The Fan A to Z – #Q

Have just realised that there are ten letters left in the Fan A to Z. These have *got* to be done before the year is out. And before December gets all that busy with my usual projects… So here comes Q.

Q – Third season of BS or not?

Hahaha, well, this question quite clearly shows how old this challenge ist. When I compiled the questions for it, RA had not yet been properly confirmed to be part of BS3. And in the meantime we have not only had confirmation, but filming has long since wrapped and we are actually less than a week away from the season 3 premiere and RA himself is promoting the show far and wide.

So, my opinion on it is purely academic. BS3? No thank you. Just based on how Daniel Miller has been overshadowed by everyone else on the show, I just don’t want to see more of that. The new trailers may try to convince us otherwise – they are putting RA front and centre in the action. But well, I’ve seen that strategy before, and I have heard the showrunners make promises on the topicality of their show, and frankly, it never lived up to the hype. So, yeah, I could’ve done without it. But hey, now that it’s coming, I’ll gladly take any further Arsitage.



48 thoughts on “The Fan A to Z – #Q

  1. Love the moto jacket, black tee, jeans, long stride look even the mobile glued to his ear. Do you think that’s his real hair on top? Do you plan on watching all 10 episodes or stopping when Daniel is done?


    • Ha, I have absolutely no problem ditching this show as soon as Daniel is done (away). I am really superficial like that… *hehehe*
      I like the look, too. As for the hair – hm, I have my doubts, but it’s inconclusive…


      • Yeah I know IMDB has him listed only in 1 episode and Rhys Ifans listed in 4 episodes but that doesn’t mean anything so I’m just telling myself that whatever happens and if he is OUT (aka dead) I won’t watch a season 4 although I think there will be a huge outcry if Daniel is killed off. To be honest I hope that’s Flat Richie’s real hair and not a weave or whatever them male term is. But it looks good filled in now.


        • Hm – the trailer didn’t look as if he’d only be in one episode. Can’t believe that they are setting everything up that quickly… But yeah, I’ll definitely not only skip the remainder of season 3 post-mortem Danieli, but also a possible season 4.


  2. Ode to Questions

    Regarding Berlin Station three,
    Whatever will be, will be.
    Daniel Miller – alive or dead?
    The question fills his fans with dread.
    Although BS may stink on ice, Watching RA is always nice.

    Kathy Jones

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  3. Having seen the promo where Richard and Mina talk about Daniel’s search for the truth about his mother, add that to the trouble in the Ukraine that Daniel gets himself into, and that’s quite an involved story line for him, so maybe he has more screen time than we first thought. I hope so, but I still have a feeling of dread about his fate. 😥


  4. Actuellement il doit être prisonnier sur un bateau ukrainien dans le détroit de Kertch et sa doublure le représente à Los Angeles. A very very bad joke, I know, I am sorry.


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