isn’t the words but the voice that gives his identity away.

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    • Well, I have caught up with you, Kathy. Watched ep 2 this morning. Haven’t reviewed it yet, but yeah, I think I had a similar reaction than most…
      As for Diver’s identity – I have a hunch, but I am by now means certain that I know who…

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    • My emotions usually tend to be anger rather than upset… and I am very easily offended, too, when show runners play with the facts or when they presume that the audience is dumb. A lot of that has applied to BS in the past…

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          • I think the writers broke the golden rule of action/suspense. Never have the plot rely on characters doing something stupid over and over again. For instance, “let’s split up”, or “I can’t wait for backup”. I am not going to give BS examples (spoilers) but man, there are more than a few.

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              • I’m annoyed by it but then again has there ever been a show that got that shit right? Every damn cop/agent/FBI show has at least one scene where the arrester yells “Stop, police/FBI/NCIS, you are under arrest” from half a mile away so we can have the obligatory chasing the suspect scene, instead of just casually strolling up to the arrestee and clapping some cuffs on them. *heavy eyeroll*


                  • I meant in general. That was not a BS-specific gripe. I just meant the genre comes with this stupid cliches that drive the plot forward and us insane (no backup, my arrest scenario, etc.).


                  • Definitely both. And I manage that fine, usually, but when you get down to discussing a show like we do now, with intense focus on a favorite and so on, you tend to zero in on the rest as well and that makes enjoyment much harder to come by (at least for me).


                    • In a way we are unfairly over-discerning. But then again, high expectations also mean that we value something quite high and trust that what we expect *could* be achievable…

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                    • I know. It must be possible to do better than that.
                      On that count I want to stress something positive about BS. The fact that they seem to hire people who actually speak the languages that are their supposed mother tongues (for sure with the Germans, I can only guess with the Russian/Estonian speakers–they sound very convincing to me, but I have no way of knowing) is a big plus. Too often we get some American actor absolutely slaughtering the dialogue that was messed up beyond recognition grammatically and idiomatically by the writers beforehand, that I have to give them credit here. I always sit there screaming: “Hire a f*cking translator. We ain’t that expensive!” much to my GG’s delight.

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                    • Kate, Daniel speaking Russian a tad in Ep 2 was delightful!! But excellent point about hiring actors who speak the language and crew members and hopefully translators (looking at you kid!)


              • You? Chicken? Never! And with all the show’s faults, I loved seeing RA again, looking wonderful except for the weird mushroom hair. Also loved seeing his beautiful smile in a cozy-looking bed. Beautiful setting for him.

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  5. I watched only the first few minutes of the free episode one because I’ve decided to save the whole thing until I watch the first two seasons (I know, bad fangirl, bad fangirl!). But I had to see that bedhead! Oh…swoon. And “I’ll show you a superpower”?! Double swoon!

    But having seen only that bit of the show, even *I* can tell who “Diver” is, just from knowing the cast list. Sigh. Obviously I won’t be watching this show for its great surprise twists. My brother and I LOVED Mad Magazine when we were kids, and Spy vs. Spy was my absolute favorite, so that was a real treat to see (even if DM was giving it–hahaha–to the wrong brunette).


    • Well, good idea to go through the previous to seasons first. Although that’ll be tough-going at times… Hope you can catch up soon. (And if you do, hopefully you’ll also get much more material for your RL RA series!)


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